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this post has nothing to do with the normal stuff here. well i can't say nothing it's just a bit far afield. tonight while dealing with the readjusting cable channels here i got stuck on Turner Classic Movies for a minute. well i intended on it being a minute but as is the case most of the time i put it on TCM i got sidetracked. there was a movie on, for love of ivy, which had in my opinion a silly premise. the kids try to get the maid a man so she'll stay in town. problem is they fix up a pretty sweet girl (ivy aka abbey lincoln) with a known gambler and hustler (jack aka sidney poitier). the first date was okay, a little trippy. the second date they go back and forth yet again before they ended up at jack's place and having a fun romp in bed. she goes home even MORE ready to leave than she had been before, found out about setup and gets angry. jack comes to get her realizing that his hustling was getting in the way of him having a nice girl in his life so he gives it up and pledges his affection to ivy. they fight and fight some more and then she eventually gives in and leaves with him right as his buddy gets arrested and they drive off into the proverbial sunset after agreeing to bail him out. why did i tell you all of this? well because it occurred to me then and especially right after when i found myself skipping over project runway for a special on judy garland that i can be immensely fascinated by things that are well done. by that i mean i hate most music and movies out today because it doesn't require people to be GOOD at what they are doing. now i didn't particularly like sidney most of the movie but the man could act. i feel amazingly sad whenever i watch something on judy garland but the woman could sing her little drug dependent behind off. that could be why i like Prince so much (no link because his main site is down) and people like him. people that actually have skill, can hold a note, can make me forget who they are in real life because they are playing the hell out of their role (denzel washington, angela bassett, s. epatha merkerson, mahershalalhashbaz ali (okay so i barely know him period but he kicks ass on the 4400 and his name is richard so i remember it), etc. call me crazy but i sorta enjoy people actually having to have soem talent BEYOND looking cute to get a record deal or movie contract. and because we have been inundated with watered down crap so long it is nearly impossible for those with true talent to get ahead in wake of all things pretty dominating things. don't get me wrong. i love staring at brad pitt when he's having a good hair day but did ya see the man in se7en? that was some good acting and had nothing to do with how he looked. i guess my point here is when talented things are presented to me in favor of ohhhh the latest dramedy that mimics friends i get excited. how about you?


i can't believe it's not sugar

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syrupy sweet that's what i am

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okay so here i am again, descending into sappyville right now. the last few days have been an interesting mix of things. i'm covering all the crisis calls for the center right now and it's been an abnormally busy weekend. four calls in two days is way more than normal so what little sleep i've been getting has been interrupted by the phone ringing at any hour oh and the woman delivering the paper knocking at the door at 4 am this morning. can we say my mother, who is the one that wanted the paper in the first place, was sound asleep and didn't even move when i walked in the room? anyhoo, sleep cycle is jacked and it probably didn't help that i was watching spend my life via the big clip in the post below this one until i fell asleep. i love that song A LOT. as long as Roaming Soldier doesn't object then it will be played at some point on the day we get married. wow did i say that out loud? yeah i guess i did. He hasn't proposed and neither have i lol but i guess we have talked about it so much it hasn't occurred to me that we wouldn't be getting married. it's just a matter of when. anyhoo, back to the wedding day stuff. the other song that i have always wanted to play during my wedding to whomever was a song by brian mcknight. it's from his debut album many moons back--never felt this way. i said when i heard it that i would play it if i ever got married because it would take a man that could engender that type of emotion in me to get me down the aisle. well lo and behold i think i've found him. please give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Upload music at Bolt


