somebody get me a margarita please

Saturday, June 10, 2006
okay so i'm bored and a little sleepy. i went out with friends last night and didn't get home till midnight. nothing big if i was 21 still but rushing up on 31 is making a sister tire more easily when unexpected things transpire. then i was coughing and feeling a mess till i fell asleep. okay so yeah really didn't work and now my latest addiction (blogshares) is down and i can't increase my fictional networth (i'm hovering around 335 billion right now). i'm watching an abc family film and it's making me nuts that i am being so lazy that i haven't changed the channel yet. i also went out with my mother today and true to my word four and half hours after we left we were back at home. a few simple modifications of how i interact with her made that more enjoyable for me. if i take her with me when i need to get my hair done and let her loose in the mall then i get at least ninety minutes alone while she roams about. if i go to one or two stores that i want to go with her then i can ignore her hovering while i shop lol. if i just force her to make a decision then i don't get annoyed when she asks me to take her somewhere. we hit three stores in the mall, went over to Chili's and then up to Wally-World after i got my hair done and made it back to my home after checking the mail in four and a half hours. the only thing i didn't get was my brownie fudge sundae and a margarita so i'll go mix that up in a bit and bake a fresh pan of brownies and sit down and enjoy myself.

i found a cute card for Roaming Soldier, well two--a belated birthday since i should have mailed His card with the first batch of letters to make sure it was there before His birthday and another for father's day, while stuck in Wally-World. i also got a birthday card for Night Owl and an anniversary card for my brother and sister in law. they are gonna go "you make me sick" which means i did good with the choosing. He is going to smile and smirk i'm quite positive. Night Owl is just going to tell me to shut up most likely--especially since Dallas will hopefully be up 2-0 in the series and she will be 2 more Miami losses away from eating delicious frosted cake. regardless it was a good day out and as you can see i got quiz happy. now i want sugar and liquor. oh and a nice side of Roaming Soldier would do me nicely as well.

see ya


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