a quickie in a quick dream

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 5 comments
okay yeah i know i just posted a few hours ago but truthfully i'm needing to post this to process something lol. UMM THIS IS THE ONLY WARNING I CAN GIVE YA, IF YOUR BRAIN IS PRONE TO MELTING STOP READING NOW!!! i got out of the shower, wrapped up in my towel and headed back to bed---standard procedure when i wake up earlier than i want to. i set my alarm for about thirty minutes later and went back to sleep. during that thirty minutes i dreamt i had a roommate (and not momma oh good lord thank YOU, i digress) who let in someone to the apartment and said she's in there. now i remember thinking in the dream this can't be RS as He's not even on this continent but it had to be based on what happened later. so whomever this is comes into the bedroom and starts rubbing between my thighs. i start moaning a little and it feels like he's starting to undress. did i mention i was in a towel in the dream too? anyway i was lol and i pulled it down a bit so he could get to my breasts. he leaned over me and started sucking on my nipples and i started moaning louder. he stopped then climbed on the other side of me in bed. he was much taller than me---not that that is a difficult thing to achieve by any means---and i felt myself being sorta dwarfed next to him. good feeling might i add but all of a sudden i was feeling something else. he placed his dick in my hand and started sucking on my neck and told me squeeze Daddy good. not that i wasn't wet at that stage but it was an instant puddle. i stroked while he sucked and played with my nipples and before i knew it i was on my side, towel still hanging on for dear life, and being slow fucked from behind by my guest. it was delicious and entirely too realistic as i woke up feeling quite full lol. i don't think either of us came in the dream but it was a nice mental fuck. okay back to work for me lol.


it's wednesday, people work on wednesdays...

okay so it's barely wednesday but i figured i should check in with everyone. i have been going through major rewrites with my dissertation with a few more chapters to go so i haven't been blogging. i've been working late and then passing out after saying a nice long prayer. so now i've taken the night off and i'm relaxing a bit enjoying my new dvd player (the old one is just dead, keeps pausing in the middle of movies and jumping ahead for no apparent reason and cleaning it didn't work). now i'm watching hoodwinked and giggling. i love animated movies. i'm falling asleep and laughing at my boy as we speak as well. what is a hero honey???

anyway things here are fine. just busy working and trying to get a better nights sleep on a regular basis. partially because being up is just dull now that i can't harass Roaming Soldier on a nightly basis. and i keep getting stymied trying to write the next letter. not sure if it's just because i'm tired or i'm afraid i'll start crying again. either way it's not done. i am happy though. apparently there is a letter headed this way which will assuredly make me smile when it gets here. i really just wanted to let everyone know things were okay. soon enough something nice and kinky will arrive on these pages again.

love ya


bob barker, the aspca, and Roaming Soldier.... (NSFW)

Saturday, May 27, 2006 8 comments

name three people who will be happy i'm helping to keep the pet population under control. ok so the kittens have been dying left and right. it's helping to relieve the stress and all but i would much rather be enjoying a nice quiet even with Roaming Soldier than hearing the poor kittens whine as they drift off to kitten heaven. okay that was a bit silly but ahh who cares? oh and this post didn't start off needing a warning but for those of you that require them just stop now, no rating can predict what is about to come out of my fingertips.

i have been REALLY enjoying the end of national masturbation month. i finally indulged in some new visual stimulation. spurred on largely by her the poor litters of kittens have just evaporated into nothingness. in case you are wondering, she is sinnamon love. as best as i can tell she is a switch porn star. doesn't make as much porn lately unless it's fetish/bondage stuff but she has been tied into the most interesting and painful looking things i've yet seen. plus she has a really cute bottom lol. so it's saturday and i've done nothing productive. i keep planning on leaving the house but i haven't quite made it outside yet. which is too bad because something could be in there from Roaming Soldier but i think He's waiting until He gets my letters before writing me back. i am so bored right now it's silly. i could fire up the dvd player and make myself happy but it's not really what i want.

what i want is off in some funky country without me or anyone He loves nearby. so here i am with no RS, no bottle, no sore bottom, no nothing. i have a small army of toys but so won't get the job done. it's taking longer and longer to get to the "promised land" so to speak during my moments of self-pleasure. the toys are just as charged as ever. the stimulation is ummm nummy. but i want to feel Him. i want to know what His skin tastes like after an hour of sweaty hot intensely gratifying sex. i want to know what my name sounds like when He moans it into the air five seconds before He explodes down my throat. i want to know if He fumbles tearing open the condom wrapper because we are in a rush. i want to know what my breasts will feel like pressing up into His chest. i want to feel His fingers press inside me and tell me that all of me belongs to Him. i want to wince in pain just because He decides i should. i want to sink into that happy space that a lot of us describe as floating--lost in the sensation of the pain that has become pleasurable. i want to kiss His lips and neck and chest and back and thighs and calves and then get centrally focused on relishing His dick. i want to know if He can make me have one of those silent orgasms. silent orgasm? yes i know you are wondering what that means. it's an orgasm that has followed several other orgasms and is so wonderfully creamy and tingly that no words can do it justice so you just lay there, mouth open and gasping for air. i want to know how fast He can make me sweat out my hairstyle lol. i want the simple things for a moment ya know lol.

ahh well, off to shower and eat something. have a good afternoon. oh and this quiz is just funny lol.

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look at the pretty pictures

Friday, May 26, 2006 2 comments
okay so my life is feeling entirely too much like these road signs right now. things aren't terribly bad but there isn't a whole lot to be estactic about right now either. i'm horny as a bat out of hell (where did that expression come from by the way? i mean it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. do bats get to leave hell on a regular basis?) but the man of my dreams is an ocean away fighting for something that very few of the American public and virtually none of the world believe can ever really come to pass. flirting has become counterproductive---oh my god this young man hit on me on tuesday and LITERALLY had me about to wet myself, he was just a SMIDGE overweight, had a full set of gold fronts and his entre into my world was based on his belief that i was 1) a student and 2) a member of an organization with only tacit ties to one he was in, even if RS did not exist and i was uber lonely the words HELL NAW kept running through my mind. okay i got totally off tangent. where was i headed? okay yeah flirting isn't all that much fun currently. i am not feeling terribly challenged by work or life right now and i really just want to come home and curl up and go to sleep most days. i never do but i want to. i was excited about X3 but that has faded a bit more than i would thought. save being hungrier lately nothing really is all that intriguing about my life right now. so i daydream a lot. some of it is just simple stuff--bills paid, mom on the proper sedatives, making dinner for my fictional children. then the other stuff is well sugasm material. so bear with me because my mind has drifted off there again. for those that can't read those thoughts just stop reading now. i can't give you a warning because i don't know what the thoughts are going to manifest into right now.

the first time i told Him about what was going on in my thoughts right around then, He told me to get out of His brain. we've been sharing that space ever since. i reach in and pull out a twisted tale that still has some tether to reality. no need in daydreaming about being fucked on antartica when there is virtually no where we could stay and we sure as hell couldn't do it out in the open. i am a masochist but i don't dig hypothermia or having my ass cut off because it got too cold getting a good pounding from Roaming Soldier. i am wondering what He's doing now. okay that's not true, i know what He's likely doing right now. what i'm wondering is what He'd like to do to me right now.

