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This post came out last month but for some reason I didn’t know I had made the cut till I started getting pingbacks.  Here ya go!

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I think I love Nick Jonas

Ok not LITERALLY Nick Jonas but whomever is inspiring/helping him write some of his new stuff totally has a hotline into my brain.  I will crank up Jealous in the car as long as it not the remix.  I like when men get jealous over the girl with the big brain and used to be bigger boobs lol who is a big old flirt.  But when I heard Chains I nearly had to pull over and let my fingers go exploring.

The song starts playing and I swear my brain must quiet enough that it taps into that good girl core.  Tap tap tap and I feel fingers crawling up my spine.  They snake up until my eyes close and little puffs of smoke caress my cerebellum and I hear a smirk impressed that it can do in 15 seconds what I can’t do on my own.  By the time the chorus starts my body is swaying and shivering as I imagine a long heavy silver chain against my naked back that I keep fastening around my throat when it feels like I might be set free.  I don’t have to see whose holding them just need to feel that imaginary tug and hear that last refrain and I’m a happy happy girl–trying to break the chains but the chains only break me.

One of Those Girls

I think too much.  I do it often unless I make myself stop.  I do it even more when I’m not feeling well which has been my life since a week ago at this point.  I want to know the when and the why and what might be better or good enough and when will I be satisfied.  Truthfully I can never answer that question.  I am momentarily gratified more often these days.  Dinner tastes great.  That lesson went well.  My hair isn’t driving me nuts.  And then there are the moments that would drive someone else crazy if they actually were able to see the wheels spinning.  My skin is uneven, I like that shade of chocolate there but not this one here, why are my eyes so dark, I will kick your ass in name that tune and Jeopardy and trivia and lots of other shit, my voice so deep, who decided it was necessary for hair to grow on my face, why the fuck is it gray like for real why is this shit gray, am I the only one not watching Scandal or Empire or How to Get Away With Murder, I think grandma was right to revoke my Black card cause soul food is going to kill me and I don’t really like it, I am loud, I can be painfully shy, I leave little to no flesh on your bones if I hate your opinion or think you are stupid, then I think damn he’s pretty, I wish he thought I was pretty, no I wish he would just bend me over and fuck me into a stupor, where did that confident bitch that used to live here go, have you seen her, tell me if you see her.  Ok even I can toss in a funny every now and then.

What to do when you think too much should be an ongoing theme here as it ebbs and flows and is pushed and pulled by so many little factors in my life.  What I’d like is a magic little phrase or pill or better yet cookie that turns my brain off sometimes.  Thinking about every little thing is mind numbing and can cause a kind of paralysis which makes nothing good come to pass.  Girls with big brains, I am guessing the same would happen to men in the same situation though, can be our own worst enemies.  There are days that I long to be swept off my feet and wrapped up in the wonder of a man with stronger Jedi mind tricks than my own.  The problem is eventually I start to look at the relationship like a giant chess match.  When he slows down, my hand starts hitting the timer faster and faster and before long he’s been checked so we won’t be mated and I’m bored again.  I know I’m too rational for most.  If I let myself love you then rationally I know you will likely hurt me so if at all possible I’ll play out the mental chess match quickly and avoid the emotional baggage.  I don’t have a remedy for that though.  I don’t have a switch in my brain yet that says too much thinking enough already.  Then again that wouldn’t be a switch it would likely be a steam whistle because my brain got overheated but yeah its not there either.

So it keeps coming to the fore that I am one of those girls that is enamored of so much that is girly and feminine but who yet to nail just being in the moment and experiencing life and love and adventure without overthinking it.  I am a master thinking too much.  This year would be my year of changes for some of that, it hasn’t totally worked but I have bitten the proverbial bullet in a few regards.  I am planning to attend Shibaricon in May.  BlackBeat is out for 2015 so poo but come July I am taking my first international trip as an adult with no familial ties.  I booked my ticket yesterday as my coughing fits started to ease up.  I will book the hotel in the next week or so.  Passport waved at me after the ticket was confirmed so yeah.  I double checked that I needed no shots to make the trip and today as a bit of kismet I found out that my intended destination is one #5 of the 10 safest cities in the world to live in.  I can’t stay there but it eases a little of the think too much mantra from overrunning my brain.

