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Sunday, May 30, 2021 No comments

I have literally no plan for this post so you are going to get some massive train of thought stuff here.  I'm watching the French Open which I love.  You never know what is going to happen on clay.  We've already had a retirement on the men's side, feel better Grigor, major upset on the men's side, go Pablo and boo Dominic you bother me lol, and a fine on the women's side for Naomi Osaka for not doing her post match presser as well as a promise for more heft fines up to default if she doesn't agree to do them.  That was cosigned by the other major tournaments so we'll see what comes of that.  The tournament also said they had reached out to her to address her concerns but she hasn't said a word so they can't fix what they don't know she wants.  Ahh well, the matches are still good.

I renewed the domain name for a few more years.  It's my totally passive aggressive way of ignoring that I don't know what I want to do with this space if anything other than blog.

And unrelated to any of that wholesome content lol I have been having some repetitive thoughts at night.  I keep envisioning someone who just lives between my legs at my beck and call.  The head is always bald as I lightly massage it and keep it on target lapping at my inner folds.  Someone like my ex that always made me feel like he was trying to put his entire face in my pussy and just camp out there until I passed out and then licked me awake again.  Then when I am good and sleepy I'd like to be penetrated while we spoon and dose off to bed but that allows me to wiggle on a dick in the middle of the night and when I wake up before we start all over.  Yeah fun dreams.


keep growing wherever you can

Sunday, May 09, 2021 No comments

I will have to come back to the title.  It's been pressing on me that I needed to post something soon.  Not sure why but it's been on my mind.  I think my last few posts were definitely stress induced--I may have mentioned that then but who knows.  Living in a pandemic is whole lot.  Living and working in a pandemic is a whole lot.  Living, working and taking care of other people during a pandemic is just a monumentally bad idea if there is no one there to help take care of you too.  I haven't had access to any of the things that would help me recharge over the last it feels like eighteen months but I know it hasn't quite been that long.  My solo vacation--cancelled.  My study abroad trip--cancelled.  My eating myself full and sleepy on vacation--cancelled.  Even the gym because I have not been trusting of my fellow man as of late--cancelled.  The only thing I've done that I'm excited about is go forward with building a new house.  That won't be ready until later this year and I still need to sell the one we are in and not lose a ton of money on it.  Which I am terrified about if my dreams are any indication.  But things always work out the way they are supposed to in the end.

My cilantro plants showed me that.  I was getting ready to restart them because they were looking a little wimpy and unable to support themselves.  Then I got busy for like a week or so and before I knew it they started sprouting back up from their prone position and are doing better than the basil which has now joined them in the top heavy movement.  Mom's slow growing Tiny Tim tomatoes have now started bursting into shiny red ripe relief and she's tickled.  I forgot how much I loved growing things.  I've only used a little cilantro and she's had a few tomatoes but I'm thinking I may want either a larger indoor or outdoor garden when we move.  I kind of want some cucumbers and potatoes and onions too.  Those probably won't do as well in the hydroponic garden unless I get some baby ones like the tomatoes.  Watching things grow is giving me my only real outlet this year and it's taking some time to figure out that process.  I just had a dumb realization that you don't need to know about right now but it may make things a bit easier on the growing front lol.  

Ah I know what prompted me to write this now.  Just took me a minute.  I have heard songs on the radio and read a few things over the last few weeks that made me reflect on my former dominant partners.  Even though I don't reach out to GN often, he always responds and usually makes me feel better.  I've checked on Mr. Wolf a few times when I felt like something was wrong.  It's brief but at least reassures whatever spidey sense was happening.  I've reached out to Dutch once or twice.  It's kinda gone nowhere but that's okay too.  I've been letting things go, really letting them go, for the last few months.  I'm not sure what is coming up soon, next or what but I wish that whatever is I hope it's good and fun and soon.