this is me, deal with it

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i wanna be a little pissy today but truth be told i can't. i have made my peace with nearly every relationship that has ended over the last year or so. i don't hate anyone but i'm not exactly looking to build any bridges with them either. the entry and exit out of my life has been for a reason and i respect whatever Higher Power has deemed it so. that may change in the future but it may not. the people that are in my life now, few in number though they are, i know love me and have my back and that's all that matters. i know that people, particularly women, don't understand me on a basic level. i am simultaneously flirty as all hell, smart as i wish to share, reserved, respectful of myself and relationship boundaries and expressing no real desire for assistance or bonding time with most women. why might you ask? well because they are catty and paranoid entirely too much. men might have the emotions but they don't share them with me, at least not very long because i get rid of folks that can't trust me, and that's why as a whole we get along much better. will i flirt with your man? depends on how i know him. if YOU are my friend of course not, that's violating girlfriend boundaries. if HE is my friend, probably but it's nothing either one of us take seriously. 99 percent of the time any conversation i'm having with ANY man i know is directed toward his relationship if he's in one. if he's not then we joke around like the kids did in Cruel Intentions. by that i mean, it can be sexual but most of it is jabbing at one another to see who says uncle first and at NO moment in time is anyone making plans to figure out if slot a will fit in slot b. yeah it can appear naughty to someone looking in from the outside and without knowing me personally but trust your loved ones to not violate your agreements whatever they may be as i won't be assisting them with trying to step out on you. at the end of the thought, conversation, day whatever my heart and soul belong to someone else.

my Roaming Soldier, wonderful man that He is, is unavailable for a few days and somehow knowing that makes it slightly better but of course i want Him home. i've been keeping a journal of our communications from the beginning till now. not sure why but it seemed important for me to do after we knew He had to leave. six months of exchanges between us has yielded 264 single spaced pages with jacked up margins (just reformated to see what it would be like on word default settings 306 pages lol so yeah the margins are retarded). the binder the journal is in probably will get us through another few months and then it will have to be retired. if we eliminate some of the naughty bits ROFLMAO it may be a sweet gift for the kids we are thinking about having. this is how your parents fell in love with one another, during a stupid war sharing each other's words and dreams. Night Owl just said we can't talk anymore lol but as long as He's home before we hit 1000 pages i won't have to hurt anyone.

let's take a moment of silence here for all the kittens that left the earth this afternoon. okay that's enough of that. i'd been feeling decidely unsexual the last few days. the nervous energy has subsided and so my need to orgasm became paramount again. however, it required me to go on a battery changing spree as i had apparently exhausted the toys prior to this morning. once they were back up to full strength i had a lovely time. one device is remotely controlled and has a timer. four minutes after it was on, i was off and floating. i will hate to see what He does when that when He gets home. thankfully He's not into orgasm control or else i'd be in SOOOOOOOOO much trouble. all right i think i'm done for now. i still need to figure out what i want for dinner and decide if today is a shaving day or not. all right, see ya.


eta for the nice tall Man in my life


discombobulated brat on the loose

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if you want a nice well thought out post this is probably not the one to start reading. i am scattered. the framework is back up and life has resumed in a way that would make Molly proud BUT i feel all jumbled up at the same time. i know with great certainty that He is my future, it's my present needs some fine tuning. i'm not sleeping--well if at all. i'm not unhappy but i'm not particularly on top of the world either. i'm just sort of here. i love my clients but my job is taxing my patience. i keep hearing this song and it makes me think of the people that are no longer in my life for whatever reason. listening to the lead singer explain it from his point of view--the song is about forgiveness--doesn't make me think any less about why i have to hate someone to finally extricate them from my life. okay hate is strong. i have to get to the point that like in the song i'm wondering "how could you do this to me?" i'm by no means a saint but i try to treat people well so when i'm treated badly it throws me off to the nth degree. now some folks will have various opinions on that treating well thing. i'm not the sugar coating friend to be sure but i am the friend that will pick up the phone at 3 am, knowing i just fell asleep at 1 and have to be up by 7, just to make sure that you have a friendly voice when you need it. i don't expect it in return and honestly i probably wouldn't take anyone up on the offer. i clearly don't keep things in lol as you can tell from this rambling but i don't share everything with everyone. no reason i can't i just won't.