would He feel a need to tie me up and trail that nice long kitana He bought a month or so ago? would i shudder when the blade moved along the center of my back? would i be secretly hoping He nicked me by mistake just so i could feel His hand move to that part of my body and receive His attention? or might He give me a great big kiss hello and then give me my bottle? would He let me worship His dick until he released a nice steady stream of nut in my mouth? would He remember to stroke my face and hair and make me have a little orgasm with Him? or would He see me and lose all rational planning at that moment? would He tear off my clothes and lay me on the bed? would He feel compelled to make me know every inch of His body as it responded to mine? would my legs get tangled in with His? would He be able to keep me quiet enough so that everyone within 900 feet didn't hear me cumming all over His dick? would He tell me i had been a good girl? would He tell me He was going to come home soon? would He fuck me long enough that all i had on my way back to this spot was orgasm aftershocks? umm what would happen do you think?


sugary, creamy, sticky goodness

Thursday, May 25, 2006 No comments
or in other words sugasm 35 is here

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Riley Mason schoolgirl uniform photo c/o The Internet is for Porn. Which it is, and thank God for that


so where has the time gone?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 2 comments
who knows with me. i haven't been terribly busy but i haven't been unbusy if that makes sense either. lots of writing and lots of missing Roaming Soldier. but thankfully i got a quick email from Him on Monday that let me know He was okay. couldn't tell me exactly where He was but i'm on His mind and that REALLY is all a good little girl needs right now. i've actually being going to sleep on time, well by like one am instead of four (except last night, don't ask because i have no idea why), and that has left me little time to do anything productive. i have been celebrating the kitten killing but that's about it. i'm getting sleepy so i'm gonna go now.


missing Him

Sunday, May 21, 2006 12 comments
so as we all know i have been missing men important to my life. one that tormented me in all the good ways for the first twenty-five years of my life and the other that i plan on having around at least that much of the rest of my life (yes i know full of the sap and gagging motions now). as i was making dinner tonight this came to me and i figured i would run with it in honor of national masturbation month lol. for those that need such ratings this will likely dangle around a seven so if you cannot process that stop reading right now. just go to the post below it and take ya some quizzes lol.

she was tired. no tired wasn't it exactly. she was lonely. she was missing Him and she was horny. never a good combination in reality but it was what it was. she would much rather feel Him on top of her, controlling her and carefully mixing all things pleasurable with those painful things. but she was alone in the house. it wasn't at all what she wanted. thankfully she had a vivid imagination and a nice present from Him that He had left for just such situations. she was in the outfit that He had picked out for her that morning: a white short sleeved button down shirt that was hugging her breasts, a knee length red plaid skirt with perfect pleats, white lace anklets and black mary janes. she could have been one of the girls on their way to private school but when they had the weekend alone He liked her dressed as His big little girl. it was the weekend before Spring Break officially started and the kids had gleefully agreed to visit their cousins for the week.

He had an emergency meeting that He was going to rush back from but it would be doubtful that He would be home before Monday morning. a long lonely two days loomed ahead and the urge wasn't slacking so she headed up to their bedroom. she took off her panties and walked into the closet where the toys were under lock in the chest. she reached down into the pile of rarely used items and brought out the present He left her six months ago when He was leaving the week after her monthly intruder or best known as the week she'd be in heat. He made her promise not to open it until He was gone and then she literally squealed when she saw it. He had found one of those kits she giggled about with Him in bed the first year they were together. it let you cast your favorite dick into a lifelike and very usuable dildo to use whenever you wanted. she had no idea when He had done it but she was tickled that He had. the first night she was able to use it, a few nights after He had left, she nearly blinded herself with the orgasm it induced. it was surreal feeling the artificial Him inside her but as He fit inside her perfectly she was never more grateful for a piece of latex in her life.

she took Him to the bed and sat down. she imagined Him sitting on the opposite side of the room in a chair by the door. His arm was folded and sitting on the desk and His chin was resting in His palm. His other hand was unzipping His pants and taking out His dick so that He could stroke it. she drug her thumb along her bottom lip catching the moisture that always builds up when she saw His dick. even in her fantasy she wanted to crawl over to Him and suck it but since He wasn't there she let the daydream continue. He told her to play with herself the same way she would if He wasn't there. to abandon all rational thought of her surroundings and let go. she massaged her breasts through the shirt until her nipples were charged from the friction. she unbuttoned the top quickly and threw the shirt on the floor. kneading her breasts was working very well but more than that the image of Him tugging on the dick that brought her so much pleasure was making her flush. she heard Him tell her to play with her pussy now she knew she wanted that. He was right she did and she liked to make Him happy even if He wasn't really there. she drug the dildo across her slit slowly. she let the head dip in and out of her wetness a few times before taking it out and sucking it clean. she repeated that a few times and the sunk back into the bed. she raised her legs so that her knees were pointing towards the ceiling and her shoes were on the edge of the bed. she toyed with it's length for a while, inserting and withdrawing the dildo until she heard His voice gruffly say now. she shoved it in deeply and let it rest.

her eyes had shut long ago and she was engrossed in her thoughts so that she hadn't really heard the door open and close as He came in the house. He thought she was sleeping since the lights were off and dinner was put away. He came up quietly only to see her wet and teasing herself with Him. He was sure that she hadn't processed that He was in the room when she shoved the dildo inside of her and began fucking herself. He stood as still as He could while He unzipped Himself and watched her raise her ass off the bed and impale herself on Him. she was extra wet and the nice juicy noises she made when highly aroused were filling the room. she dropped her legs and the base of the dildo hit the edge of the bed. she was grinding down on it and moaning softly. He walked over to her and shoved her legs apart. He grabbed the replica and nearly removed it all the way before jamming it back inside of her. her eyes swung open in shock but then a smile crept over her face for a different reason.

"does Daddy want to fuck me?"

"Not yet. Daddy wants to see you cum on Him and then I will give you another present."

she nodded and relaxed as the assault on her pussy picked up speed. it wasn't long before her legs started trembling and her mouth went slack from the pleasure He was giving her with Himself. He didn't give her a chance to ask if she could cum and shoved her over the edge. when she was done He removed the dildo and put it on the towel she kept for the toys so it could be cleaned before it was stored. then He sat in the chair she had imagined Him in earlier. He assumed the same posture and his hand wrapped around His dick making her doubt if He hadn't been watching her the whole time. this time He didn't stop her when she crawled over to Him. He fucked her mouth slowly and then sat her in His lap facing Him. she began riding Him with abandon and soon lost her balance. He would normally catch her but His mind was lost in the sensation her grabbing at His dick with her pussy. she fell back enough to brace herself with her arms but it jerked her legs into an awkward position. He grabbed them and pulled them together and placed them on His shoulder. He rocked up into her gently at first but as they both neared orgasm He became a little more manic and ended up standing up with her legs pressed to His chest and her struggling for balance on her hands. He fucked her rapidly and seemed intent on breaking any last resistance her body had to Him. He continued on that way for nearly ten more minutes before He gripped her legs tightly and unleashed a torrent of nut inside her. He carefully lowered her to the ground and told her to get in bed. she immediately fell asleep and awoke to find Him still lodged in her pussy. she looked around the room and saw no sign of Him. she was prepared to convince herself that it had been some very elaborate wet dream when He appeared in the doorway with the paper. she looked between her thighs and then back at Him.

