In Retrospect, I believe I've Made a Mistake

Sunday, April 16, 2017 No comments
Happy Easter to all of those that celebrate.  I'm laying in bed wearing part of what I left the house in yesterday.  I can't sleep in pants.  It drives me nuts.  Unless I'm on a plane and undressing mid flight seems like a bad idea.  Before I get deep into this post it's not about anyone in particular but a series of fucked up things that are coming to a head this morning.  I seriously doubt that anyone is aware of the situations and even if you do outing someone is also shitty behavior so shut the fuck up.

I've mentioned before that I stay too long and periodically give people way too many chances but the other thing I think I forgot was the random eradication of my spinal column.  It's not constant but in the moments I notice it I'm pissed.  If I allow you into my space that means something.  If you take a giant dump in that space and then walk away that means something as well.  I don't rage about it.  I become indifferent to you.  Anger still implies caring to me and in that place when I'm cleaning up your shit I know longer care.  Mostly for my protection but also for yours.  But here's the rub.  When or if I get pissed shit is not good for anyone involved.  I can be petty.  I can be vengeful.  I can be your worst nightmare wrapped up in a five foot four body.  What I'm coming to realize is that lack of anger at your shitty behavior makes you believe that all is well.  It's not but since you aren't getting the standard reaction you don't fully apologize for being shitty.  Do I always need or want an apology?  Nope sometimes I just want folks to go away.  I need to get better about conveying that though.   That's my fault.


When Do You Feel Like Enough?

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So this post will be in direct contrast on one level to the lovely vacation recap.  I am very aware of my insecurities and most days I can keep them at bay.  I'm smart, able to pay my bills with no intrusions, take vacations when I can, can cook and back and no those are not the same things, I'm good at my job and appreciate most humans most of the time.  That doesn't mean the worries that plague others aren't always running through my head.  I'm trying to figure out when those things go away.  Maybe not entirely but enough that they don't plague my brain on the rare occasions I am not operating it like a steel trap.  In no particular order her are the things that threaten to take me under some days.

  • When do I stop caring about my partners' other partners?  Why am I worried about how I compare?  If I am going to be replaced there's little to nothing I can do about it and whining and reacting just seems to frustrate all of us but mostly me.  No I don't bruise easily.  No I'm not submissive just because I am in His presence, gotta drop that shielding.  No I'm not nearby.  Those things are only deficits if I let them become deficits but when small and submissive me is present she worries and she wants to be reassured and the problem is those fears can't be entirely eliminated no matter what.  I know that when I'm rational.  I know that when I've come up from the bottom of my subdrop.  But in that pit I feel worthless and there's not enough chocolate or stroking in the world to make it better.
  • I stay too long at the party professionally.  Why am I never the first one out of my job when I'm not completely happy?  What am I worried about?  I'm competent and have done amazing things that other people will care about in the future but yeah I don't ask and I don't end up anywhere until it's past time?  I have a new opportunity at work and I was thinking of asking for what I thought was a reasonable pay upgrade to offset the extra work.  A coworker said double it with no blinking.  They'd ask for it and probably get it and I'm going meh they aren't trying to hear that.  Why not?
  • I love my friends but I don't feel the love back unless I have something going on.  They complain about not seeing me but they always want to get together during the busiest times of my job.  Nah I can't drop everything and meet you down there at the end of the month.  I'm in the fourth circle of hell at the end of the month.  I never say that though cause it becomes me making excuses and they just wanna hug on me.  I'm free in July, tossed that out there, got shut down immediately and end of that conversation.  This is partly why I don't connect with very many people anymore.  My life operates on a non traditional schedule from those in the private sector.  Yeah I would love the hugs and the bonding but not the guilt and the sharing beds--we are fucking 40 no to the sharing beds.  Hell I'm not keen on sharing rooms now.
  • I debate my submission every six months at least.  I am not like the others.  I feel like an imposter.  Maybe I'm just really kinky with a high pain tolerance.  The subspace is just my legal high.  Maybe I'm just sexually submissive.  Maybe I'm really screwed up and if I just got some therapy I'd not like men who want to demean me or abuse me or degrade me at all.  Maybe I'm not as screwed up as I think but lost all ability to relate to "normal" men and this is what I got left.  
  • I don't really understand the concept of love so I make it more difficult than it needs to be.  It's not always meant to be hard and it's not always going to be easy but my version is dumb and that's why I don't get what I want in the end.  Picking stupid ends up with stupid picks right lol.  Except I don't pick most of the time.  They pick me and isn't that worse cause I don't even have the stones to say hey I want you first lol.  God I suck.
Okay so maybe not all of that is true or valid.  But in the pit that's the pinnacle of the brain fuck I can give to myself.  It's frustrating and I need it to stop.  I really really need it to stop.


