nearly took the day off

Saturday, October 29, 2005
i almost didn't write anything today. i had gone to a meeting early in the day and came home very very tired. i tried to nap but people kept calling. so i woke up and got some ice cream then did my roaming of the internet. i am doing relatively well but i think i'm in a bit of a funk. i had a great morning actually. got reconnected to members of one of my organizations and that was a good feeling overall. i heard from an old friend and that was nice. he entertains me greatly i swear. and all the communication and connection is good for someone that has high relational needs but it's not the person i wanted to be speaking to so it wasn't as sastfying as it could have been.

i know that's unfair to the people that reached out to me and entertained me this afternoon but yeah i would much rather be curled up with Him. but i don't know what He's doing or why i haven't heard from Him either. i know He said He was taking a net hiatus but the phone works nicely. i'm just a little lonely sub right now lol. things will be better soon i'm sure. let me go back to roaming



  1. Sorry to hear you are lonely right now. I hope your night improves..

  2. Hummm... I know that feeling... when He was travelling more, I had friends coming by... but couldn't pay them attention, or even enjoy their presence, they were only annoying me... All I wanted was to be alone, on my computer and chat with Him...
    I wish you'l have news soon...;-)