to ambien or not to ambien?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006
okay so i am an insomniac. i have been for years, decades even. sleep is one of my most favorite things to do---except when i'm supposed to be doing so just like RIGHT now. i was almost asleep earlier and then damn it i started playing with the stupid blogshares game and was wide the freak awake until now when i am finally yawning. i have ambien and i COULD take it on a more regular basis. however, if i don't take it by midnight it's useless for me because i literally will not be functioning until eight hours later. and truth be told i am unlikely to even be awake for at least eight hours. one of these days i'm going to bite the bullet and after i hear from Roaming Soldier i'm just going to bed. maybe tomorrow.

on to other news. today was a typical day out with mommy. ninety minutes at the doctor, ten minutes in hobby lobby for me, ninety minutes at the nail salon, thirty minutes total for me at wal-mart (really for her) and then best buy. i got back to get her and she was still not ready. i went into david's bridal then and then to a dollar store before returning to find out that while her nails were almost done she just HAD to get her eyebrows waxed and then acted like a big baby when the woman was doing it. ohh and then since we're out well lets go to red lobster as she wants some shrimp. it was a bit of a mixed blessing that a client kept calling because then it dawned on my mother i might be tired. we packed up what was left and came home. ummmm did i mention that this is normally my day off? did i mention i would have been in the bed half asleep had i not been playing taxi driver? did i mention at all that i really really really don't like this situation at all? okay just checking.

however, i can say i was happy and a bit stunned actually that i got my order from the mothership today. yep that order that i placed yesterday and put a rush on got here today. now they said within five working days so i wasn't expecting it till next week. but as it did i got to journey over to hobby lobby to get the numbers and letters for my sash which by the way is JUST PERFECT. i'm very glad that i didn't go through ebay to get these things as they all fit and look great and are from the inspiration lol for the cookie peddling stories. and the only sashes i were seeing were very old and nearly covered. this way i can earn whatever patches RS thinks are appropriate ROFL whenever the cookie peddling ensemble is in play. He may be coming home soon and i will be SO tickled if that is the case. i'll keep you posted. okay i think i should at least attempt to go to bed now.

see ya



  1. Would Red mind slinging this girl a box of thin mints please? And yes, those yummy Shortbread cookies. *laughs*

    Hope your RS comes home to do more than buy a box of cookies dearest Red.

    In Service

  2. I had insomnia for years until I stopped having caffiene after lunch. Apparently caffiene takes 8 hours to cycle out. All the tricks I have tried over the years didn't work nearly as well as cutting out soda and tea.

    I also just wanted to say that the girl scout sash is an awesome idea for a submissive and I am so stealing that for my real life and my fiction. Really, you should get an Inspiration Badge :)

  3. sorry callie cookie sales are over for this year lol. all cookies in possession well must be used for RS lol.

  4. shon i can see how caffiene would keep someone up but i don't drink coffee or tea ever and rarely have sodas. if i could work nights i wouldn't be an insomniac lol as i just function better after the hustle and bustle of everyone else's day is over. i stop eating well before bed and save the tv--which disturbs me mightily if it's not on--there aren't any external factors keeping me up. as for the sash, feel free to steal just give me a copy or let me know how things worked out.

  5. At least, your insomnia allows you to give us news... ;-) Mine is not like that... but, luckily, very rare...;-)
    When it happens, I can stay up for hours, doing nothing else than waiting... wainting... often in panic...
    Wish you'll sleep fine later...;-)

  6. i think i'll sleep fine tonight, lovely chat with RS before the sun went down and i'm still smiling lol. life is good even if i can't manage a simple sleepy moment.