i still feel Him at night. His hand at the small of my back gives me comfort even when i do toss and turn for hours. and then i hug up with Daddy bear and snore until the morning. as i was driving home tonight from getting my hair done, it's very cute by the way, i heard the aforementioned song and then i heard Nickelback's new one--Far Away and it made me think of Him. i didn't include the whole set of lyrics but the snippet that was most important to me is at the bottom of this post along with a quick clip from the video. it made me go looking for another song by 3 Doors Down, when i'm gone, because it stirs up the same emotion for me. but listening to it i realized something wasn't quite right about the thought i was trying to convey. i clicked on the first video at the bottom only because i liked it too and wasn't planning on doing anything with it but it fit more to the mindset i'm having right now. again the whole set of lyrics isn't there just the most relevant piece with the entire video. is my life over because He's not here? no, of course not. would i be immensely happier if He were? i'm about 99 percent sure the answer would be yes but damn i would be pissed about having to work and not being able to work through at least half of the cookie peddling stories. that brings me to the last bit of rambling i THINK.

i need a spanking. not a quick swat on the ass. i need a put me through my paces evening. it's been months since i was used and now i feel like a bundle of nerves and tense and i'm getting bratty. but beyond that i'm pouting like an insolent child and that is even getting on my nerves. i want to go searching for my safeword even if i never use it. i want to be sore and bruised and smile that smile that only someone that enjoys this life can truly understand. even thinking about it now makes me grin a bit. but i'm not sure how to cure the restlessness right now. any ideas? k, i'm done now.

talk to ya soon,

Here Without You
Lyrics from 3 Doors Down's Away from the Sun

I'm here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time
I'm here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight it's only you and me

Far Away
Lyrics from Nickelback's All The Right Reasons

I wanted
I wanted you to stay
'Cause I needed
I need to hear you say
That I love you
I have loved you all along
And I forgive you
For being away for far too long
So keep breathing
'Cause I'm not leaving
Hold on to me and
never let me go


all is well on molly's watch

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okay so not everything is well but things are better. the lattice work holding up the semi delusion is firmly entrenched and doing it's job. as i told green latern earlier, i love Him and i know this struggle is worth it in the end. each day bonds us closer together and allows us to see one step further into our future. six months, one hundred and eighty or so days give or take, He walked into my life. with possibly the silliest line i've ever heard, no i take that back, i went to school in nashville and woo some of the menfolks were interesting to put it politely. anyway back to the line, A friend told me that you were in search of a little new loving. it just seemed sweet and cute and had a fair bit of corniness. anyone willing to embarass themselves to get to know me was worth at least a conversation. mind you i had badgered the hell out of Night Owl about Him for a few days before we actually talked but still the conversation could have been awkard and stilted and then i would have been annoyed.

however, much to the surprise of both of us, that wasn't the case. we have had easy, insightful, flaky, flirty, silly, mushy, loving and all around wonderful conversations since we met. the only time we felt even the slightest bit strange was the day He left for basic. neither one of us wanted to say what we were thinking because it seemed wholly impossible to be thinking that so soon. He was really going to miss me as much as i was going to miss Him and we had just met. save that moment though, the transition from perfect strangers to now has been fluid and more than either of us anticipated with that first ding on the im window. this situation has made us grow and change in ways that i don't think we could have seen then but this too has been for the benefit of both us and our family and friends. i know that i am stronger and more communicative about what it is i want, need and expect with everyone. and i have grown in my submission in a way i couldn't have ever dreamed of back when i finally could label what i am.

