okay just a quickie

Friday, December 23, 2005
after a few hours of bothering fedex i was able to make sure that Emperor's gift which basically missed me in transit was safely in my apartment office. i made it to texas just fine and got my belated birthday gift from my brother and sister in law. yeah for bath junkie and victoria's secret. yeah for real lol. i spent the latter part of my awake time last night talking to Emperor and in my truly girly way i have to admit that hearing His voice makes me feel very light and happy. my mother and i have been getting along well so let's hope that lasts indefinitely and what not. to my friends in the subverse i hope all is well. to those Doms/Dommes/Masters/Mistresses that visit my spot thank you for your attention as well. to the few friends that grace these pages i hope i don't scare ya too much and that you know that no matter what red is truly truly happy. to the man that made this blog possible please know that i care about You even when You insist on trying to drive me nuts lol. happy holidays everyone




  1. You are restless and wide awake tonight. Walking the corridors of blogworld. Looking for something to help you to center, to release, to be. And then to sleep.

  2. and the corridors have kept me entertained thankfully. i was fighting to stay awake so we could get the last batch of things for me to cook tomorrow, thanks to taylor (twiceasbright) i think i found what i needed personally though.

  3. merry xmas red - well for me anyway - as i type it is 12:56am dec 25th.... for u i think its midday xmas eve...

    hope u enjoy the day with your family.

    lionette xox

  4. A wonderful Christmas for you and your family!! I wish your cooking is going fine... I'm into a craziness of wrapping gifts... and I'm sweating... Can't wait to find back my bed after midnight!! LOLOLOL...

  5. I have no idea what I said Red LOL, but I'm glad it helped you, whatever it was. I'm wishing you a very deeply blessed Christmas, full of nourishment for the body and soul alike :)