"Hey everytime I tried to move you wiggled that cute ass of yours until I was lodged deep inside your pussy again. It was either the dildo or miss My morning routine. you know Daddy loves His morning routine."

she smiled at Him and was glad He was still naked. He climbed behind her in bed, removed the dildo and resumed His place deep inside her and planning their lazy day in bed. He would reappear often as she was driven to repeated orgasms by Him and for His amusement. it was the best horny weekend she'd had in her entire life and neither He nor He seemed all the worse for wear.


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probably a quickie

Friday, May 19, 2006 1 comment
my mind hasn't been quiet or still in days. i think that's just a by-product of being me. i'm constantly thinking about something and someone along the course of my day. is this person okay? can i afford to miss this appointment? will the world stop spinning if i just stop and lay down for a while? yes, i know i think a LOT of myself if i think my inaction will make the world stop spinning but it feels that way sometimes. this week i had a bunch of goals for myself that quickly got derailed both by poor planning and and failure to recognize the dates well. i always get moody and develop an extreme lack motivation in may and it always takes me about two weeks to catch on to why that as. you'd figure i'm a bright girl and i'd know what was going on but alas that wasn't the case this year anymore than it was the last five. on May 18th, 2001 the first man that made me giggle incessantly and made me believe that any dream i had could come true died. it wasn't entirely unexpected. i had been dreaming about him dying or being dead for months. the suddeness of the emotion wasn't negated by that though. for some reason or other my brother and i both arrived at the hospital together and were able to not be the only one listening to a crass doctor telling us that they'd figure out what happened exactly when they did the autopsy---no sorry for your loss, no we did all we could, no he didn't suffer, just mention of the autopsy. fyi if i ever see that surgeon again i'll probably slap him for that but all in all it wasn't his fault. daddy's body was shutting down and he was ready to go. we had a lot of good talks the months before he died which i think back to whenever i need to remember him. a lot of it was about the things i needed to take care of in case something happened before he was able to do them himself. i did ask, rather annoyed at the beginning, why he wouldn't tell my older brother all of this as he was killing in my mind the place i had as the only and cherished girl in the family. he laughed and said because i trust you to do these things for me and he was right. i handled everything from the will to the bitchy ex wife to the looney ex wife and the quiet ex wife and my own mother lol (yep daddy was good at getting married but not so good at staying married). we sold the house, the car, gave away what neither of us could look out without aching to family or friends or charity and we both left the house within a few days of each other that August.

at the beginning of every May though i want to be a little girl again and go racing around the corner as daddy scoops me up and scratches me with his beard and recites bad poetry and corny fables. by the 18th it dawns on me again that i can't recapture that feeling again no matter how hard i might want to and for the second year in a row that doesn't sting like all get out to process. i have often wondered if the current Daddy connection i like to have to/with my Dom is related and i'm sure on some level it is. but i really do just enjoying being protected and nurtured and loved in the warm fuzzy way men who can assume that role can provide. i noticed that well before there was a crappy surgeon and an empty house. my longer/est relationships were with men that made me feel safe and that actively wanted to take care of me and do a bit of that worshipping thing that good dad's can give their daughters. and while i would have some bad relationships in there it was usually because i was getting away from men that reminded me of my daddy. good guys for other people just a poor selection for myself. so i have this date looming this week and then unexpectedly i get news that Roaming Soldier is not only leaving this week but He's leaving and i won't be able to see Him before He does. i was muttering through the first three days of the work week and even tried to be nice to my mother before she threw yet another tantrum (wonder if i can still swap her out for Littlest Soldier--she can't possibly be more trouble than my mother is). yesterday my body said enough and had me sick to my stomach most of the day. bed was good but there was still work to be done today. that's where i am now, behind my office door and face freshly dried from annoying tears. in case you all haven't picked up on it i'm not a big crier. i cry when i am just so frustrated and fed up that there is nothing else to do. yesterday would have still sucked a bit even if RS was home but the fact that He wasn't, that i still have not the slightest idea where He is or how He is doing made it worse. all i wanted to do last night was curl up under Him and sleep well after having some ridiculously illegal in certain states time alone with Him. i need Him home, just like Night Owl needs pillar and Littlest Soldier needs the only parent she has left. i feel selfish even thinking of myself right now and try to rationalize it back out---stop it you just met, you haven't been able to spend anytime alone together it's still possible you might hate one another, quit your bitching girl and get one with your day---but that doesn't work at all. i'm worried about Him and i care about Him and i love Him. and since He can't be home to appreciate me in that sash then i'll have to do what i promised Him i would. i will pray and look out for the people He cares about--including me. and as i'm never one to break a promise to Daddy then i'll just have to do that and try to do a better job managing my time, patience and energy.

i may be back later. i always get ummm in a mood to sacrifice kittens when i get this stressed and it is apparently national masturbation month so i gotta do my best to honor the last 12 days of the month in style. okay enough with my blathering.

love ya


another tag from mr. crimson

if i aint know better i'd think he liked hitting me lol

  • I Said: that i'd wait for Him
  • I Want: Him to come home now and my Daddy to be here and bother the hell out of me
  • I Wish: i had cussed that other boy out sooner
  • I Hate: stupid people
  • I Miss: the men that me feel safe
  • I Hear: the whirring of my ceiling fan
  • I Wonder: what i'd be like if i ever got enough sleep
  • I Regret: not being able to molest Him before He left
  • I Am Not: the most tactful person
  • I Dance: alone at the crib in my draws
  • I Sing: all the time but especially in the car
  • I Cry: when i get frustrated
  • I Am Not Always: on top of things
  • I Make With My Hands: things that make peoples' brain melt
  • I Write: diagnoses, reports, poetry, short stories and brain melty things
  • I Confuse: damn near everyone i know
  • I Need: Him to come home now
  • I Should: stop saying that because it makes me pissed that i know He can't
  • I Start: smiling i talk to my friends and thinking about Him because i am now sappy
  • I Finish: corny movie dialogue with my friends
  • I Tag: sidra, jo, cuddleslut and taylor and mr monarch if he's down


It's only been a hour since U left me...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 9 comments
But it feels like a million days
If Eye had a magic wand eye could turn back time
Eye'd never let U go away

Eye didn't have the heart 2 say eye'm sorry
Now eye haven't got a heart at all
Eye could tolerate the pain if eye could talk 2 my best friend
But U won't even call

Eye'm contemplating pulling out my suitcase
And packing everything eye own
Eye didn't back then but eye do know now
Wherever U r is home
Eye'll crawl on my belly and beg U
But Ur so far away
U've only been gone 4 an hour
But it seems like a million days

