poor poor kittens

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 4 comments
okay this time i can't blame anyone but myself. the kittens have been killed in record numbers because i 1) have my house all to myself and 2) i really miss my Roaming Soldier. i started rereading the cookie peddler stories and i know remember why He really liked the third story lol. that one made my toes curl last night and this morning and probably will again tonight. i have no idea why i was enjoying the damn cookies and cutlery so much right then but i'll be damned if it probably doesn't need to be re-rated because i rarely react to my stories, i think because i write them to vent and then can let things go i guess. this story is going to get me in trouble over and over again. but i must say i'm sure i'll enjoy it. i just want to see my Daddy right now. if i could see both of them that would be great but i'll settle for the one that wouldn't violate the natural order of life in order to see me. i did hear from Him on Sunday which i think reset off the whole kitten killing spree. He was doing well and was worried about me and the Littlest Soldier (who by the way is doing much better, no destroyed cakes and no hidden keys as of the last few weeks). this separation isn't fun for us, any of us, but i'm sure we'll make it through okay and we'll be stronger than we know. might be a little pissed at people who downplay what this time apart really means but other than that we'll be one of those retardedly functional families that people don't understand how they came to exist. oh provided i can find a smallish house behind mine to stick my mother in lol. speaking of which i was tired as hell after driving mommy to Tulsa so i didn't sacrifice nearly as many kittens as was required that night. in fact none died after i hit the highway but i have another 12 days to work it all out for myself.

okay enough bantering, i may post something else tonight or i may just vegetate and watch tv. be good.



welcum home Daddy

Saturday, June 24, 2006 2 comments
okay now that i've done the mopey thing let's see if i can tap back into the other side of the brain i share with Roaming Soldier. the part that makes shopping at the sub shop such a wonderful treat lol. it may take a while for this completely unfurl so bear with me.

she was in the gym working off the frustration of the day. her clients had been draining. her mother and children would need all of her five minutes after she stepped foot in the house. she just wanted to see Him and get fucked into happy space but that wasn't going to happen for another few days. the weights crashed down as her knees met her chest. she grunted and pushed back again as the sweat trailed down her neck making the loose strands stick to her neck. she counted to fifteen, took a break for water then started another set of fifteen. she moved from the leg press to the chest press and did three sets. off to the lat pull and over to the abdominal curl. she spent most of her time here. she was trying to tighten her tummy a bit before He got back home. His fingers, the crop, His mouth, the flogger, the rope, the wax or whatever He could think of would be covering her skin as soon as He was home and she knew that. another set of twenty brought her to hundred and it was time to move to the locker room and get changed.

she was home within twenty minutes and had dinner on the stove in fifteen. the kids had attacked her immediately and now her mother was talking to her while she prepped the veggies and put desert in the oven. she was lost in tuning her mother out so she hadn't heard Him moving around above her head. actually she had heard it but she was ignoring it because she was sure that He couldn't be home. she spent the next thirty minutes setting the table, serving the kids and her mother and then she took a deep breath and headed up the stairs toward her bedroom. she undressed and took a shower slowly. she stepped out and saw the dresser was covered and prepared. it caught her off guard but before she could say anything His hand was wrapped around her neck. "Now why didn't you bring Daddy any dinner?" He kissed her cheek and let her go. she kissed Him back as she damn near leapt into His arms. she was letting her lips caress His neck when He pushed her off of Him before He got lost in the moment and just fucked her unconscious instead of putting her through her paces first. "on your knees baby, let Daddy do what He likes now."

she nodded and was kneeling before Him still wrapped in her towel. He left her in it while He put her gag on. He adjusted her hair so it wouldn't get caught in the strap and then put on her blindfold. silently her brain switched into damn i'm in trouble mode because He almost never put on the blindfold. He had her stand as He removed the towel. He told her how much He appreciated that she was enjoying the gym so much. His fingers ran over the curve of her stomach and then spun her around so she was laying against the bed. He bound her wrists and ankles quickly and gave her a swat on the ass. she sat on the bed and gasped around the ball gag when He began binding her breasts and then ran the rope between her thighs framing her pussy. she was still slick from the shower but nothing compared to how He knew she would be later. when He was satisfied with her confinement, He placed her on hte bed face down. He took out the first paddle He ever used on her and rubbed it gently across her ass. she moaned at the feel and soon He was warming her ass with the paddle. she was getting louder as the spanking intensified and it just made His dick stiffen. He stopped the spanking and took off His top. she tried to peer at Him over her shoulder, the blindfold wasn't giving her any clear vision of Him but she knew that He was likely rock hard and fighting the urge to power fuck her. He came back over to the bed and started trailing her skin with one of His smaller blades. her body reacted blade and He smiled knowing how much she was enjoying herself. He picked up the crop and had it dancing across her back, ass and thighs until He had worked up a sweat and she was in danger of biting through the gag.

