help lol

Thursday, July 06, 2006
okay so i bit the bullet and bought a domain name. i need help in how i can move everything here there. anyone got any suggestions, tools, or anything?

eta: if you are reading this you got the word about me moving things around for a bit, the new site is here for the moment. i have to work out how to move and keep the blog address i am currently using, be patient with me okay lol



  1. ohh good lord.

    Is it word press or something different?

  2. lol i purchased hosting and the domain through godaddy so it can be moved totally off blogger, just not sure how to move it all

  3. ummmmm Copy & paste?

    I have no idea babe...

  4. lol me either, i think i have figured out how to move them but i'll try it later this weekend maybe