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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hunger Pains

Most days I'm an average girl
I do average girl things
I work
I sleep
I watch a bit too much tv
I may make it to the gym
I regret a few things and then remember old words of wisdom
Two tears in a bucket
Fuck it
On other days I channel the better part of me
I am inspiring
I am amazing (at least to me lol)
I am caring
I go above and beyond
I cook healthy
I bake elaborately
I dress immaculately
I work smarter, harder, with grace
But there are other days still
When I am hungry
No food will slake my thirst
I need to be probed
Have my senses overwhelmed
Feel my skin manipulated
My options severely reduced
So that the only goal is to give and receive
Pure unadulterated pleasure
Those days I become a carnal
Ache bound creature
Visual delights stoke the need
Aural sensations make me blush and my center go mushy
The only thing that will send me back to average girl
Is the feeling of you deep inside of me
My body convulsing around your hardness
Chest/thighs/mouth/hands all in stark contrast to the places I am soft and pliable
Invited fully into the places that just keep grasping for more of you
As wave upon wave pours out of me
Making us both slick and primal and noisy until there is silence
The only question that remains
Who is going to stop my hunger pains

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Other Side of Jealousy or What I Learned in a Rain Storm

Today was one that got completely derailed from jump.  An appointment was later than planned, ran longer than planned, involved more emotions than planned and ended up throwing off the rest of my day.  I canceled meetings, played the dutiful daughter and came home stressed before getting drenched again after taking groceries out of the car for the aforementioned parent.  The many many bags of groceries. 

I was tired and frustrated and soaking wet.  Generally speaking that becomes a play on words because the rain makes me frisky but today it just made me tired as fuck.  I actually took a nap and woke up hazy.  I couldn't hear the rain and I was grateful for a moment of clarity in my brain.  It was short lived as the rain returned and has been mostly constant for the rest of the day.  I have been all over the place emotionally today as a result. 

I am reacting much more intensely than I want to to a variety of stimuli.  Stupid posts on Fetlife make me want to hit people.  Sweet and romantic posts are making me cry.  I'm taking others as admonishments when I'm sure that's not what was intended.  Or if it was it wasn't directed towards me.  At the root of all of it was my feelings of frustration that I couldn't vent.  At least not in the way I wanted or felt as though I needed.  Days like this is when I least enjoy being an unattached submissive.  Days like this I need to be recentered.  I need to be held and stroked and made to serve in a way that feels beneficial and not abused.  Valued and appreciated instead of just expected.  I wouldn't have minded having sex but I would appreciated a stiff drink and a flogging so much more.

Days like today I want my Him to appear more than anything else.  Granted it probably seems like it's more to stave off my own mind funk but that's just part of it.  I miss that connection to one person who sees all of me and desires to protect that and nurture it and help shape my growth.  I miss the feel of masculine fingers touching my back, toying with my neck, playing in my hair, tweaking my nipples and brushing my mouth as they caress a cheek.  Days like this I'm both grateful that others don't have to feel that longing but sadder than I'd like to admit that I am experiencing it.

Jealousy is not even something I register in my brain most days.  I recognize that my life has been a mess and there was no space in there for a partner until late last year.  That doesn't stop me from being wistful when I read the declarations of love and peace that others have found.  I also realize I was probably invoking those emotions in others before now lol.  When I love and am in a committed relationship I do so with no restraints and in any way that I can champion Him and whatever He has brought to my life I will.  It's natural and expected in some circles.  Even when I lose said love I can still immortalize that love and loss quite eloquently.  I use the phrase out of sorts when I feel like this but it's more than that because I want to have more control over who I am and how I feel than that.