here i go again, making beautful mistakes

Saturday, April 03, 2021 No comments

I'm feeling better today.  It's still Saturday and I still ain't got nobody.  And honestly that is just what it is right now.  Work is busy but semi on autopilot.  Home life is improving even if I need to get back on the grind health wise.  After losing some weight, it has found me again.  I'm looking around a room that needs to be decluttered even while I plan on keeping some things that are important to me but a ton of other things it's time to release into the universe.  I do miss being secure in a relationship but let's be honest I am very rarely secure in the entire thing.  I know what I want in a partner but no longer am I certain it's what I needed.  Just had a random thought about the kind of famous men that catch my attention and overall they are commanding with what appears to be a goofy/sweet/protective side for those they care about.  Some are universally gorgeous and others more subtle in their energy but also more attractive to me in that way.  I think what I really want right now is someone who makes me sigh.  That deep soul acknowledgment that it has found its person kind of sigh.  And for once it would be nice if there was no external baggage attached to that.  That's not likely to be a thing especially as I get older but it's what would make me happy.  That person would let me just be the best version of me and help me keep pushing towards better.  At least that's what I hope.  Ultimately, I just have to be happy living my best life regardless of if there's anything more than a teddy bear along for the ride.


another saturday night and i ain't got nobody lol

Sunday, March 21, 2021 No comments

i'm sitting here exhausted, relieved and crying.  mom had a crisis and i had messed up dreams hoping she'd be okay.  i've given six or seven talks for my job in the last twelve weeks.  i've had to lead the charge on a few things while worrying about my job options.  and i'm upset because while i knew something would likely go a certain way i was still hopeful it may turn out a different way.  i really miss my dad and talking to folks that clearly care about me that i don't have to hunt down first.  i miss having community and being taken care of by someone that loves me.  i would really like to just be back on my dad's sofa, watching tennis or cartoons or science fiction and talking about life while he rubbed my hair and let me fall asleep.  but that won't happen and no one is going to come save me from myself.


not sure why i'm awake

Monday, March 01, 2021 No comments

I was doing Dutch homework but that was at least an hour ago and probably more than that at this stage.  I've written an email or two, sent off a letter of recommendation and logged into fet for the first time in who knows when.  It was long enough ago that my feed needed to repopulate.  Nothing was popping so meh I guess I don't need to go back again anytime soon.  I was mostly being masochistic in an unhealthy way watching the interaction of my exes and their new folks but even that wasn't the primary touch point in going anymore.  I miss having a kinky collective.  I don't know that I will ever have one again at this stage but I missed the grown up Black folks that were there.  Nothing wrong with the young ones but they are just not my speed. Ahh well.  I was just checking in.  Hope everyone is well.


Happy Fucking New Year

Thursday, January 14, 2021 No comments

It's been an interesting two weeks hasn't it boys and girls.  New strains of COVID popping up, not enough people vaccinated, getting back to work, enjoying single life, an attempted coup and an all points bulletin for more violence ahead of the inauguration.  And this is all before the end of the month.  I've noticed something.  I was motivated to reach out to my exes more as a check in as opposed to rekindling of things.  Each conversation was brief and I said my peace and no one was upset.  Now I've been contemplating dating again and it felt like I needed to let go of any ill will that I was holding to be healthy enough to find my new person.  The problem is, even though I kind of have an idea of who that person is, I have no idea where to find him.  More that likely he's sitting at home right now as well.  Maybe on the other side of the globe but he's definitely not here.  I have met single men here but they don't have whatever that thing is that Mr. Wolf referred to as a thunderbolt.  I don't need a strike but I would like a spark of intrigue.  Someone who makes me feel a little girlish again.  I had a dream a few days ago about meeting him out and about and having a ridiculous adventure that ended up with us getting trapped in a rainstorm.  I remember feeling safe and content as he pulled me tight against his chest and tried to protect me with his beat up leather jacket.  Never saw his face and only vaguely remember his voice as something that was soothing.  Ahh well, he'll show up or he won't right?