You know I think part of me writing is because I can live out whole lives for other people in the space between my ears.  Random bit of think too much there for you.  It came out of no where as I was getting ready to wrap this up.  So it appears that without a lobotomy or heavy drug usage or getting cum drunk (other random insight I think that’s why I like that so much) my brain doesn’t shut down enough to always let me enjoy and embrace life.  What tips do you have for one of those girls who wants to let go but is cursed to think too much?

TTF Part 6: a red velvet primer

This may not turn into a full on primer post but I have been thinking about things a lot lately, as I am often prone to do when my life is going well.  I nitpick at things and wonder what I could be better or what is keeping me semi stuck.  Really nothing is except my own brain.  I can become quite fixated on how I think something should be or how I feel something should be and ignore all data to the contrary.  This is why my exes and men in general can easily say that I’m not super emotional until I suddenly am upset.  I keep emotion at bay because it tends to steer me in the wrong direction a lot.  I lust for the rush but in the end that rush cannot be sustained and I get anxious then annoyed then weepy then doubtful until I’m finally just indifferent.  Truth be told I hate indifferent.  I know why it comes because it’s a self protective mode but seriously hate that mood state because it just brings down everything for a while.  On the upside when it passes I am usually happier and able to focus again on the rest of the world instead of what I’m longing for and what I know won’t come in the way I’ve been holding on to.  Today could have been all kinds of bad but as I have felt myself moving through indifference the last few days I took the time I had on hand to read, make some plans, plot my vacation this summer and then get annoyed because a major event has been scheduled at the same time as a work conference that I now have to plan around.  But even that hasn’t made me delve back into funky.  I have good friends, good options and will be enjoying my first major vacation to a foreign land this summer.  Plus I’m still losing weight and have ridiculous orgasms lol.  I’m a happy girl even if things are quite lined up as my wistful heart may have wanted.

I want that red velvet, I want that sugar sweet

Forgive me.  I’ve been singing that song for the last two weeks solid.  Adam Levine chose to reveal his love for me in song and that’s a beautiful thing I swear it is.  Okay all jokes aside I do have some stuff to talk about.  So you like may have only noticed a few changes around these parts.  After Blogger announced that it was going to start in on some content monitoring but left it somewhat deliberately vague I decided that it was time to relocate from it’s hallowed walls again.  I had done so once before and moved everything over to independent hosting but that host stopped working with Blogger’s FTP service and that meant a move back to Blogger even though I’ve had my own domain name for years now.

Now the initial threat was about any visual content that was deemed pornographic with no educational value the way it was worded implied that eventually ANY content that was sexually explicit could be subject to the new content rules.  I decided to move back to self hosting and hired Pauline via Etsy (JaneSkipDesigns) to help me with the move over to a new platform.  Mainly because I wanted to maintain my previous design and my old designer didn’t work with my new host.  I was able to move most of the content myself but the amount of effort it took to make the site look the same and function as it had on Blogger would have been totally off the radar for me.  I appreciate her work greatly and if you need help please look her up. [Read more…]

