sugar melts in the rain

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
and that is precisely what is happening right now. my brain is drifting off into a lovely space right now. the rain is finally coming down and i feel like Roaming Solider is curled up behind me again. He's kissing my neck and calling me "His little girl" and i am tickled to be with him. of course i know he's not with me right now but it's nice to daydream. this one i will keep to myself. please enjoy the sugasm post below this one and i'll be back in a day or so---unless i'm overcome by the need to post.

love ya



  1. I figured the rain would get you there. TTYL, chica.

  2. So... your brain will bloom soon??? You should have amazing flowers in there...;-)
    So sorry for not being here so often... I miss reading you...
    Take care!