sweet dreams are made of these

Tuesday, September 27, 2005
okay so i went to bed late last night as you already know. He met me there again. i can't recall all of this one now, i should have written this morning, but He's been there a lot lately. i just remember feeling very safe with Him and happy that He had chosen me. before our last communication breakdown He visited me in my dream. i was on my knees in the house waiting as He came through the door. He stroked my head and unzipped His pants. i quickly engulfed Him with my mouth and sucked gently until He made me stop. i stood up and helped Him off with His coat as He went to sit in an arm chair. i brought Him the mail and a drink before dropping to my knees again and helping Him take off His shoes. He tugged on my collar and pulled me toward His erection which i happily took in my mouth again. we stayed that way for a short while until He unloaded down my throat. i stood up and grabbed dinner from the oven. i served us both and we sat down and had a pretty basic discussion over the meal. as i put the last dish in the dishwasher He told me to meet in our playroom. i undressed and slipped on the higher heels He liked me to wear at home. i took His toy bag from the closet and hooked my collar to the heavy chain in the center of the room. i knelt and waited for Him to enter. as He came around the corner i handed Him a riding crop and heard it whooshing through the air before my alarm went off and woke me up. ahh well it was nice while it lasted.

red velvet



  1. How frustrating to awake there....;-)))

  2. LOL yes it was but i told Him about it and He seemed pleased, might have given Him an idea

  3. I wish you will feel it soon... the idea and the realisation...;-))