Most of the time I can keep that insecurity and desire at bay.  I realize that it takes a while to find the right fit and I am still in pursuit of my match.  No match will be forthcoming until the right time and I am still sorting things out.  Trying to mesh my dichotomies with the right guide will not happen overnight.  Yes I know all these things but today I still wished I could roll over and He be there to tease me about the way I curl up for a nap, the fact that I still sleep with my stuffed elephant or that despite my noticeable frustration with daughter duties the rain had it's normal moisture inducing qualities between my thighs.  In that nice deep voice that reminds me both of warmth and comfort while maintaining a tiny bit of edge that lets me know I can and will be hurt at His leisure.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Life is Pain and love might be too

So I love this movie and this scene captures at least part of the title of this post.  Every day we wake there is the distinct possibility that things could go horribly horribly awry.  Be it with work, life, love, the sheer act of existence means there's a risk of shit hitting the proverbial fan.  My love life, both before and after D/s, has never been smooth and I tend to fall for the boys that excite me but ultimately aren't my best options.  Something about them registers in some central fucked up location in my brain and I start to crave them like you would a freshly baked cookie 10 minutes after you decide you are trying to eat better.  Eventually it fades and my senses return to normal but life is a little bit duller each time.

I don't always react well to romantic gestures.  Not because there's anything wrong with them but because it's not my "love language."  I seriously hate that term but in this case it's true.  Big grand sweeping gestures are like libido suppressant for me.  Want to inflame my heart, brain and loins equally? Remember something minor that I mentioned in passing that means the world to me.  Exhibit A: Roaming Solider dug up my favorite old cartoon cause I said I hadn't seen it in forever (I Love to Singa).  Exhibit B: Good Nhyte found the right version of Hallelujah by John Cale from Shrek.  The soundtrack version was horrible.

As my submission has continued to evolve I think I'm even more confusing than I used to be.  There's a fair amount of little girl in me that loves hugs and cuddles and being cared for and supported.  But there's a growing if not equal amount of me that is base, visceral, lust filled slut that craves being debased and broken and humiliated and hurt and used and abused and put away damp.  I used to try stash that side because it confuses men more than I normally do.  I'm too sweet and nice and funny and smart to be left quivering in the center of a destroyed bed.  But that's just it I'm not, at least not some of the time.  I can't fully articulate my dark side all of the time but I know it's been much darker than some of the people I've come into contact with.

That is not to say that I can't be a good little girl.  I have been before and can be again but if I'm honest that other part of me is always lurking there.  It could be the frustration or disappointment I have about a variety of life situations I was never in control of.  It could be my jealousy of women who get to unleash their submission freely with the person that has claimed them daily.  Women who don't juggle 30K things each day with no relief from that stress at the end of the day.  Truth be told I feel hungry for pain most days.  I can handle the other things.  I have to or else my world crumbles but the thought going to sleep with soon to be hidden bruises and soreness makes me smile.  Smile really big if I'm honest.

To use another old favorite tv/movie clip I know I'm still cookie dough and I'm not done baking (See old Buffy episodes, conversation with Angel when he came back for her).  It would be potentially unpleasant to eat me right now.  But as soon as I'm remotely set I'd love to be smacked with a spatula.  Yes my brain has gone all twisted again.  I will leave you with a song from my separated at birth twin from a past life who actually got all the singing talent.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

There was once a sad princess in need of a prince

This will not be a fairy tale or at least not a normal one.  I was never the princess type of girl growing up.  My father blissfully skipped the stories of a damsel waiting for her brave super masculine prince to rescue her from whatever plagued her feminine brain.  He told me I could rescue myself and the man waiting on the other side would have to earn my heart.  So really imagine my confusion when at my core there's a part of me frozen and waiting for someone to unleash me from my chains.