And now it's time to say goodbye to all my.....

Monday, December 28, 2020 No comments

If you watched a lot of Def Comedy Jam you'll be able to finish that sentence.  If not, either go watch or do a google search.  I'm not planning on disappearing.  Just wanted something that made me smile when I started typing.  As I have made yet another journey around the sun and have settled into my now mid 40s officially, something has come to settle in with me.  Last post, I mentioned that I needed to quit reaching out to my exes even though I wasn't sure if I could pull that off.  Turns out, that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I've spoken to one since then but I have backed away from all of them.  It's not that they were blocking my progress, or even that I am upset with them.  I'm not.  Our relationships were good until they weren't (check out Stupendo Fino A Qui for a pretty good song and explanation of my thoughts).  And they, for the most part, never did anything directly to hurt me.  My hurt and disappointment is largely due to what I was hoping would happen versus what actually did.  And I have told more than enough people that you cannot date potential or the idealized version of the person you care about to know better.

I loved each of them for entirely different reasons and they each brought entirely different things into my life (check out Not in That Way and Bad at Love).  The truth is while I am very independent and able to be self-contained I'm still a a bit of a romantic and want the epic love story wrapped in a kinky bow.  And while I'd love to be out and about and run into my tall dark and handsome everything, my life doesn't really allow for that and getting close to people involves some inherent risk that I'm not totally down with taking right now.  On the plus side, work is good.  I have amazing opportunities coming from that for me and others.  And I am still thinking that I'll find the right person to go with me in all formats.  Check out random songs at your leisure: Take Your Time by Sam Hunt, Take Me To Church by Hozier, Somebody to Die For by Sam Smith, or Best For You by Maroon 5.


this may be my magnum opus, read on at your own peril

Saturday, November 28, 2020 No comments

Today was apparently my breaking point and it was set off by something stupid.  I got up to make my lunch.  Well to warm up my lunch because I haven't really cooked since Thanksgiving.  Anyway, I get there and the sauce for my lunch is missing.  I didn't throw it away which leaves only one other person in the spot that could have.  When I inquire about it, I get the standard I know I did something but don't want to tell you I did it because you have asked me not to do shit like this about a million times response: I don't know.  I am not sure why that was less acceptable today than any other day but today it was not gonna work.  Well I wasn't initially.  I figured it out later but back to this fucked up conversation.  

We go round and about and as always the verdict is I'm just mad for no reason and she's never going to do it again.  We both know that's not true so I left and went and ate.  Within five minutes of me finishing that meal I was in literal tears.  I threw away my actual trash and came back to my room.  I meant to start writing then but I tried to play a game first so I could calm down and it didn't work.  I just ended up crying harder and that's when everything hit me.  

For the better part of the last 14 years and 11 months (we'll be at the fifteen year mark at Christmas provided I have not had a stroke or heart attack and died), my entire life has been about making her life more comfortable.  Making sure that my job alone could handle 90 percent of the bills, adjusting to her random mood swings and conversations she has with other people that I should magically know about, about not having certain conversation with my brother or his family so she maintain some fragile ass illusion about who or what she is, and allowing her to be as autonomous as she wants to be.  Which to be clear is super autonomous when it comes to spending her money but not when it comes to making travel plans, cooking dinner, taking her shopping physically, managing her medications, talking with her doctors, taking care of the house, or handle any of her insurance or medical decision making.  That has meant that for the better part of 14 years and 11 months I have had to work like a grown up, handle all the demands of what that means, take care of myself, take care of her, pretend I'm having something that is a completely fulfilling relationship, and not just say fuck it and bounce.  