Let's Play a little George Michael: Kissing a Fool

Saturday, April 01, 2017 No comments
So it's April Fool's day and I seriously debated playing a prank but I neither have the patience nor the creativity this year.  I wasn't being super creative now I really do like the song.  It's very mellow.  Something I imagine I'd have listened to in a jazz club as I nurse a heartbreak over lots of cocktails in an ankle length flapper dress.  Okay so maybe my creativity is still there if I don't have to actually do anything with it. 

I am almost two weeks removed from my vacation now.  The two new tattoos I got while I was there are mostly healed.  The larger one looks amazing.  The smaller one needs a bit of a touch up and I'm okay with that.  Colors don't always pop on my skin and this one is in an odd location for me so it's hard to figure out what is normal in terms of color sticking.  I will probably do it later this summer when I have a bit of down time again.  That's why I got them in Amsterdam.  I have no free time well no prolonged free time to do things sometimes.  Hmm so let's move beyond that.

The trip was amazing and nothing that I planned on happening really took place.  Well almost nothing but that's a different subject that I'll come back to later.  I was feeling out of step with everything and everyone when I left.  I really wanted to hop on a plane to another location but Mr. Wolf and the Dutchman were both scheduled to meet me in Amsterdam at some point in time.  I tried to stifle that and just enjoy a long flight during which I watched a few movies and binged eight episodes of The Good Place.  I landed early, took a train into the city proper, got to check into my hotel the moment I got there and after a bit of rest started to venture out with Mr. Wolf who I am sure was wondering why I was still in bitch mode lol.  Regardless of my disposition we had a good time exploring the city and checking things out.  Eventually I settled into vacation mode and was more hospitable.  The Dutchman stopped by for what was supposed to be a longer visit but an unfortunate family emergency popped up and he had to cut his time with us short. 

Emergency and missing Dom threw off my equilibrium for a bit that morning but Mr. Wolf hugged, molested and distracted me until I was ready to take on the world again and we set off to finish conquering the city.  And so we did.  My ridiculous walking spree continued during this vacation.  I didn't hit 10K steps every day but over the course of seven days I averaged 10K steps each day.  I ate a lot of good food.  I had treats that I hadn't anticipated.  Made friends with some of the staff at one spot because I was in there so much lol.  Was mistaken for a Dutch resident more often than not lol.  The vacation fed my spirit and my submissive soul which was good and needed.  It reminded me to speak up more.  I can't get what I want if I don't ask for it.  I've tried to do that more since I have returned because I didn't do a bang up job of that before The Dutchman arrived. 

There was a brief moment that I can only describe as blissful.  I won't get into it too much now but in all of my poly weirdness and abject devotion to men I love was almost floating I was so happy.  Could have been an overload of endorphins from pain and sex but it was amazing.  I had a bitch of a drop on Monday this week and it felt like everything else left in me seeped out from that trip.  I'm better now and a trip to the gym helped. I think I tweaked a muscle though which wasn't cool.  For right now it's time for a late lunch and maybe some sleep.

How is your April starting?


Speaking in Metaphor

Saturday, March 04, 2017 No comments
So on my commute to work and back the last few days a song I was obsessed with months ago keeps playing and it seems fitting given my current mental and emotional state.  Shortly after that song plays a new song that I'm slightly obsessed with also plays.  It's an interesting juxtaposition of mood but both are accurate.  I tend to be a glutton for punishment in relationships mostly because I don't take my own advice.  I know that love has never been enough to sustain any kind of relationship but until that emotion is totally and completely out of my system towards someone I can't walk away.  I still love both of my partners more than I don't.  I'm just exhausted right now.  Thus nothing feels good or intriguing or even interesting if I'm honest.  And right now I'm slightly fixated on noticing how much heavier one of my boobs is than the other.  Like it's bugging the shit out of me right now.  Not enough that I'd likely do anything about it but if the yet to be scheduled mammogram means I have to do some sort of intervention then I will likely have it addressed.  Apparently lots of women have the same issue but until it's really noticeable the doctors say chill.