her pussy was soaking the ropes now. He could smell her in the air and He had to stop Himself from fucking her right then. He put down the crop and grabbed the flogger with the longest tines and stood back next the wall and let loose. she winced for a while more from anticipation than the pain and then sank into the happy space she went to after a while. she was floating there as He counted to seventeen and then dropped the flogger on the counter. He didn't see any point in prolonging the need for completion anymore. she'd be able to let go of the stress now and He could pummel the orifice of His choice until He got tired. she felt Him pushing at her pussy and then He was inside her in a few quick thrusts. He pulled her up by her stomach so that her ass was higher in the air and then He just started slow fucking her with deep hard strokes. she was cumming in nanoseconds and He didn't feel a need to punish her for that. He slowly assaulted her pussy for the next thirty minutes before He ripped off her gag and told her to open up. He pulled out of her and helped her to a kneeling position on the bed. He shoved His dick between her lips so quickly that she almost gagged. He smiled to Himself and kept fucking her throat. He was sure she wouldn't be able to swallow all of Him for a change but He wanted to see if she could. He yanked her head back so that her lips were just on the head of His dick and then He started cumming. she handled the first torrent well enough but the second spurt started spilling out of her mouth. she swallowed as much as she could but she wasn't expecting the third big gush which just started dripping down on her breasts. He pulled out as the last big gush went down her throat. the sight of her breasts covered in His nut was a kodak moment so He grabbed the digital camera and took a few snapshots for His private album. He freed her arms and legs and before He could untie the rest of her she rubbed the nut into her breasts. He smiled and took another photo before cutting her free of her bindings. He spread her legs and had her raise up until He could slide comfortably underneath her. He ate her out until He was satisfied with the number of times she had cum and then let her fall into a heap on the bed and smacked her on the ass. He spoke the last words that would be uttered in their bedroom tonight. "So did you miss Daddy?" she only smiled and dosed off when He curled up behind her and did the same.


really idle thoughts

i am typing this intially without a title which i rarely do. normally something is on my mind and i MUST share it in order to relieve some pent up stress resting on my brain. but today not so much. in 48 hours my mother will be away from my place for two whole BLESSFUL weeks. i can kill kittens, write Roaming Soldier, work on extraneous bullshit, and sleep in peace for FOURTEEN LOVERLY DAYS. wooo hooo, celebrate good times come on. lol okay so i'm happy about that. i'm happy about the dialogue i've been having about my writing as of late. folks apparently LOVE the kink that emanates from my brain. in a few months when school is OFFICIALLY done i will get back to piecing the collected ramblings together and shop them around maybe. i've already gotten offers for editing and representation from assorted friends lol we'll see how that takes off.

really i've been distracted by Roaming Soldier. well not by Him but rather the lack of contact over the last week. i know He's in the middle of the combat zone but this is the first time recently that we have gone that long without talking. instead of freaking out i've been trying to distract myself by doing things that He might like when He gets home or talking to friends and praying for strength not to kill my mother. to that end i found a bunch of stuff at illumniations.com that was marked half off and ordered a few sets of those and a wick cutter so i wasn't doing that with my fingers or scissors that often cut into the wax. i have tons of candles but limited holders that i like. i bought each with a special idea in mind of where they might go and how they might be used. even though one set requires tea lights and literally i hate them but it was a nice design and only 5 bucks so i'll suck it up. ok so a title came to me now lol. it's up and let's keep moving.

i miss Him. i miss blushing at Him and getting my dose of little girl. i miss thinking about wrapping my limbs around His limbs and dreaming of things together. it's not that i can't do these things right now. in fact my imagintion is just as vivid now as ever it's just that i like talking to Him for new inspirations. as the rain sees fit to hit my apartment before i get there or visit another city all together i have been a bit deprived of external stimuli. i miss my Daddy, even though the kittens have still be dropping left and right lol it's more out of frustration than just knowing how RS might opt to use me. again i know what i think might happen but as i demonstrated in the last story what we think we want isn't always what we need or will get. i just want to feel Him close to me. i want to know what His breath feels like on the back of my neck as He sleeps soundly draped over my body. i want to know what sound He makes as He slides deep inside me for the first time and everytime after that. i want to know what His lips taste like first thing in the morning. loving Him is wonderful. i just wish He was home. okay enough for now. i'll come back with something new and kinky soon.