I imagine her locked away in a castle overrun by ice, desolate on approach and nearly abandoned.  She doesn't cry, she doesn't cry out, she just waits.  Only a few men have found there way there, been brave enough to enter her chambers and touch her chilly face.  Even fewer of them were able to stoke that fire, slip into the space out of time with the rest of the world and enjoy the briefly happy princess.  In that space she is alive and smiling and carnal and exploratory and giving and lustful for all that he can teach her.  She takes him into her bed and he's amazed at the fire that seems to erupt in her skin and intoxicate him.  Her smile melts the frost around them and she begs him to take her away.  She is envious that he has been alive and knows a world outside of her icy domain.  She longs to leave with him and he promises to return with all they need to cover the barren terrain.  She waits, sitting back on her thrown, watching the ice creep back into the room around her slowly.  The color seeps from her hair a little more each time.  The tear drops lock in place on her cheeks and she finally closes her eyes and dreams again of the prince that will restore life to her castle.  The one that just left will never return.  The next one that comes will not be able to chisel through the new layer of ice.  He will have to awaken her with his passion not his actions alone.  The actions have not proven themselves consistent.  She needs to feel truth in his being and a desire to drag her from the castle wrapped only in her blanket as her smile clears their path.

She won't be sad, lonely and confused forever but who will make it inside the castle once and for all.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dalek Death Stars and Weird Dreams

I am a light weight Whovian and really only watch when I like the current Dr. or his companion.  But a website called Teefury.com is tapping into my super nerdy side every time I visit.  There's a bunch of great shirts there from other lovers of Dr. Who and Batman/Superman/Spiderman and Star Wars and Minions and the like.  If you don't visit often you'd likely miss a design you love. If you do visit often you are likely to be broke so balance that out if you can lol.  If you click the Dr. Who link it will take you to a collection that David Tennant (my favoritest Dr. ever) pulled together.  Teefury and Zazzle.com provided my daytime t-shirt wear.  Love them both as they allow me to be pervy and nerdy all at once.  Ah well moving on.

It's a holiday weekend around here after the first full busy week of classes.  This would be super relaxing if I was solo or even with any of the kinky people I hung out with a few weeks ago.  Alas I am home with my mother who is a right pain in the ass about nearly everything you could be a right pain in the ass about.  Tomorrow or very early Monday I will be coerced into very slowly cooking a brisket so that she can eat it and feel like she's having a grand old holiday food fest.  I don't mind her having one but I do mind all the complaining that comes along with it.  Just for the record I likely won't be cooking tomorrow.  I hate cold barbecue.  I hate reheating barbecue the day of an event.  you reheat barbecue when it's leftovers.  And while it won't be super spicy it's probably going to be seasoned much better than if I let her handle it on her own.  And lots and lots of onions. 

As to the aforementioned dreams that made their way into the title let's just say my brain when sleep deprived is a crazy fucking place.  I had lost a little bit of weight, my hair was chasing the black away and was mostly silver, my brother and mother were hanging around right before I left for a kinky event and my ex was in the mix for some reason.  Not even an ex Dom which hey going to a kinky event might make sense but just someone I used to enjoy seeing naked a LOT.  When I came back my brother was gone, my mother was asleep but my ex was still fucking there.  He had another flash of domliness and while I had a great time with what followed I was really just confused when I woke up.  I briefly went back to sleep and he was still there waiting to terrorize me.  I stayed up after that.  I know I'm officially off the high of the pain and kink love in but that was just bizarre. 

How goes life where you are?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kinky Travel Recap: This time with extra sleep added

So I have been home since about 2 on Sunday afternoon.  I have been running full steam until this morning though. The joys of going back to work after a great vacation.  My voice is still kinda funky but other than that it was a tiny blessing just to be able to sleep past 6:30 this morning.  And then the best thing ever happened when I was up long enough to turn the damn alarm off---it was raining.  Rain is both a sedative and an aphrodisiac for me.  If I'm alone it's the equivalent of someone tucking me in and rocking me back to sleep.  If I'm not alone well let's just say the water works won't just be a board piece in Monopoly.  Wait is that on the new Monopoly boards now?  I hope so or damn I'm getting old.