It's only been a hour since U left me
Eye wish eye had somebody 2 blame
But Ur the perfect picture of what love should look like
And eye wanna b Ur frame
It's only been a hour but it feels like a million days
A million days

One hundred thousand million days
Come home, come home baby
Eye can't take this no more
Well, come home baby oh yeah
Baby, eye know eye shouldn't put my faith in heroes
But eye can't c U any other way
It's only been a hour since U left me girl
Feels like a million, feels like a million days

okay ignore the girls for a minute and this is what my brain feels like right now. Roaming Soldier and i won't be spending quality time together before He leaves. my Daddy, my Dom in everything but the official rites and rituals, was shipped out about seven hours ago. where He's going He cannot tell me yet and really it would just make me feel more fucked up than i do currently. my long nervous weekned with His family will still be long and still be nervous but won't be happening until His feet step back on this soil. i think Littlest Soldier is handling this better than me but all in all i haven't curled up in a ball and started crying. i did cry briefly after i told my mother that she needs to choose her dates to have her tantrums better. yesterday, hours after i found out RS would be leaving today, was not a good day for her. i haven't been sleeping well of course. plans made and destroyed have a way of doing that to you, but i finally just passed out today after i got done with a few phone calls and after i just didn't care about the pending im windows. it was a good sleep, i dreamt of nothing which is good, dreaming of RS will just make me upset and dreaming of anyone else is just unwarranted.

i miss Him of course. it's been a hectic last week of starting and stopping with all of this. i will not disrespect the army right now even though they have completely deprived these men and their families of five minutes alone together since this whole thing started. and even though i hate him with an undying passion i will not disrespect this idiot of a president. his actions were foolish and ill-advised but he gave a scared public what they wanted---the illusion that we could stop a belief system and terror attacks with our big strong guns and fighting men and women. instead to date we have lost approximately 3000 lives of good and strong men and women. and since we have inserted ourselves in such a way in the country to leave the way most of us now want us to would cause even more disruption into a society that didn't need us to overhaul it in the first place. all i'm going to ask from folks as i move through this is that you pray for Him and His best friend specifically but for His unit and their families who miss them and love them. pray for this country because we are getting stretched thinner and thinner trying to protect an ideal that hasn't existed in a long time if ever and we will suffer for it soon enough. i will cry, potentially tell ya about it here, but from this moment on i will have way more in common with the woman pictured below than you can imagine.

for those of you watching The Unit then you know that is Mrs. Blane, wife of Top aka Jonas Blane the leader of The Unit. for those of you that aren't watching, well you have missed most of the season as it was a midseason replacement but it's a great show. anyway, Mrs. Blane holds The Unit wives together most of the time and is trying her best not to go nuts in the process, in my professional opinion lol, of being away from her husband as much as she is knowing that he might not make it home if someone screws something up. she's a better woman that i right now because after doing my time as a military brat this was not the path i saw myself on. but we all know you don't plot out that love thing very well. and like it or not i love my Roaming Soldier so like molly and the other Unit wives i will continue to walk the path until i don't have to.

off on an unrelated matter entirely, me and macgyver were running buddies today. i woke up and booted up the laptop hoping to catch RS, no such luck, and grabbed my glasses. there was something wrong with them though. yeah the screw had been dislodged and the lens was out. i don't have a tiny screwdriver. i don't know where my back up glasses are. i really don't feel like climbing out of bed. now that i'm up how can i fix that? turns out the smallish clamps for the rollers the shop uses work great as a screwdriver. it works better if you have the lens in first but all in all, ten minutes of screwing, unscrewing and then rescrewing (dang that sounds more fun than it was) and i was able to see again. it felt good in a silly way but i'm glad that i remember some basic skills kind of stuff.

okay i have ranted and raved enough, thanks for listening.

love ya


If she could be muse 2 the pharaoh....

Sunday, May 14, 2006 6 comments
Then one day she might be queen
If like Sheba, she then could bring presents and wine
The helix - he might get between them
In other words - intertwine
With the ebony and milk of her thighs
If she could be muse and let him decide
Perhaps she'll let him decide

If she could be muse 2 the pharaoh
There is nothing, nothing he wouldn't give her, see? (No)
4 the future of the nation rests in her belly
And if the Proverb of the 31 and verse 10
Becomes the song she sings again and again
She might be queen

If she could be muse 2 the pharaoh
One day she might be queen

okay so i have been momentarily MIA. can't blame it on anything in particular. it's not that i haven't felt like blogging. i have had all intentions on doing so every night and then i get distracted by something. such is my life, hard for me to focus sometimes when it shouldn't. anyhoo, about the song--it came to me as i was thinking about the day. the day being mother's day and all. and i have no babies and at the moment i am not in any position to be creating any anytime soon lol. so the mother's day wishes i'm getting for me and my mother feel odd. she hasn't been a pain all day so praise whatever deity is making that the case. anyhoo back to the song. can i be she? can i be the woman inspiring Roaming Soldier to want to make me His queen? i've been debating that for a while. okay not a long while as He hasn't been in my life that long BUT for the last few weeks as it has looked like this intial delay in our journey was approaching its end and that we would be able to enjoy one another for a while it has been firing along my cerebral pathways.

it's that natural worry that subs get about our Dom/mes. am i doing enough? am i doing it correctly? is He/She happy with me? it's reaffirmation we won't ask for 90 percent of the time and feel bad for asking the another 9 percent of the time and 1 percent of the time will just be so desperate for that we have no choice but to ask lol. so here i was silently pondering that while missing Him and wondering when exactly it would be that the army would let Him go when out of the blue on Friday i get an im from Him. thankfully i came in early, my immediate appointment cancelled and after twenty minutes of loving banter with co-workers i was left alone to just talk to Him. it was GOOD conversation, the kind of communication the needy side of me ate up. they have been repeatedly delayed out of basic. at this point we aren't sure if we are going to be able to see one another soon. i was going to fly to Him on Saturday but that would have required them leaving on Friday which didn't happen. and as of now, we have no word on where they are and when they will be freed lol. i do know that He needs to see His littlest girl first. we may sneak in a day or two before He has to deploy if we're lucky but the crux of that conversation was a letter was coming. no idea what it would contain but something from my Soldier was headed to me.

so, of course, there was no letter when i got home on Friday . yesterday i really didn't feel like being bothered but before i took mommy out on her latest "must waste some money on useless things" shopping expedition i ran to the mail. and there was a letter that i couldn't wait to read but was taking her to best buy to add to her collection so i had to otherwise i would have hurt her. the shopping wasn't that bad and we came home directly so i got eat a bit and climb in bed all by myself and read what He had to say. it's interesting to see His point of view on what has transpired but the crux of that was (wow did i just use crux again) i could be muse 2 a pharaoh if i can not out think myself and keep sharing with this man that has become so important to me. and of course sharing a cookie peddling story every now and then won't hurt. i'm waiting on my Soldier to kidnap me and of course that will just be great. all right enough rambling. i wanna keep smiling and reread my letter.

see ya


sugasm 33 late but still terribly kinky

Saturday, May 13, 2006 No comments
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i just want to touch and kiss