funny how time flies when you're making love

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 2 comments
does anyone remember that song? i used to love that song. it never occurred to me that i'd find out how true that was until much much later after hearing it. not because i hadn't had sex by then, red was an early bloomer in all respects, but because there is a difference between having sex and making love. it's a distinction that tends to get women in trouble because well for a minute there if penis is going into vagina it's all about love. it would be great if that was always the case. that that insertion is all about connection and emotion and hearts bursting instead of loins on fire in need of release. i had sex a LOT before i made love. and i have to say it was at that moment i realized i was in love with the man in question. even the two of us had had sex before and good sex--mind numbing, ridiculous orgasm producing, lustful, toe curling sex--before that moment when time sorta stood still or so it seemed until that last sigh and moan escaped my lips and we fell into a sweaty lump of cuddle. lol yeah i know interesting description but there was a different level of intensity to that connection. yes penis still went into vagina but minds and emotions went with it for a change. well that's not true minds were always involved as we were in a tiny battle of wills as to who would give in first so we would make it a point of thinking of things to make the other one whimper but i digress. i'm sure you are wondering what this has to do with now especially since Roaming Soldier is thousands of miles away and i am not the type of girl who's head gets turned by any old average joe especially since i need a Dom esque man if i can't get a full out Dom.

well here's the thing. i've been oversleeping a lot lately. if my alarm goes off at all i don't hear it. they are always nights that i go to bed early and feel rested when i wake up in the morning. the problem is i'm dead to the world because i'm lost in my dreams. dreams of Roaming Soldier and i are having the most blissful amazing intense moments in bed with one another. don't get me wrong, the sex is oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODNESS. but it's being with Him and feeling His hands trace my skin and His lips brush against mine and hearing Him laughing as He smiles down at me. yeah that's what getting me caught up and refusing to acknowledge the rest of the world is waiting for me. while i would again much rather have Him home, each word exchanged, each kiss happily received through the digital world, each dream and shared thought is Him making love to me now and they are all wonderful. i stopped and looked at the first conversation we ever had a few days ago. it literally wasn't that long ago but it seems like He has known me forever and has been waiting for me to just recognize i had been looking for Him. truthfully we could have met nearly five years ago had my graduate school choice been different but that whole timing thing would have bit us in the ass then. He was still married and happy and i would have never stepped over that line. instead we're meeting now and we're in a better space to receive one another. now i'm just waiting for the time to fly when He's next to me.

night all


sunday kind of love

Sunday, June 18, 2006 No comments
this song has been on my mind for the last few days. if you don't like etta james please listen to and tell me what you think. beyond that, Roaming Soldier is also on my brain and i figured in spite of the total lack of rain here that i would go ahead and add a new peice to the smut collection, enjoy.

I want a Sunday kind of love
A love to last past Saturday night
And I'd like to know it's more than love at first sight
And I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh yea yea

I want a a love that's on the square
Can't seem to find somebody
Someone to care
And I'm on a lonely road that leads to no where
I need a Sunday kind of love

I do my Sunday dreaming, Oh yea
And all my Sunday scheming
Every minute, every hour, every day

Oh I'm hoping to discover
A certain kind of lover
Who will show me the way

And my arms need someone
Someone to enfold
To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow cold
Love for all my life to have and to hold
Oh and I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh yea yea yea

I don't want a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, Friday or Saturday
Oh nothing but Sunday oh yea
I want a Sunday Sunday
I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh yea
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday kind of loooove


she thought she wanted to be bound tightly. she had decided she wanted to be used hard and put away wet and sticky. she had these thoughts of Him tormenting her for hours on end and it had made her happy in her office. however, nearly seven hours later she was happy to be wrong yet again. He had come home to her after a long unwanted separation. she had been getting more anxious by the day because this meeting had been delayed and shoved back more times than she could count and she didn't want to be disappointed if this time was another false alarm. she was blushing like a schoolgirl when she heard her cell phone ring as she was leaving the office.

"Hello Little Girl. Did you miss Daddy?"

she nearly squealed as she replied, "of course i did Daddy. are You in town yet?" before He could reply the line went dead and she thought they must have been boarding another plane and He had to hang up abruptly. she was slightly sad but smiled quietly to herself as she realized that meant He would be with her soon enough. she walked quickly with her head down to her car. she was afraid that she would just be grinning so widely that everyone would stop to ask her what she was so happy about. she didn't notice the figure perched on the hood of her car until she was nearly at her car door.

"Okay Little Girl, I'm going to need you to take more notice of who is around you when you get to your car. Can't have folks running off with you and making Daddy have to hurt them." she froze for a second and then rushed into His arms. He held her tightly for a long moment. she relished His arms surround her, feeling her face sink into His chest and hearing His heart sink into a slow even rhythm. He had longed for her warmth, her softness, her body turning itself over to Him and slowly felt the shift they both had been waiting for. they were together. He had taken His bag to the hotel room they would be spending the next few days in and waited for her to get off work. she was about to ask if she needed to follow Him there when He read her mind. "Daddy took a cab. I didn't want to be away from you once I had you in my arms. Now start this baby up and lets get moving." she moved quickly and opened up the doors with the remote. they headed over to a smallish restaurant to have dinner and then ran by the grocery stores to pick up supplies. once they were inside she wasn't getting away from Him and she had packed everything she needed before work that morning. He carried it up and let her inside the room. she moved about the room putting things away in the closet or the refrigerator before taking off her shoes and kneeling at His feet.