Happy Valentine's Day

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Just giving a shout out to the random folks that still stop by. Hope you had a good day. Follow my blog with Bloglovin


It's raining and I'm (Re)hearing Music

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Anyone who has been around here for a while knows I listen to music as much as I can and firmly believe that some songs pop up when I need to hear them.  It's raining right now.  Slow, soft, enough to make me miss people I cared about but not so much that I'm worried about the roof leaking.  I can't say hi to either one of them.  They are gone from my plane of existence so really I'm left with memories and music.  You may or may not listen to a lot of older R&B music but let me let you in on the song currently cycling all out of order in my head.  If you aren't in the mood to listen to the song you can grab the lyrics here.

So as I am sitting here being lulled into reverie by the rain drops it occurs to me that I used to belt this song out in the car, the apartment the wherever with so much passion that you couldn't tell me I wasn't Jill.  But hearing it now, and a few days ago, I realized that I never really gave power to the words in the way that I should.  I could and did lose myself in the stanzas I can pay my own light bill baby, put my own gas in my own car.....but around the lines that trip me up now and should have then are the same ones that get me in trouble constantly when it comes to my relationships are firmly embedded in the chorus.  I need you yeah sometimes so hard to say....I love deeply when I love.  I want their love in return.  I want to wake up and be halfway ugly and they still pull me close and kiss my funky morning breath face hello,  I want to be what they desire of me and in return get what I desire of them but need trips me up each and every time.  Need, as I've mentioned, implies dependence and while you should be dependable you are likely not going to be the first person I consult on some things just because you lack the expertise or you are going to say something like do whatever you think is best and that wasted a lot of time.  I have had more than one person including my former, and current, partners get frustrated by that and I apologize but the one thing I can't give someone is neediness. 

I found myself swaying in the car the other day when the song started playing and I literally stopped cold in my song styling when it got to I need you yeah because it felt like I was being a fraud.  Hell I felt fraudulent singing I can kill the spider above my bed even though it's hard because I'm scared.  Spiders only scare me if they are scrambling out reach or are gigantic.  Normal spiders just get murdered on sight.  My lack of need and insistence on wanting being a superior position for most men has often made people think I was cold or uncaring.  Truthfully I can be a big old pile of mush in the right circumstances but it's typically not with my partners either cause crying uncontrollably is generally not sexy.  They get my happy.  They might get my angry.  They can have my sarcastic and dry humor.  My need yeah got nothing there.  Unless it's need for sexy time and yeah that is a need one could fill but if I only need you for sexy time and don't want to be bothered with you the rest of the time that's not a good luck either.  I like being able to joke and be silly and analyze the hell out of song lyrics or movie lines or bad WWE storylines--like seriously fire some of the writers, when I can figure shit out it frustrates me--because that's when you can get to my soft underbelly and see really chill me.  Okay I'm rambling now.  Gonna listen to the rain and watch tape delayed tennis. Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Just so fresh and clean

Wednesday, February 08, 2017 No comments
Okay folks.  I've been off the grid again for a while.  A few months ago I was alerted by my hosting provider that the contract was coming up for renewal and let's just say the price tag was massively unappealing.  I reached out to my original revamp designer and she's out of business.  I found new folks who rocked on etsy and after buying a new template to overhaul the site is back to its former glory mostly.  There are clearly some changes.  I got rid of the grope button.  It felt dated and I wasn't sure anyone ever actually used that thing.  The labels look different but I may be able to fix that--not sure right now.  And the bottom doesn't have all the pages numbers listed just older posts.  But hey if you are super nosy you can click on the right hand side and peruse a month to see what's there or a label and it will do the same thing.  Things are also centered in some places which is also a bit different but we'll have to rock with that for a while.

I have a post about relationships dancing around in my head that I may or may not share at some point.  But I will say before I sign off for the night that I recently took a quick trip to London.  I mostly ate too much, slept in and broke my Hitachi lol.  I've replaced it with the big daddy upgrade version and oh my.  It's sleepy time for me.  Between the random snow, strange as hell dreams, and the lack of mental energy I need to just wind it down.  Hope you all are doing well.