Short Strokes: Fabulously Fucking Forty

Written for another call.  Just to be clear I haven’t begun auditioning folks in advance of my 40th and even if I was going to quite a few of my exes/former playmates wouldn’t be in the running for a new starring role.  It will be a good birthday for me but probably not this good lol.  Hope you all enjoy it and if not meh neither did the editor.
Unlike most of the women she knew, Klaire Brinson had greatly enjoyed the year leading up to her fortieth birthday.  She had long since given up the fight with her gray hair, had taken up a number of hobbies that kept her in shape and made peace with her singleness in ways that would have made twenty year old her both blush and proud.  Shortly before she turned thirty-nine she devised a way to pull together the fortieth birthday party of a reformed slut’s dreams.  She sent invitations to the exes she dreamed about when she masturbated to join her for what could only be called an audition to perform at her big bang bash the following year.  For those that were interested, the month of their birthday she would fly in to wherever they were and spend a weekend fucking them into a stupor or until they broke the furniture—whichever came first.  If nothing else, they got one more ride on the Klaire train at her expense.  However, for those that still possessed wondrous talents and that stamina she had appreciated immensely at one point, they would be included in a day of debauchery they had likely never thought about let alone hoped to participate in during their lifetimes.  The list of potential participants was limited to twelve to be trimmed down based on their performance.  She had started the year hopeful that she would end up with at least three of them left for the big bash but knew if she had a certain two it really wouldn’t matter beyond them.

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Short Strokes: Playing Hooky

This one is from early last year and really an update of an older story.  Hope you enjoy it.
He massaged her shoulders before moving up her arms to where her wrists were suspended above her head. The sensation felt good to her. His hands were massaging tired flesh but she knew if he was taking that much care with her before they started that he was planning on keeping her confined for as long as possible.  That normally would terrify her but she was so desperate to have him inside of her that her thoughts were all jumbled.  Part of her brain was angry that she was even in this space.  She should have objected to the room when he had it built but she knew it would make him happy and as a result she would be too. They had had some work done on the basement after it flooded a bit and when he saw that he could get part of it portioned off from the rest of it, he jumped at the chance. It had been soundproofed and the walls padded a bit just in case they lost absolute control of themselves and felt a need to slam into it repeatedly. The door looked like it was part of the wall if anyone saw it but he had planned for that as well.  He had placed a rather large bookshelf in front of the door to their hideaway. It was on small rollers so that he could shove it out of the way whenever he felt a need to drag her inside. Despite all the precautions they had made, he rarely used it when the kids were home. Even if they couldn’t hear the two of them, he didn’t want them to need their parents and not be able to locate them. But it was a school day and they were off getting their daily dose of education. He’d convince her to stay home with him and play. It didn’t take much convincing, she didn’t have that much to do at her office and she didn’t want to go in the first place. She just didn’t know he had a desire for a particularly long scene today.
Today had started off slowly enough. He kissed her until she was breathless and let her go somewhat limp against him. He was the only thing holding her upright at that point and she was feeling so good that all she wanted to do was drag him to the floor and fuck him. He pulled her arms up by their wrists and she stirred a bit but not before she was fastened into the cuffs in the middle of the ceiling. It wasn’t that bad at first. It felt like a good long stretch she would get at the gym. Then she felt the crop bite into her back. It woke her out of the kiss induced haze she had been mired in for the last few minutes. And it immediately made her pull on the cuffs. He smiled as he watched her realize just how helpless she was. He kissed her again and drug a finger over her bottom lip. He slid it side to side until she couldn’t help but suck it into her mouth. His smile widened before he withdrew his finger from her mouth. He took the moistened digit and started tweaking her nipples. When they were as hard as he wanted them to be, he started pinching and twisting one while he sucked on the other. The mixture of pain and pleasure would soon have her skin on fire and her brain descending into her happy place. He knew her well enough to see when the slip was starting and he pulled away from her. The crop hit her breasts and her stomach while he watched her body react to the blows. There was no rhythm to the strikes, just whenever the mood moved him. The blows were hard but not frequent enough to bruise her yet. She was stuck between being nervous about when the next whir of the crop would rush through the air and wanting to float off. He decided to shove her over the edge then so she wouldn’t have to wonder.