"what can i do for You Daddy?"

"you can sit in My lap and let Me take care of you for a few minutes." His fingers played in her hair and ran down her neck. His mouth replaced His fingers at the nape of her neck and made her sigh. she was sinking fast but kept thinking about the ropes and the cuffs and the crop. He wasn't thinking of any such thing. He undressed her, reveling in every piece that left her body and left her exposed to Him. He watched as she stood there shyly before Him. He stood up and let her undress Him as slowly as He had done to her. her fingers ran over His chest, danced on His tattoos. noted how safe and inviting His arms looked and kissed His chin before she returned to her previous posture. He leaned over and kissed her deeply. she sunk into Him a bit more than before and with that He swept her into the bed. she wanted to sneak down between His thighs and claim her bottle but He stopped her. He let His weight partially rest on her as He continued kissing her and exploring her body with His free hand. He toyed with her nipples until they were hard and full. He leaned over and sucked them until she sighed and moaned a bit. His hand ran over the stomach she was so self-conscious about and He told her she was beautiful. she blushed and kissed whatever part of His body she could reach. her eyes fluttered open and then closed softly as His hand parted her wetness and His fingers explored her. her arm came to rest on His and she was sent into her first orgasm before she could catch her breath. He kissed her neck and increased pressure on her pussy. He wanted to send her over the edge again but her body bucking against His hand gave Him second thoughts. she was wetter than she had been in life. the Man that had altered her reality so much was with her finally. she wanted Him inside her desperately but she didn't want to break the trance they were operating in. He again, reading her mind and His own, entered her quickly--filling her up in one quick movement.

"oh thank You Daddy."

"Thank you for waiting for Me baby." it was all that needed to be said just then. their bodies snaked around one another as He raised Himself up into her again and again. the soft kisses were replaced by increased thrusting and grunting and tight grips on each other's flesh. a few quick bites here and there and she was off spinning again. she knew that she had cum repeatedly and was enjoying being connected to Him but wanted Him to orgasm with her. she tried to wiggle from underneath Him but He pinned her firmly to the bed. the simple movement had altered His position inside her and she was emitting a low guttural moan. He kissed her and let her finish moaning into their kiss. He rolled over on His back to let her ride Him but before she could slip into any rhythm at all she climbed off of Him and sucked His dick down her throat. her strokes were initially long and even. she drug her tongue along the shaft and carressed the under side before pulling back and sucking the head gently. He was surprised at her quick movement between His legs but wouldn't stop her just yet. inch by inch more of Him disappeared down her throat. the passion she had been storing up spilled out as she sucked Him more and more. He moaned but tried to hold back from releasing His nut. ever determined she kept up and nearly twenty minutes later she was rewarded with a nice healthy dose of His seed. He pulled her up to Him and kissed her again. "What's on your mind now darling?"

she giggled and replied, "just thinking about how sometimes it's best when plans totally fall apart." He kissed her again, got a drink of water, came back to bed and began round two of their sexual escapades.


i really wish it would rain

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 9 comments
if it would just rain for a little while i might be able to clear my head and get some rest. i might be able to curl up with my letters from Roaming Soldier and my bear (Daddy Bear lol) and ease my mind. i might be able to drift off for the briefest of moments and remember how much fun my life used to be. instead i'm wondering why life has decided to make me its new whipping boy--well girl, you know what i mean. today started off well enough. got up on time after reading a funky email from my dissertation chair the night before. got showered, went to work, met with a new client then proceeded to have two no show. i skipped lunch because what i wanted was left in my fridge. i talked to a friend or two, found a present from the candy fairy in my division mailbox and came back in enough time to whip some folks on a few online games before getting to the thing that had me lit up and all the blah of the day fade off. a familiar ding then a Yahoo window pops up and Roaming Soldier is up and ready for His day to begin as my day is winding down. it wasn't a lengthy conversation but we got in a few chuckles, a few kisses and picked out a name for my book should i ever sit down to write it. it was a good way to end my work day. or so i thought.