Thursday, May 11, 2006 5 comments
And I wish that I could be with you tonight
You give me butterflies inside, inside and I

okay so songs are still stuck in my head, that's a little snippet from butterflies by michael jackson. it wasn't a huge hit but it's one of the songs that i can listen to repeatedly from his ill fated invincible album which i won't even bother to link because it was just soooo uneven. Roaming Soldier is coming home tonight. not home to me or i wouldn't be online now, i'd be cleaning and showering and shaving and stocking up on candles and condoms lol. but He'll be home tonight. we may be able to sneak in a visit this weekend but i'm not sure right now. His family and daughter are eagerly awaiting Him and i don't want to interfere with that. hopefully He can call tonight and we can make a decision before bed. it's a bad weekend to disappear considering sunday is mother's day but neither of us are sure how long He gets to stay home before He might be deployed so it's have one pissed off mommy or miss Roaming Soldier the one weekend we know He's free which may be months or years from now.

and right now mommy isn't winning this check and balance. she did something asinine again today and completely threw off my good mood. i'd be back on monday and her presents have been assembled. i know that sounds evil of me, i mean who leaves their mother alone on mother's day? but she's being entirely too annoying right now and my brother is just not helping at all. one of us needs to take a little vacation and as it takes a minor miracle to get her to leave the house that person might as well be me. i get a little stress relief, well save the stress incurred meeting strangers, and come back with a bit of renewed vigor to not kill my mother. plus i just want to see Him and be alone with the person that has me so totally captivated. i'd love if He could come here but that just appeases one cranky old lady, who will likely annoy the shit out of me while He's here, and serve to annoy His entire family.

i'll let you know after i make a decision of course. it may be after the weekend is over but i'll let you know. for now i'm off to ponder.

see ya


i guess you wonder where i've been...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 1 comment
i searched to find a love within, i came back to let you know, got a thing for you and i can't let go.....

yeah so i'm stuck on the song, speaking of i know there are about a dozen versions of what you won't do for love but the only version i like is by bobby caldwell. anyhoo, moving on. i should so be sleeping and for a change the littlest soldier has been in bed for hours while i am enjoying the wonders of insomnia. to continue the theme from the last post though life is simply amazing me lol. okay maybe amazing is the wrong word. Roaming Soldier is making me giggle. which is no small feat considering the fact that i haven't talked to Him since sunday. so how is He making me giggle? oh because of the things that He does.

i haven't talked to Him since sunday because they were supposed to be on communication lockdown. no chatty with the family, friends or women folks until they were ready to leave this week. of course, He and His friend needed to talk to people and as they had been the entire time they were there decided to bend the rules there as well. the conversations weren't long and they were always rushed but they just couldn't go a whole week without talking to us. which in a way is adorable and i love Him for it BUT i didn't want Him to get in trouble which He of course has lol and i didn't want to get accustomed to hearing from Him again when i know that we shouldn't be talking at that precise moment. in a few days we can talk and chat as much as we like until He has to leave. not looking forward to the leaving but i am doing a little happ dance that this is almost over.

sorry i've been hit or miss with the posting. there are a lot of things on my brain and i'm still trying to figure out how to juggle a lot of it. know that i am happy and care deeply about a wonderful man.



what you won't do....

Sunday, May 07, 2006 No comments
do for love, you try everything but you won't give up, in my world only youuuuuuuuuuuuu make me do for love what i would not do. okay sorry i was having a moment. that song popped into my head and it seemed a fitting way to start this post. no Roaming Soldier isn't making me do anything i wouldn't do. it's just amazing to me the things we will do for someone we love. little things, big things, just things you weren't expecting. i spent the better part of an hour last night trying to find a way to hit all seven continents in the span of ten days because Roaming Soldier thinks that would be an interesting way to have sex. and He's right, sex in Cairo, Melbourne, Aberystwyth, Hong Kong, Ushuaia, Nuuk (Godthob) and our home would be great and feasible to do in ten days. we'd be exausted when we hit the states again but it would doable. getting to Antarctica totally screws that up. there is no place to land safely in a commercial jet. getting in via helicopter presents the same issues. some airlines will do flyovers but there's no way to get off the flight. that leaves one method of getting in, the sea. we couldn't charter a boat because very few of them are equipped to break through the ice packs surrounding the country. so that leaves cruises specifically designed to go there and the bare minimum on one of those is eight days of travel from Ushuaia or Punta Arenas. as someone pointed out, this may have just meant to be left as a fantasy but it was an intriguing idea so i had to plot it out for myself. i'll talk to Him about it later and we'll see what He has to say on the whole thing.

i'm going to come back and amend this post later once i finish a new story for Roaming Soldier.

see ya


He was lying in bed. He had just woken up and reached over for her only to find her missing. she came walking quietly back into the room with a tray in her hands. He had no idea what time she had to have been up by to make what she was carrying in currently. The pancakes were warm, the meat was all steaming as were the eggs. A bowl of cereal and a small bottle of milk was situated on the tray along with some toast, butter and silverware. He was smiling at her but had no idea what all of this was for. He was about to ask what she had done wrong that she was trying to atone for when the children came rushing into the room with gifts. He was now understanding why she insisted He slept in His pajama bottoms last night. she as usual was dwarfed in His top but happy. He collected gifts from them all and kissed and snuggled the children that would still allow that. He had time to eat and share with the family before another surprise was thrust on Him

They went sprinting for the doorbell when it rang. she tossed Him a shirt and she slid into a bra and sweats quickly. His parents had flown into town and were taking the kids for the week. He was smiling at her again, amazed that she could hide things from Him without exactly lying to Him which would definitely get her in trouble. They all sat around talking for a bit before the kids happily lugged their little suitcases out to the car to be with grandma and grandpa. As soon as His parents were moving out of the driveway and down the block, He swatted her on the bottom and ushered her back inside their home. she hugged Him and stared up at Him, her eyes full of happiness and asked Him, "What would You require of me today Daddy?" she could see His eyes light up and hear His brain clicking but couldn't have imagined what He was thinking.