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Inside My Mind Fuck

I have posted here more this year than my vanilla blog and I guess that’s because I’m making more revelations in my D/s life than I am in my vanilla world.  That’s not good or bad.  I tend to swing one way or the other with new discoveries.  I’m okay, been tired a lot lately but I spent yesterday having my brain tinkered with which was FANTASTIC.  I do enjoy the physical connection between myself and my Dom but the mental thing is where it’s at for me.  You can overpower me for certain and I appreciate that in the moment.  I really appreciate that in the moment.  The infliction of pain, the soothing rubs on flogger heated flesh, the good girls and by all means the orgasms.  It puts me into a fantastic mind state and that is probably better than any drink or bite of food I’ve ever had.  And for the moments that feeling lingers it is seriously the best shit ever.

But it has to fade because I slip back into big red mode instead of little red mode and big red has things to do, bills to pay, appointments to arrange, work to get checked off of my never ending list.  Little red would love to let someone take care of that stuff but yeah she’d get bored too so that would suck as well.  What I have found out though is little red is easily brought out by a strong mental connection.  The person capable of bringing out little red in general conversation should consider themselves quite skilled.  It’s not she is impossible to bring out when I’m fully clothed.  But grown up version of me doesn’t have time enough to welcome that mental intrusion.  It tends to overwhelm me as well but not with the aggression of a body who is binding me or hurting me or fucking me.  It’s like I inhale and then whomever it is floats into my brain and just sets up camp and has a party.  Well not a party.  It’s more like a chocolate and much younger version of The Most Interesting Man in the World sets up shop to relax in my mind. [Read more…]

Short Strokes: NEAR and Dear

Another piece from my writing class that had been under consideration but that has now been rejected.  It’s also another one off meaning at the moment I have no where to go with it in my head.  I need to finish another series and get to editing The Alphabet Game now that I have it back from Lorelei Logsdon who edited it in under a week as opposed to the last go round that stretched on for months and gave me next to squat for my trouble.  New laptop is finally all set up so both of those are on tap for the coming weeks.

N.E.A.R. and Dear
Jamaica Knox was bored as usual.  Her bronze skin glistened a bit as she watched the sun reflecting off the polish on her toes.  Her breasts were still taut and full but there was no one there to appreciate them.  It was just her and grandmother alone in a large rambling home.  At 20, she hadn’t seen much of the world outside of her family estate.  She stood on her front porch staring out at nothing really.  She draped her 5’4’’ inch frame on the porch swing and let her hair swing in the breeze.  This is how she spent most of her time when she wasn’t daydreaming about what her life might be like somewhere else, anywhere else.  There had to be more than a porch swing on a wraparound porch in the middle of an isolated fortress.  
The closest neighbors were over five miles away.  They were older and their kids had all left home years ago.  Leaving was a common theme around the area.  Her grandmother was fixed on her perch in the living room watching 21st century television and her parents were off on yet another adventure.  Jennifer and Samuel Knox had been her first dose of leaving and longing.  Her parents had thankfully blended together after the identified mate ritual but that was partially because they shared a desire for something more.  They raised her and loved her dearly but as soon they had reached their obligatory time as parents they packed up, promised to check in and left the planet on the first thing smoking.  They had spent very little time at home since she had turned sixteen. 
There was little for her to fear at this point.  Crime had been eradicated on all of the outer world planets.  Most illness could be addressed at home via their medical pods and there hadn’t been a natural disaster, famine, or war in over three centuries.  Part of that was due to the last major conflict that happened 2057 on OE.  No one really discussed the dismantling of Original Earth.  When most of what had been the Middle East had been bombed into oblivion apparently the leaders of the rest of the planet decided it was time to relocate before they got even more out of hand.  Frightened citizens from every major and minor nation boarded long range shuttles and headed out into the darkness of space.  Her ancestors had chosen one of the more isolated settlements and thus she was safe, healthy, bright, and bored out of her skull for the moment on the lovely planet New Earth Associated Resettlement.  

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