nah life figured if RS couldn't get a few good whacks in, then it would take over and handle the job. my mother who seemed good the last few days, well except for those lovely mood swings that make me want to medicate her ass and send her off somewhere, decided that a reassurance that something would be done about our noisy neighbors wasn't enough. she wanted them out and she wanted them out today. instead of waiting to be called by the office worker that came by yesterday, she went down and proceeded to get into a shouting match with the apartment manager and called her a liar and incompetent. the fact that both of those things are true are totally irrelevant. we don't have a new place to move yet and the little maniac that looks like me has decided to fuck up the living situation here and flat out refuse to do what she needs to do in order to make things go the way she wants because and i quote she doesn't "want to make more trouble for me" than she already has. really? are ya sure about that? i mean damn not 24 hours ago you were agreeing to work with me but you decided to self destruct 20 minutes after i have a nice sweet conversation with a man that might get killed defending your right to be an inane psychotic bitch. yeah i said it she's acting like a spoiled bitch and everyone is being mean to her and just not understanding that she is so fragile now that we have to be dainty around her. she also seems to neglect that i have shit i need to do and i am not just spending my time at work lolly gagging and not finding her a new place to live. when she had her tanturm about leaving i should have just shut up and helped her pack. but as i know she'd just be back what was the point in that. y'all i'm frustrated for real and all i fucking want right now is a stiff drink, a soft bed, Roaming Soldier and a rain storm. and did i mention she ate half of what i left here for my lunch after damn near demanding i went and got her "salad mixture" so she could have her lunch today? yes i knew she would eventually move in with me and yes i fully expected her to get on my nerves when she did so. however i thought i had 15 to 20 years to wait on that and that there would be someone to fuck the stress out of my body on a regular basis and rub my back and tell me that she was indeed crazy and i was a saint for not killing her.

and i am just a little fed up with folks i know in a variety of settings right now. if i could slap lots of folks right now i'm sure i'd feel a little better but really i need rain and RS. damn all that sunlight and chirping fucking birds. as soon as i finish taking my stress related net hiatus i'm going to work on another cookie peddling esque story. who in the hell said being a grown up was going to be fun? where are the damn footie pjs?



randomness from the subVerse

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 No comments

okay so forgive me. i thought i would keep a tighter reign on the hit counter but somehow or other my 20,000th hit came and left without so much as a glance from me. i'm not sure what it's at now because i started this post VERY late last night/early this morning whatever and then went to bed. but thanks to all of the guests that have stopped by, repeat and first-timers, to check out the digs. thankfully my trusty bravenet counter hasn't gone down nearly as much as the others that at this point just help me add space to the side line and aren't really tracking who's coming and going. i hope that you enjoy your treks through my demented little mind and my random smut moments. moving on now.

i am super tired. it's all my fault. i won't tell you what unholy hour i went to bed at on Sunday which was followed by a slightly less unholy hour last night. i'm not sleeping and i have not the slightest idea why. and i know that i should get some rest primarily because i can get physically sick if i'm sleep deprived and i know that as well. i'll try to do better i swear. i have one more chapter to rehack and send back to my committee chair. there may be a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel after all. ever so tired of looking at my words and repeating myself from chapter to chapter but hey it's the nature of the beast that will hopefully be tamed soon. moving on yet again.

i had a lovely lunch with a co-worker and her three year old yesterday. kids are funny. they repeat themselves a lot and talk loudly when you least expect it. the lunch was freaking hilarious and halfway through it i had a striking moment of deja vu. having only met my young companion once before and not during lunch it was a bit off putting to recognize the moment. then even more off putting because i couldn't for the life of me remember what was going to happen next. i didn't feel like something bad was going to happen it just didn't necessarily feel like anything good was going to happen either. i just know it was connected to Roaming Soldier some kind of way and now i REALLY want to know but nothing has popped up in my brain whatsoever so i guess i'll just have to wait.

i think that's it for now. if something else comes up you know i'll be back. ohhhhh did anyone actually slap someone on slap a pseudoDom/me day?

see ya


may i borrow a cup of sugar

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somebody get me a margarita please

Saturday, June 10, 2006 No comments
okay so i'm bored and a little sleepy. i went out with friends last night and didn't get home till midnight. nothing big if i was 21 still but rushing up on 31 is making a sister tire more easily when unexpected things transpire. then i was coughing and feeling a mess till i fell asleep. okay so yeah really didn't work and now my latest addiction (blogshares) is down and i can't increase my fictional networth (i'm hovering around 335 billion right now). i'm watching an abc family film and it's making me nuts that i am being so lazy that i haven't changed the channel yet. i also went out with my mother today and true to my word four and half hours after we left we were back at home. a few simple modifications of how i interact with her made that more enjoyable for me. if i take her with me when i need to get my hair done and let her loose in the mall then i get at least ninety minutes alone while she roams about. if i go to one or two stores that i want to go with her then i can ignore her hovering while i shop lol. if i just force her to make a decision then i don't get annoyed when she asks me to take her somewhere. we hit three stores in the mall, went over to Chili's and then up to Wally-World after i got my hair done and made it back to my home after checking the mail in four and a half hours. the only thing i didn't get was my brownie fudge sundae and a margarita so i'll go mix that up in a bit and bake a fresh pan of brownies and sit down and enjoy myself.