"For now baby, go start the shower and wait for me. Daddy is going to get the gift you gave me last night and lay out a few toys. Remember I want the water nice and warm by the time I get there and be completely naked when I get in the bathroom." He kissed her forehead and she nearly sprinted up the stairs. He walked back into the bedroom and heard the shower running. she was already undressed and kneeling next to shower. A towel was sitting on the lowered seat of the toilet and her head was lowered but He could see her smiling. He walked over to the dresser and fingered the gift she had purchased for Father's Day. she gave Him a new sword which He wasn't expecting. she had gone through the collection and tried to make sure that it wasn't already in there before purchasing the nearly twenty nine inch blade Katana Luxe. Forty inches total and gleaming in the afternoon sun. He might let the blade actually cut her skin today but He liked it the way it was so He was doubtful He'd scar her. He was going to spank her though and figured she might get loud since no one was home but them. He pulled out the ball gags and would decide later if she'd wear it. The riding crop she got for mother's day was next--longer than the other one with more sting to it, the nipple clamps, the paddles, the bondage tape and cuffs were all brought out and placed around the katana. He walked into the bathroom then. "Stand up darling and undress me." she did so after quickly saying, "yes Daddy." He bent over slightly to let her get the shirt over His head and then moaned as she licked and sucked her way down to His waist. she pulled His pants down and helped Him step out of them. she kissed her way back up to her bottle and looked up at Him with pleading in her eyes. "Take your bottle honey."

her lips fastened to His dick as her eyes closed and she let out a low moan. she tugged at the head of His dick gently at first. her mouth was wet and warm but she hadn't started increasing the pressure on Him yet. With each stroke she took a little more of Him into her mouth and down her throat. her tongue was caressing Him all over. her left hand was holding Him at the base of His shaft and her right hand was stroking His thigh. He pulled it up to Him and bent over to suck her fingers. she sighed and inhaled deeply creating a tremendous amount of pressure around His dick. she immediately recoated His dick with saliva and He straightened out from the sensation. He tapped her hand and it slipped to its intended destination. her wet tips pulled and twisted her clit as His hand slid into her hair. He grabbed a handful of her hair at the back of her head and started guiding her mouth at the pace He wanted it. Soon He was fucking her face at a quick clip and the saliva was oozing out of the side of her mouth. she increased the suction a bit and let her tongue snake along the length of His dick. she felt the veins pulsating and He told her to open wider. she slackened the suction slightly and then felt Him flood her mouth before swallowing quickly. "Into the shower darling."

she stepped in and waited for Him to do so. The bathroom had long since been steamy and the water was very warm. After He was in front of her, she dropped to her knees and started washing His feet before working her way back up His body. He turned away from her to wash off the soap and she washed His back and licked the rest of His skin before soaping Him up. He finished rinsing off the suds and had her stand in front of Him. He washed her as thoroughly as she had done Him starting with her back. When she was good and clear of soap, He pushed her under the shower against the wall and took her nipples deep into His mouth, one after the other. she was moaning and straining not to cum before He gave her permission to do whatever she needed to do that day. she nodded and moaned, "thank You Daddy."

"Umm I like hearing you say that. That's all I'm going to allow you to say today. Do you understand darling?"

"Yes Daddy, thank You Daddy." He bit her breast hard and she cried out.

"Let's try this again. Do you understand the only three words you are allowed to say today." she nodded. "What are they girl?"

"thank You Daddy."


"thank You Daddy." He bit her again and she quickly replied, "thank You Daddy." He turned off the water and ordered her onto their bed. He wrapped contemplated toweling off but figured it didn't matter. He cuffed her hands above her head and rolled her over onto her chest after clamping her nipples and turning on the remote pack. He didn't turn on the vibrations yet but figured she'd be cumming for Him soon enough and that would just fry her brain. He paddled her ass until a nice heat had come off of it. It was quick and without warning and she had jumped in response to most of the swats. "What do you say to Daddy?"

"thank You Daddy." she mumbled it over and over again and it just made His dick hard. He walked around to her face and shoved Himself in before she had a moment to think about it. she sucked Him without pause until He withdrew just as quickly as He had invaded her mouth. "thank You Daddy." He smiled as He walked back over to the toys. He decided to use the katana and walked back over to her face. He caressed it softly and kissed her lips before reinserting Himself between them. He loved the fact that she was so short now. her hands were making themselves busy on His legs which meant a fair amount of her upper torso was occupied with touching Him leaving Him to torment the rest of her sixty three inch frame with the katana. He drug it around her thighs and back. He flattened it and swatted her ass with it repeatedly. He used the dull side to spread her legs and drug it through what He was sure was a nice soppy cum filled pussy. He brought it up to His face and smelled her on the blade. He uncuffed her hands and made her stand up.

"thank You Daddy." her eyes got wide when she saw what He intended to do with the bondage tape. He had her raise her arms and then proceeded to tape her breasts, clamps and all, down with the tape. When she began to look like she was wearing a halter top, she lowered her arms and said meekly---"thank You Daddy." He sat on the bed and summoned her over to Him. she knelt in front of Him and opened her mouth as He held His dick stead for her. she swallowed Him quickly and He started playing in her hair again. He just toyed with the hair she was very anal about hiding the gray in. He'd never seen one and even if He had she still looked five years younger than she was. her jaws were milking His dick again. she wanted His nut and would be very insistent until she got it. He let His mind slip to what He had planned for the last part of the afternoon's debauchery and it immediately shoved Him over the edge. she struggled to swallow it all and when He pulled out she giggled as she burped and said "thank You Daddy."

He pulled two candles out of the drawer and placed them on the counter. He lit both then grabbed the remote control for the clamps. He had her stand up and bend over at the waist. He slid in her slowly, taking time to enjoy the changes in her pussy she opened to accommodate Him. she was letting out a series of moans and "thank You Daddy" with each long slow stroke. The combination was making Him feel quite high but her screaming would make Him as hard as concrete. He flipped on the clamps and she shuddered down to her toes. He smirked and enjoyed the fact that only He knew how long each burst would be. she kept muttering "thank You Daddy" because she knew He wanted to hear it but she just wanted to cum. He fucked her harder and harder and was praying for her knee to buckle. Instead, He felt her hands massaging His balls and her tongue on His legs. He repeatedly turned the clamps on and off but all she would say is "thank You Daddy." He was ready to cum but not before she did. He turned off the clamps and fucked her so ferociously He thought the series of screamed "thank You Daddy" would leave a crack in the wall. she climaxed in a flood and her legs finally got wobbly. He lay her on her back and cut off the tape. When he took off the clamps she released a teary "thank You Daddy." He placed everything back on the table before walking back over to her with the candles. He gave them to her while He stood over her and shoved His dick down her throat again. He fucked her face roughly, His orgasm was moments from happening. she sucked diligently as saliva slipped from her mouth and down into her hair. When they both felt the pulsing, He took the candles from her and covered her tits with the hot wax. she moaned and opened her mouth widely as He pulled out and His nut covered the thickening wax. she rubbed it into her chest which made Him feel a need to put His dick in her again. He slid into her pussy after grabbing her legs and putting them on His shoulder. she wailed, thank You Daddy as He pounded into her for a few moments before His dick went slack. He let her legs fall apart and down around Him. He eventually withdrew and lay down next to her.

He asked if she was okay and she replied as she had been instructed. He chuckled for a moment and then told her to speak freely.

"yes Daddy i am fine."

"Yes you are but you are also a sticky mess. Let's take a bubble bath."

she went into the bathroom and filled the tub. He was in before the water was off good and pulled her in with Him. they lounged around in the tub until they were both pruning. They did towel off this time and got into bed together. They hadn't been able to fuck wildly and without interruption for a while. Both were a little tired but it didn't stop her from mounting Him and riding Him. she ended up completely laying backwards and sucking on His thighs while He toyed with her clit. her pussy clamped down on Him and milked Him the same way her mouth did. her hands wrapped around His legs and she rocked on His dick harder and harder until He had started attacking her clit. When she started trembling, He slammed up into her and she let out a heartfelt, "thank You Daddy." as she creamed all over Him. He returned the favor by flooding her walls with His nut. she giggled as He sat up to pull her to Him. she collapsed on His chest and sighed.

