bob barker, the aspca, and Roaming Soldier.... (NSFW)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

name three people who will be happy i'm helping to keep the pet population under control. ok so the kittens have been dying left and right. it's helping to relieve the stress and all but i would much rather be enjoying a nice quiet even with Roaming Soldier than hearing the poor kittens whine as they drift off to kitten heaven. okay that was a bit silly but ahh who cares? oh and this post didn't start off needing a warning but for those of you that require them just stop now, no rating can predict what is about to come out of my fingertips.

i have been REALLY enjoying the end of national masturbation month. i finally indulged in some new visual stimulation. spurred on largely by her the poor litters of kittens have just evaporated into nothingness. in case you are wondering, she is sinnamon love. as best as i can tell she is a switch porn star. doesn't make as much porn lately unless it's fetish/bondage stuff but she has been tied into the most interesting and painful looking things i've yet seen. plus she has a really cute bottom lol. so it's saturday and i've done nothing productive. i keep planning on leaving the house but i haven't quite made it outside yet. which is too bad because something could be in there from Roaming Soldier but i think He's waiting until He gets my letters before writing me back. i am so bored right now it's silly. i could fire up the dvd player and make myself happy but it's not really what i want.

what i want is off in some funky country without me or anyone He loves nearby. so here i am with no RS, no bottle, no sore bottom, no nothing. i have a small army of toys but so won't get the job done. it's taking longer and longer to get to the "promised land" so to speak during my moments of self-pleasure. the toys are just as charged as ever. the stimulation is ummm nummy. but i want to feel Him. i want to know what His skin tastes like after an hour of sweaty hot intensely gratifying sex. i want to know what my name sounds like when He moans it into the air five seconds before He explodes down my throat. i want to know if He fumbles tearing open the condom wrapper because we are in a rush. i want to know what my breasts will feel like pressing up into His chest. i want to feel His fingers press inside me and tell me that all of me belongs to Him. i want to wince in pain just because He decides i should. i want to sink into that happy space that a lot of us describe as floating--lost in the sensation of the pain that has become pleasurable. i want to kiss His lips and neck and chest and back and thighs and calves and then get centrally focused on relishing His dick. i want to know if He can make me have one of those silent orgasms. silent orgasm? yes i know you are wondering what that means. it's an orgasm that has followed several other orgasms and is so wonderfully creamy and tingly that no words can do it justice so you just lay there, mouth open and gasping for air. i want to know how fast He can make me sweat out my hairstyle lol. i want the simple things for a moment ya know lol.

ahh well, off to shower and eat something. have a good afternoon. oh and this quiz is just funny lol.

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  1. If this can comfort you, We are together 24h/24, and not much happens... I don't get more than you do...;-( I know, what a way to comfort you...;-)

  2. umm no that doesn't comfort me but thanks for trying. the physical thing is really minor at this point, that's just my brain rambling, what i want is Him here and i can't have that, i really wouldn't care when we had sex if i know i could poke Him in the side when i woke up each morning

  3. Red Velvet,..I totally agree sis. I know how you feel. I was that way 7 years ago before Sir moved to Texas. It was not a sexual thing that made me cry. It was not smelling Him in my house, Not hearing Him snore at night,Not cooking and cleaning for Him, Not taking His shoes off when He got home from work..........So please know i'm here for you if you ever need to talk, Because i totally understand how you feel. Big Hugs

  4. thanks Mija,

    i've been distracting myself with work so i'm going to take a nap and wake back up and finish editing things, hopefully i'll hear from Him soon

  5. Well perhaps these thoughts can help ease your mind. Exactly the types of things going through your head, are also going through his.

    Believe me when I say I understand longing and lonliness. You say if you could just poke him, I would bet it goes farther then that even.

    I would guess he doesn't even need to be in the room, just comfort in knowing he is there would probably do it.

    My heart goes out for you. Best wishes,


  6. Ok, I must admit that I can see how Sinnamon Love might inspire you to kill a few kittens yourself. I'm sure that it would inspire me just a tad bit more than needed lately, lol ;-)

  7. thanks MasterABD, you're right having Him home would be enough. just knowing i could reach out and slap Him and take off running would be great.

  8. lol aww honey i gave you all the links i could but you should check out a movie or two, the scene i saw with her and kitten just well damn.