i found a cute card for Roaming Soldier, well two--a belated birthday since i should have mailed His card with the first batch of letters to make sure it was there before His birthday and another for father's day, while stuck in Wally-World. i also got a birthday card for Night Owl and an anniversary card for my brother and sister in law. they are gonna go "you make me sick" which means i did good with the choosing. He is going to smile and smirk i'm quite positive. Night Owl is just going to tell me to shut up most likely--especially since Dallas will hopefully be up 2-0 in the series and she will be 2 more Miami losses away from eating delicious frosted cake. regardless it was a good day out and as you can see i got quiz happy. now i want sugar and liquor. oh and a nice side of Roaming Soldier would do me nicely as well.

see ya


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happy birthday Daddy

Thursday, June 08, 2006 2 comments

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROAMING SOLDIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm feeling a little girly so this post will be all centered and stuff. today Roaming Soldier and His brother joined the ranks of the 30 year olds on the planet. and for the first time i actually forgot that it was Prince's birthday as well. which is probably just fine with him as he has this whole thing about birthday's now that he's a Jehovah's Witness but it stunned me that i had totally blanked on it till someone asked me who the honey was in my "happy birthday honey" status message on messenger and thought i meant Prince. ahh well i didn't and won't be meaning that initially as long as Roaming Soldier is around. i got to talk to Him before His birthday started where He is now. that was midday for me on the 6th and i wished Him a Happy Birthday then but i celebrated Him today in my own special way. ever the doting little girl i am lol. i miss Him of course but i am comforted knowing that our thoughts sync up about one another more often than not and that the feeling of contentment i have when i wake up in the morning is because i know He loves me. the fact that He wants to tie me up, spank me, send me on lovely intense subspace expeditions and fuck me till i can't stand up are just icing on the proverbial cake. okay Happy Birthday to Roaming Soldier, Twin Soldier and Prince...oh and to another young man that made his entrance into the world today--GM @ a robust 7 pounds and 10 ounces.


omens, portends and other meanderings

Tuesday, June 06, 2006 4 comments
okay so i tend to take my titles from random things going on in the world. today, as most of you should know is june 6, 2006 or 6/6/06 as the nice producers of The Omen would have you remember so you can go see their remake of the 1976 classic. an ominous day if only because it is the only time this century that you could feasibly market as 666 if you wanted to for well releasing horror films and exploiting your town's name like Hell, Michigan is doing today. what, i know you are asking, does that have to do with little ms. velvet? actually nothing but i do like to explain myself from time to time.

the omens i'm going to talk about are anything but devilish. they are about dreams. those things that sometimes give us insight to our pysches and spur us on to further thought when we were awake. maybe a month ago i had a strange dream to me. i was preparing for a small wedding to Roaming Soldier and had moved to be closer to Him before the big day. i was out with my girls and having a blast before i realized i was being followed and watched by a stranger, a woman. she had been there most of the day i believe but it took me a while to notice her, i can be obtuse sometimes. well when i went over to talk to her i was called back by those girlfriends and the woman vanished. the same thing happened repeatedly that day culminating with me going home and seeing her at my apartment. i ran after her and thought i caught her on the elevator only to see a mannequin that resembled her in the space. i went to my apartment and checked it for my guest and when she wasn't there i opened my wedding invitations and noticed they were entirely too frilly to be anything i willingly purchased and had the wrong date printed on them even though the names and what not were all correct. the date was September 17th of next year--of course under the circumstances that seems highly unlikely to be the case right now. but even if it was feasible there are a few problems with it. 1) i have no desire to get married in september, 2) it's one of my best friends in the entire world's birthday and 3) it's the birthday of RS's now dead wife--who after quizzing Night Owl resembles the woman in my dream. now it makes total sense that if possible that she would want to see me and know the person getting close to her husband and her child but it freaked both of us (RS and i) out for a while. we fast forward to about a week ago when RS had an equally strange dream in which our desire to be together was being judged by masked judges who were grilling us for a while. we apparently answered the last questions right and then they said they had heard enough. our judges revealed themselves---my mother, His mother, Littlest Soldier and her mother along with Night Owl. the verdict wasn't issued during the dream but it left us with something else to ponder.