Anyway, I wasn't sure I had any major expectations of this trip after attending the inaugural APK event in June.  It could be like a huge deal or it could b a low key function with old friends gathering and have me feeling like odd woman out.  Upon arriving Thursday afternoon, I was pretty sure there was going to be massive disappointment on the horizon.  There was no one to greet attendees, the hotel was just ok, and nothing was ready to go.  Granted I'm not a hotel snob but this would have been a stopover hotel on a long trip not the destination spot.  But hey my plan wasn't to be sleeping much so this shouldn't be a huge deal right?  No fridge, no microwave for those of us below the penthouse lol but again going to be rushing around so hopefully not a huge deal.  I am glad my roommate prepped well so we had cold water and drinks as needed.  The events of that night were more loosey goosey than I was expecting so really I grabbed a bite to eat and then proceeded on down the molesting trail.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I should be sleeping but...

Ok I went way off the grid the last few days.  I barely checked my email, didn't play on Facebook and really save watching a movie and checking my flight information out to come home I really did not turn the computer on very much.  It would be nice to say I was taking a stand but seriously I was on a much needed kinky vacation.  Over the last few days I have learned way more than I thought I would, saw way more loveliness than I ever intended from both the men and women in attendance, got to unleash my vintage chick, figured out how much waist line could be evaporated by a good piece of shape wear, was tied into a corset for dear life--which was heavenly (thanks Rayn and Havoc), got a good flogging, didn't sleep much, had ridiculously good conversations about everything from my time stalking Prince to the roles and wants of submissive women.

I have to say thank you to green lantern for finally getting me to attend Black Beat.  It was an eye opening experience in so many ways.  The rope workshops were particularly amazing and it was both validating and encouraging that so many people that looked like me got this particular kink of mine.  If you can see Mr. Mentl and his sub Verity demo rope play please do.  It will well be worth your time.

I found out how powerful just your hands can be during a scene and am very glad no one that has alerted me that the want to see me naked attended lol.  I'm glad I got in a LOT of naked time.  Woosah that was the business just so we're clear.

Watching others play and seeing things I would like to try, may not be bad to try and you will have to lobotomize me to try was great.  But most wonderful in that was watching Dom/mes in the room slip from hurt mode to loving and caring after care.  Being brought back down to a place where you are still kind of high but feeling protected and reconnected to reality is a special kind of amazing.

The submissive gathering helped with a struggle of mine, namely being able to walk into a potentially polyamorous relationship with a future dominant.  I really would like to prepare mentally for it so that I can work through the emotional crap but I was able to hear for others that's not really possible.  You just have to take that step and see where it leads you.  And I saw great examples of how loving and functional those relationships can be from the Gilligan's Island savant and his crew and as well as raynstorm, her sister and their Dom.

It was good to see a few familiar faces from the event I went to in June and others I had briefly interacted with online before.  And then it was fascinating to meet a billion new people and realize how fantastically diverse the community of people that look like me is.  They are professional and homemakers, artistic and analytical, outright funny or dryly sarcastic, and best yet they are freaky and friendly and give good hugs and a few will smack the living shit out of your ass as you walk on by.  I met fellow Whovians, lovers of Minions, and best of all the people who truly understand how twisted the relationships are between Harley and Mr. J as well as Batman and Catwoman.  I didn't give away all of my postcards (still have two left in addition to the one I am keeping for myself) so if you are a fan of the Bat and Cat let me know what you learned from BB this weekend and the best two answers (judged solely by my hopefully not sleepy brain whenever I get around to them).  For those that are wondering what it looks like go to my last photo uploaded about the Bat and Cat.

Was everything smooth?  Of course not. Things didn't get as up and running as I was expecting until Friday but then it was non stop until we all finally stepped out of the haze that is a largish gathering of kink.  I'm a bit of an overplanner and like things to be ticked off at least a week in advance of anything major that I'm doing.  But I also know that pull together large events can make it difficult to manage all the moving parts. 

After having two good trips out and about into the kink community outside of my normal living space I can say I'll be venturing out to as many as I can reasonably afford.  I can't say they will all be good but even being ten years into the journey of my submission I learned a ton this weekend that will help me shape who I am yet to become.

Talk with you soon