"Get some rest baby. We'll be starting that over in a few hours," He told her as they took a quick nap stuck together.


memes & things

okay so i got a little quiz happy today, i'll post some more later today

The PJ's You Are Most Like: Underwear

You enjoy the simple things in life and aren't hard to please
You have an understated, easy sexyness that men love
And you're confident enough to pull it off - without being overbearing

You Are Ready to Get Married

You've done more than dream about the dress and the honeymoon
In fact, you spend a good deal of your time thinking about what makes a relationship work
And from your answers, it looks like you have the skills to say "I Do" and mean it
You've dated enough, learned your fair share, and you're ready to settle down.

Your Relationship Will Last... A Long Time!

Your guy is ideal, as close to Mr. Perfect as he could be
If you took this quiz, you may be doubting that...
Don't! No guy is perfect but yours comes really close
You guys will last for many years, as long as you appreciate him!

You Are A Woman!

Congratulations, you've made it to adulthood.
You're emotionally mature, responsible, and unlikely to act out.
You accept that life is hard - and do your best to keep things upbeat.
This makes you the perfect girlfriend... or even wife!

You Should Honeymoon in Mexico!

After planning your wedding, all you want to do is relax
No busy honeymooon for you. You'll take a warm beach and a cool cocktail.
Plus, you can stay in a super swank hotel for cheap
And discover that there's little better than a pool with a built in bar!

Suggested destinations: Cancun, Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel

All Signs Point To Your Ex Digging You!

He's dying to get back together...
Even if he won't admit it to you (or himself)
And if the feeling's mutual, then all the better
Just let him come to you about it -
That way you'll have the upper hand

the above result wasn't a HUGE surprise but i figured i could fake out the test, not so much

He's a Keeper!

Your guy is a rare find: sweet, kind, and loyal.
And as long as he doesn't have three nippples,
You should seriously consider keeping him a long time

Sometimes a girl can't see a good thing when she's got one
So let me tell you: your guy is a gold medal boyfriend
Just make sure you treat him right in return!

Your Inner Muse is Thalia

You are most like this playful muse of comedy.
Life is all about laughter to you, and you're a natural comic.
You make people laugh until their sides split.
And you're always up for some play time!

He is a Man

You have yourself a perfect gentleman and a total keeper
Your guy almost always acts appropriately
He's probably even very upstanding when you're not around
There's no boy left in your boyfriend - he's all man!

You Will Be a Modern Bride!

While you aren't ready to throw away all wedding tradions, you want a wedding with a twist
You're more inspired by celebrity weddings on E! than from bridal magazines
Whether this means getting married on the beach barefoot or a mariachi band for the reception...
Your wedding will be a blend of old and new - white dress cocktail, personalied vows, whatever suites you!!!

You Are Right Brained In Love

Bit of a drama queen
Peacemaker, first to end a fight
Good at thinking up creative dates
Tend to fall in love and get hurt easily
Going with your gut instead of your head
Emphathetic and caring, sometimes to a fault
Good at recognizing patterns in relationships
Been in love many times, perhaps too many to count
Wildly passionate and intense when falling in love
Spontaneous with relationships, going with the flow
Overly visual - can play back past dates like movies in your mind
Roses, love poems, and stuffed animals are a good start to winning your heart

Hot Tamale
You have an intellectual sexiness factor of 80!
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all good girls should be in bed, no really

Saturday, May 06, 2006 No comments
i almost nodded off then i heard from Roaming Soldier and i was wide awake. i almost nodded off again and now nothing. i'm not wide awake but i'm not sure if i put head to pillow i'd fall asleep right now. i had a lovely dream last night, don't remember a stitch of it but i woke up happy and smiling and i know that He was there with me. we got to talk for a nice bit this afternoon too. have i mentioned that i am absolte madly in lust with Him lately? well in case i haven't, i am so there lol. i'm sure most of you knew that already. i always seem to the one slow on the uptake.

i did a bang up job on the assignment lol and as a chronic overachiever i added the story below to his email. not sure when He got to the rest of the attachments but He loved the story. i think i'm just providing Roaming Soldier with a checklist of things to do to me at some later date. even though i still have to harass Him as i have yet to hear what invaded RS's dreams the last few nights that made me the focus. He makes me smile so much. okay i'm finally starting to yawn. let me say night.

love ya


adventures in cookie peddling

Friday, May 05, 2006 2 comments
eta: i forgot to put in the warning. for those that know both of us you may want to skip this post entirely. this is about a 9 on the brain melting scale and you know that means i enjoyed writing it lol. you have been warned, just go on down to the post after this and wait till you see one push this one down.

she was estatic. the kids were in bed early and appeared to be out for the night. Daddy was finishing up an assignment in the study but He had whispered in her ear over dinner that she needed to be prepared for the weekend. Their best friends were coming to spend the next forty-eight hours with the kids while He whisked her off on a short vacation. she'd only have to wear her gag if He decided to put it on. she could scream and wail and moan as loud as she wanted to and He was demanding she indulged in whatever sensation she experienced with Him over the next few days. she was looking for things to pack when He slid up behind her. she jumped quickly and then relaxed into His chest.

"How is My little girl doing?"

"i'm fine Daddy, i was just looking for what i should pack."

"Don't worry about that baby. I packed everything we need in one big suitcase. you just need to hop in bed and we'll shower in the morning before they get here."

"are You sure Daddy," she asked as she enjoyed His hands caressing her neck.

"Yes baby, now get in bed." He watched her ass sway over to the bed and climb in on His side. she had done that as long as He had known her. she'd sleep on her side but only after she climbed over His. she was wearing one of His old dress shirts, unbuttoned to her belly button and giving Him easy access to her breasts. she raised up slightly off the bed and let His arm slide beneath her. His other strong arm pulled her close to Him and snaked under the shirt to massage her clit. she moaned gently and pushed her ass into Him. her legs spread and one draped over His thighs. His fingers left her clit and guided the head of His dick to her wet pussy. she immediately clamped down on His dick and stroked it deeper inside her. He knew she wanted to scream, wanted to shudder and shake the walls with her pleasure. instead she pushed her head back into His chest and her mouth was open in a silent scream. He whispered into her ear, "you know I like to fuck you like I used to. Make you a little whimpering slut for Daddy. And I will tomorrow and the day after. you will cum for Daddy more than you ever have before now. And each night you will gobble My dick like it's the best thing on earth, won't you baby?"

"yes Daddy."

"Good girl," He said as He shoved Himself inside her to the hilt. He felt the first trickle of what would become a flood if He let it. He bit her neck and when her body bowed away from Him, He pinned her waist with His arm. He fucked her roughly just like that. He gave no regard to the amount of noise she wanted to make then. His mouth never left her neck and she had begun tugging her own nipples trying to bring a little bit of pain to stave off the rush of pleasure invading her brain. she was close to cumming but she wouldn't ask until she knew He had cum first. The thrusting took on a stutter step feel and He exploded inside of her. she was slightly disappointed that He hadn't cum in her mouth but she relished the feel of His cum in her pussy. He stopped biting her and kissed her neck before telling her to cum. she eagerly obliged and the contractions rippling through her made Him sigh. "Good girl."