which brings us to today. last night i was watching a program on A&E when i clearly should have been sleeping. a man was released after four years of being in prison for a crime he didn't commit. he had lost his home, his relationship with his son, his good name and had had a stroke while he was locked up. and upon hearing the case was being dismissed with prejudice (for you non legal type folks that means the case cannot be brought against him again) i literally stared crying almost to the point that i was sobbing. why you may ask? because weird dreams aside, stupid war be damned, i realized that i am stupidly in love (not stupid in the sense of damn why she do that but in that damn that girl is gone) with a wonderful man. after years of trying to make all the puzzle pieces fit together, something just clicked with Him. He wasn't perfectly adorable but lacking the tone in His voice that made me tremble a little. He wasn't flat out scary and intimidating with no ability to open Himself up to me, and beyond ability no desire to do so either. He reminded me of all the reasons why when i was growing up i loved my father so dearly without that nasty trait of being a hoe (ok really i did love my dad but that man had no concept of fidelity). and this will either sound silly or convince you i have lost it lol. when He asked about my feelings toward kids, namely His own child, it was the sweetest thing ever and was a bit of a perk to dating Him. after my parents split up, and i know this is crazy, i was always quite aware that i would most likely be someone's stepmother. given the statistics on marriage and the number of men that i'm attracted to without kids (it's miniscule really and they have been just absolutely wonderful in my brain with some extremely desirable trait) there was a better than 50-50 shot i would be someone's stepmother. the fact that He seemed to be raising a little me was just icing on the proverbial cake. i don't know how else to explain it other than i felt very lucky last night/this morning to have Him in my life. and as the dreamy guests we have from time to time have never thrown a fit or demanded that we split up i'm taking that as a sign that this is the right thing to do for both of us. our judges want us to be happy, we want them to be happy and come hell or high water i will do my best to make that happen. okay well i have rambled on enough. if you go see the movie today try not to laugh or nothing. i can't imagine how scary the remake could be when it's been so long since the original captured our attention.

peace and love,

ADDENDUM---i didn't post yesterday because i was lazy lol but it was Daddy's birthday yesterday, tomorrow is Roaming Soldier's birthday and the first unofficial BDSM holiday that i know of was yesterday too. Roaming Soldier and His twin decided that June 5th will forever be known as Slap a PseudoDom/me Day, those folks that have no real idea of what being a Dom/me is and what they do know about BDSM is wrong.


anticipation (the commencement)

Friday, June 02, 2006 8 comments
okay so technically a commencement is the end of your academic career but it's all the beginning of your new life and it's listed as an antonym to denouement which i just felt like using so there . besides the other words that mean beginning are just so dry. nothing at all out there like denouement that came to my brain readily. so i should have blogged on wednesday but i was admittedly too excited. Roaming Soldier caught me after my lunch break and we were able to chat for about ninety minutes. not a huge span of time in the course of one's life but after sporadic contact for the last month or so it was great to just be goofy with Him for a while. He's getting acclimated to the situation, not that He has a choice of course, and is missing His girls as He affectionately refers to the Littlest Soldier and me as. fyi pray for Littlest Soldier and her family. ms. ma'am is having the mother of all missing her daddy fits and is starting to get into a bit of trouble behind it. she'll be fine soon i'm sure but right now she wants her daddy and she wants Him yesterday. can't say as though i blame her. if i had my druthers (yes another random word i wanted to use, not sure why) He'd be home with her and i'd be heading up for a long weekend with the two of them soon. He'd get to come to my dissertation defense and meet not mini me -- must pause here. i can't call her Dr. Evil as she's really not evil but she can't be mega me because that just doesn't make sense. suffice it to say my advisor and i are so much alike they started calling me mini me before i left the program. neither of us are sure that it was an insult but we have taken it and run with it regardless -- and the rest of my cohort and my adopted children (ok so i didn't legally adopt them) who are scattered around the planet. we'd get to be act out some of these cookie peddling stories and start working on the small brood of children i keep imagining us having (someone please make sure i get my tubes tied after either the 1st set of triplets or quadruplets, the 2nd set of twins, or the 3rd pregnancy please as i'm figuring out i like kids a lot but i don't want to have a lot of them in my house at one dang on time). and of course we'd be harassing Night Owl and Pillar as much as humanly possible but ESPECIALLY at their wedding for which i have a wonderful toast already prepared. i am all off tangent. basically i'm happy and things are good. i got an email from Him this morning and that made me put on paper the fantasy that had been in my brain since we talked and let me just say for the record i am so not digging getting punished no matter what i do because hell i don't like getting in trouble but i can be a brat so it's quite likely i will do many things that require the not fun spankings from RS. okay well there isn't anything else on my mind and my office is boring so i'm going to go beat some old women in gin. damn i should have brought the movies to work again.

see ya


anticipation (the denouement)

i figured i do everyone a favor and make two different posts this time. this is inspired by my Roaming Soldier who was able to make me smile and blush twice this week. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES KEEP READING IF YOU ARE ADVERSE TO BRAIN MELTING.

her hair was a mess. there were tears streaming down her face but she was as calm as she had ever been. she knew she fucked up and she completely deserved what He was doing to her right now. she hadn't just forgotten to do what He asked which He would sometimes let slide but she had willfully disobeyed Him not once but twice by refusing to take care of herself when she got sick and missing her gym time. she was being a brat and wanted some attention but she got way more than she had bargained for. normally He would just lay her across His lap and spank her until He was sure she'd be sitting gently for the next week or so. and He had waited until she got better to punish her so she was truly thinking she had gotten away with being a problem child again. however she was wrong.