I have asked myself repeatedly why my dad didn't make it but she did.  I have felt horrible each time but dad took care of himself and she did not.  By that I mean when we encouraged him to go to the doctor, watch what he ate or whatever he did those things.  It didn't matter.  Within a year of whatever it was emerging he was gone.  In the last 16 years she has had a seizure while driving (16 years ago), brain tumor removed (15 years ago), pancreatitis so bad she damn near died (2 years ago), and pneumonia so intense she damn near died again (like a month ago).  Each one of those times, because of her demands or recovery process I have had to turn into a home health nurse learning a whole lot of shit outside of my areas of expertise and then what questions to ask because telling her is borderline useless because she won't be doing any of them while simultaneously still being her daughter and not get angry when I can't even do my job because she will not be okay for the four hours I need to be at my office.  To be clear she'd physically be fine but she'd call and complain so much there would be literally no work getting done.  

I'm sure you are wondering what any of that has to do with anything else and I will tell you that now.  Every plan for myself has to think through the possible reactions she will have and the accommodations I will have to make to the thing I want to do in order to make her okay with it initially.  I'm always going to say initially because two years later she will swear she agreed to nothing and backing it up with dates, conversations, and the like will not help you well me in the slightest.  I have said before that my mother is spoiled, and I have done myself no favors in humoring as much as I have with her, but it was that or having screaming matches with the person who birthed me.  That's a mind fuck I do not enjoy and y'all know I love a good mind fuck.  I want to love her and her love me and us giggle like we do sometimes.  Those sometimes require my silence and my acquiescence with foolishness more often than it should.  I realized something else too.  My grandmother was probably not much different in retrospect but she had 30 plus other grandchildren to disperse that need on plus the 10 living children she had at the time.  My mother has me and my brother and my brother has the good fortune of being the youngest and a boy.  A boy who married someone that my mom kinda can't stand so she doesn't want to visit or speak to him very much.

And there are days I'm super happy for him and them because clearly I have no husband or kids.  Today however I'm kinda in a rage about that too.  Yes, his life has its own demands but he has someone to share that with and he has kids that love him.  I have exes and teddy bears.  And I don't really want to accumulate too many more of either of them.  I'd like a partner that I could curl up with each evening and laugh through whatever fuckery she has brought into my life and how we can both manage work and divide and conquer her weirdness for the next day.  I had that briefly with Mr. Good Nyte.  But that came with different baggage for him and I and both he and his predecessor, Roaming Soldier, had to deal with her outbursts directed at me and whatever failings I was displaying as a daughter in that moment.  Both of them were irate and tried to defend me but that NEVER goes over well for future reference.  Since then I just haven't introduced her to anyone because she's both super eager and super judgemental and both of those states of being are exhausting as fuck.

I've almost signed up for two BDSM dating sites over the last few days and have not pulled the trigger because we can't spend time here.  Our bedrooms are too close together and the walls are thin.  Plus she needy and there's no promise that even if there was more room that she would give me more space.  I appreciate that life may not ever turn out the way you hoped but this isn't even on the radar of things I was daydreaming about as a kid.  I was convinced I'd be a step mom by now.  Married to a nice man who already had kids and I'd be the cool supportive step mom that I never completely had growing up.  Again something I had briefly with RS and GN but it's gone now.  Plus we never made it to the alter for totally different reasons.  And now I'm about to start crying again.  I've resolved to just get through the rest of this year but I'm putting it out to the universe, that I would really like a break from this version of reality.  I'm going to ask for more acceptance of her because she's not going anywhere.  I'm going to ask for the right man to come along and not any man cause that won't work.  He needs to be understanding of this weird living situation, taller than me, preferably Black but if you look like Ryan Pavey, Jason Mamoa, or grown ass Brad Pitt let's talk, who has a career that he loves so he can appreciate me loving mine, is funny, is smart, loves music, food, books, sports, and traveling to new places to collect passport stamps and new memories, and who maybe has a kid or two that needs a bonus mom.  He doesn't need to live locally but he needs to have good communication skills and can handle small gestures of affection both given and received.  I doubt that man is reading this blog but if you know someone send him my way.  Time for dinner and more purple margaritas and an early bedtime since I have to give a talk tomorrow.