They fell asleep just like that. the alarm went off early and the house was in a blur. the kids were happy and sad all at once. It would be the first vacation they had alone since the wedding. The replacement parental units arrived, gave hugs to Daddy and His little girl before the kids mobbed them and the happy couple were able to depart. she had no idea where they were going and wasn't all that concerned. she knew the plane was stopping in Dallas but beyond that was sure it didn't matter where they ended up. she would spend as much time as she could muster on her knees serving Him. When they touched down in Minneapolis she was quite confused. It was a lovely city but when she thought of vacation it didn't spring to mind. That's when He told her about the surprise. she had told Him many years before that she got a little heated after a Prince concert. They hadn't been able to attend one since then between work and the kids and this weekend Prince was doing a a few shows back at Paisley Park. His best friend let Him know the tickets were going on sale and after a bit of negotiating to keep her away from the bills and assorted mail related to the purchase, He had arranged everything. she was literally crying as they checked into the hotel room and mauled Him as soon as they were alone. she kissed Him and thanked Him and started sucking His neck before He stopped her because He knew otherwise they'd miss the show.

He waited for her to shower and laid out a simple outfit for her. she blushed when she came out and saw how attentive He was being to every detail. He even brought her cute heels that didn't hurt her toes after dancing for hours on end. He drove into the secluded parking lot she saw the last time she had been at Paisley Park and was thankful they didn't have to trek back after the show. They went to their seats and were thoroughly impressed with the entire thing. halfway through the second set He smelled her scent and was wondering what was in store later. she smiled at Him knowing what He was thinking but being too enthralled to do more than just kiss Him. she was nearly floating when they got back to the car then He handed her a small note---very purple and smelling of patchouli. somehow or other He had rangled an autograph from Prince for her to a woman who appreciates good music and respects her place with her man, all the best Prince. if she could have molested Him in the rental she would have. Instead she kissed Him and then went after her bottle. The twenty minutes back to the hotel seemed to take forever and they rushed through the lobby and fumbled with the lock until they were inside the room. Clothes were flung everywhere they could be and she looked wanton as she murmored, "Daddy may i fuck You?"

He smiled and nodded yes. she pushed Him back on the bed and starting at His feet licked and sucked her way up His thighs until she reached her bottle. It was already stiff and semi slick from her attention in the car. she flattened her tongue and licked the length of Him. she trailed underneath taking time to memorize the veins before swirling her tongue around the sides and top. He stroked her cheek and she opened her eyes to look at Him. her cheeks were caving in and the pressure around the head of His dick was causing His own eyes to close so He could enjoy the feeling. The pressure slackened and then was removed. she squeezed His thighs before she crawled over His dick and used her right hand to guide His dick to her pussy. she sank down quickly and they both panted loudly for a moment. she rode Him slowly at first. she rocked on Him and got so wet that He was sure she'd cum at any moment. she found a nice rhythm and leaned over to kiss and lick and suck whatever she could reach. He responded to each contact with her mouth by saying "Yes baby or Daddy likes that." Each comment made her pussy jump and stroke His dick even more.

she started moving faster and faster. He knew she wanted to cum and He wasn't going to make her beg. He wrapped His hands around her waist and began slamming her down onto Him. her eyes clamped shut and her left arm quickly shot up her body and bent slightly as started playing with the nape of her neck and her hair. she was sucking her fingers on her right hand and she started mewling like a wounded cat. He pulled her fingers out of her mouth. "I told you that you were going to scream this weekend. There is no whimpering this weekend unless it's done by Daddy. Now when you are ready to cum, cum but do so and let Daddy know you're having fun." she nodded at Him quickly and started a low growl that quickly turned into "yes Daddy, i love You so much, oh my God You feel so good Daddy, please fuck me Daddy, please cum with my Daddy, oh i'm so close, thank You Daddy, thank You," as her orgasm picked up steam and her rational brain shut down. When a long string of "ohs" started coming from her mouth He pulled her to Him and locked her in place. she often said it felt like He was expanding inside her this way when He was this still. she could feel every pulse and twitch of His dick and the next throb made her explode. she trembled and then collapsed on His chest.

"Good girl, baby. Daddy wants you to do that all weekend." He was still rock hard and she noticed. she started sliding up and down His chest dragging her nipples over His body and lowering her pussy back down on His dick. He sighed softly and then rolled them both over. His imperative became impale baby and make her scream. He did that for the next hour before they paused and took a bubble bath together. It was a bad idea and they ended up fucking and soapy on the bathroom floor. save the few times they opened the door to room service they were always connected by His dick. He watched her put on the cookie peddling outfit for a change. she took great care to make sure everything was as He liked it but they both knew this outfit would probably be ruined. He ripped off her panties and bent her over a desk chair. His right leg went into the seat of the chair and put His dick into some wonderfully intense spot in her pussy. she was moaning and grunting and calling on God to save her from the blackout that all these orgasms were going to bring on. He laughed and picked up the speed. she met every thrust with one back towards Him. He pulled out and slapped her on the ass. she pulled up the skirt and was rewarded with a nice warm load of His nut on her tattoo. He was fascinated when she started rubbing it into her skin and just smiled down at her. "Umm Daddy needs to take you away more often. He likes it when you are a nasty little girl."

she smiled at Him over her shoulder and told Him she had a surprise if He would play along. she had Him lay in bed and left His robe on the edge of it. she grabbed a room key and then got some juice for them for later. instead of using her key she knocked on the door. He quickly grabbed the robe and walked to the door. When He saw here there bending over with her pussy glistening at Him, His dick stirred again. When she picked up the sodas and turned around, His mouth dropped. The form fitting top was hanging on for dear life as her tits sat out waiting for His lips.

"a little birdie told me that i might be able to earn my merit badge in immediate sexual gratification here." He stared at her tits a while longer and nodded. she walked in the room and felt His hands taking the drinks from her. "It will be a rigorous challenge I just want you to know that baby." she nodded of course and then followed Him over to the chair. she sat on His dick facing away from Him and bucked like a bronco until she coaxed another few nuts out of Him and they were both in danger of alerting the police with their screaming. Watching her skirt and sash get all bundled up caused the one event to happen that put them both back to bed. He stood her up, let her bend over at the waist and grab anything in sight to balance herself. He fucked her this way for another twenty minutes before her legs started shaking and her pussy was convulsing around His dick. she felt a familiar tremor in His dick and she pulled herself off of Him to catch His nut in her mouth. she milked it into her lips with her right hand. He moaned as the first spurt hit the back of her throat and He roared both from the shock and the feeling. He climbed back into bed and was pulling her into it with Him when someone knocked on the door. Hotel security wanted to make sure He was okay and they both giggled. They walked in and saw His very naked form laying in the bed smiling and they quickly walked out. she sprinted back to bed and climbed in it with Him. He kissed her face and neck and lips as she returned the favor until they both fell asleep.