He took her upstairs as soon as He was sure the kids were asleep. He told her to lay face down on the bed and she started moving toward the head of it. He stopped her and told her to lay across the bed. she was confused but quickly complied. He brought out the extra long set of bindings and cuffs and walked to her head. "Daddy has asked you numerous times to take care of yourself and seem to like defying Me," He said as He took her right arm secured it in the cuff and pulled it tight as He connected the binding to the headboard. He kept talking as He cuffed her left arm and tied it to the footboard, "Daddy is tired of you not doing what you are supposed to. The kids need you healthy but more importantly, I need you healthy and you will do what I say or face the consequences."

it had been a long time since He had punished her but she hadn't forgotten and was noticeably starting to get worried. she was about to start apologizing when He stopped her. "Don't say a word honey. you can't apologize your way out of this one. No dress up nice and sit in Daddy's lap trying to sell Him cookies while you grind on His dick. you will behave when I ask and that's all there is to it." she was silent again and winced slightly as He repeated the procedure on her legs that He had done with His arms. she was stretched so tightly that it felt like she was nearly suspended above the bed. His hands ran over her backside a few times and then parted her pussy and dove inside until she was wet and panting. He went to the counter and grabbed one of the baby wipes and cleaned His hands. He grabbed her least favorite crop and returned to the bed. "Do not scream or cry out. This will likely hurt you much more than it will hurt Me. Don't disappoint Me again." And with that the crop fell over her legs, back, arms and ass in succession.

Five swats here, eight swats there, three quick strikes, then a long moment in which she lost count on how many times He had spanked her ass. it was on fire and she wanted to scream but she knew it would only get worse if she did. just when she thought she couldn't take anymore He stopped but it was a quick reprieve. He had brought a slapper over to the bed with the crop. He was only pausing to pick it up and insert Himself inside her. it was at that moment it occurred to her why she was tied this way. He was going to punish and fuck her until He got bored or until she passed out. and she wasn't sure He'd stop if she passed out. He fucked her hard, her ass was shaking from the force of it and between His hand and the slapper it was receiving more attention and the burning just got worse. the sensations were blurring together in her brain and she was starting to float when He snapped her out of it by yanking her neck back by her hair, shoving His hand into the small of her back to brace Himself and then came in her in a flood. He stood up and moved the slapper back to the counter along with the crop. He grabbed the clit sucker and affixed it to her. He walked back to the toys, picked up the whip and then found the remote for the device. "you are not allowed to cum until I am done. Don't ask because I won't say yes." soon after that the flogging began. the stinging of each piece of leather was nothing compared to the slow methodical sucking on her clit. she was ready to float off again when He was suddenly at her face force feeding her the bottle she loved so much and striking her exposed pussy with the flogger. "Umm good girl, keep sucking Daddy just like that and I might nut quickly so that You can join me." she sucked harder and with more energy. her body couldn't hold out much longer and she knew it would be the longest evening ever if she came without His permission. she felt the vein pulse underneath His dick and smiled a bit. He saw her and whipped her harder as He spurted His nut down her throat. she swallowed it all like she normally did and then He just stood there. she couldn't ask for permssion to come and He wasn't going to give it to her yet.

He felt her start to panic a bit as the clit sucker intensified. she would be squirming if she had control of her limbs and He knew that. the flogger was unleashed on her backside and thighs again and she was crying again. she was still milking Him in her throat and was trying to separate from the need to orgasm. she was slick with anticipation as He moved from her mouth, grabbed Him from the counter and shoved it inside of her. "Does My baby girl want to cum now?"

"yes please Daddy."

"Will you be a good girl from now on?"

"yes Daddy."

"Cum for Daddy baby," He almost cooed to her. her body constricted and He watched intently as her pussy convulsed around His replica. as soon as she was done and exhausted He began speaking to her again. "Daddy won't spank you anymore tonight. The welts you are getting now will be more than satisfactory. But I'm not letting you go until I don't feel like cumming anymore tonight. Do you understand?"

"yes Daddy."

He adjusted her cuffs at various points in the evening to put her into new and slightly painful positions. she loved it and so did He. mostly He just fucked her until she was nearly unconscious. when He was ready for bed, He untied her for the night and took her to the shower. they washed off slowly and enjoyed the warm water. they got in bed just wrapped in towels and hugged one another tightly. "you know I hate punishing you so don't make Me do that again."

"yes Daddy."

He started toying with the top of her towel and licking her nipples once they were free. "Umm a little birdie told me you had a dream about Daddy doing this a long time ago didn't you." she giggled and reached behind Him to stroke her bottle. they fell asleep after He had reinserted Himself deep inside her. it was a good way to end the night.