having His guidance and support and love has all been responsible for keeping me on this path. i am simultaneously juggling keeping things together at home, at work, getting to know Littlest Soldier and my extra activities with just being there for Him and trying to make the bizillion miles between us not seem so big when He gets time for joining me in securing the lattice work. the stories, the requests, the insinuated plans for my backside have all led me to be deeply and totally committed to Him. He happily agreed to the one idiosyncratic part of who i am in service. i am terribly attached to the word Daddy. maybe because i loved mine so much but Daddy in general just seems to perfectly encompass what i want in a Dom: loving, protective, open, honest, funny, providing structure and boundaries to my world at large. thus far i can't think of anything in there that He isn't doing for me. all of this last six months, one hundred eighty days give or take, have given me someone that keeps me horny and keeps me smiling. He's great and after what can only be described as a peace talk/cease fire---i had a discussion with my mother that didn't end in me tossing my hands in the air in frustration. will wonders never cease? lol i'm silly.

all right y'all nighty night


sugar and spice

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Sugasm #43 Final Version

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Valerie Cortez licks her lips because the Sugasm is so sweet. Pic provided courtesy of Hot Box Babes.


the return of molly blane

Monday, August 21, 2006 4 comments
ok things have been very light around the rope as of late. i've been happy about that and about the cause of the glee. i mean what's better than having a man that loves and supports you even when He's halfway across the globe? i know someone will probably say not having Him halfway around the globe would be better and while normally i would say, He'll be home soon enough, i can't say that right now. i have known since He arrived to help defend our positions in the Middle East that He wasn't in some underground facility tucked safely away from the world and in no real danger. i mean i have been consciously aware of it since then, primarily because if i'm not then i might lull myself into thinking oh just because i haven't heard from Him in the last seventy-two hours doesn't mean that anything is wrong. my reality as firmly entrenched in the next gap in communication may be the last. it's part of why i appreciate the time we do get to chat as much as i do. it's why i reread my letters and check on His daughter and my girlfriend as much as i do. the reality of our lives right now is we're one stray bullet or explosion away from not having them anymore. however, i've managed to keep that reality at bay to some degree. i mean if i'm constantly worried---conscious isn't exactly the same as being worried---then i can't write my smut, send Him sickeningly sweet gifts or otherwise dote on Him while i can. so really i have a carefully crafted realistic view of life that i can periodically pretend is not really happening.

that was taken from me a few days ago. not because He meant to or He could have prevented it but i'm in the middle of repairing the fragile facade of normalcy right now. two men, two men that should have been home with their families, were killed a few days ago. He didn't really want to tell me but of course, me being me, i pushed until He told me what had happened. all i could say then was i'm sorry. all i can really say now about it is i'm sorry. i am sorry they are dead and their families will be left to grieve that loss. and i feel horrible for thinking---but i'm glad He's okay. emotionally no, He's not on the top of His game but as far as i know right now He's physically okay and for that i cannot ever state how grateful i am. there may be a day that i can't say that, my daydreamy world knows that but now i have to admit to the same look of relief i saw on molly blane's face everytime she knew her husband was coming home. just went looking for a picture of her being relieved, how about not so many floating around lol. her looking pensive, covering Jonas' ass and tending to the other Unit Wives yep--but no relief. the one picture i kept finding was of her looking very happy and very in love holding her husband. i posted it before when we first discussed becoming molly. i had to go find it, i miss molly and jonas.

anyhoo, the peace and quiet is always fragile around here. between my overactive mother and my natural solitude seeking personality, home is never really my sanctuary. pondering my life with Him. the kisses, the kids, the knives along my back lol, all of it has kept me sane when nothing else would have. but because i aspire to behave with the same sort of calm the woman pictured below embodies in her fictional world i am rapidly rebuilding the framework on which i've hung my hopes for the future. He will be home and He will be okay and i will keep reminding myself of that, and Him of that and Night Owl of that until it actually happens. Daddy and i have entirely too much to do to think otherwise right now. so i'll just slip back into molly mode right now. y'all just bear with me okay.



Sugasm Twisted

Saturday, August 19, 2006 No comments
Hey folks,

i'm not sure how much attention you pay to the sugasm posts but there is a new twist to the sugasm list. each post is vying for the top three spots. this week part iv of the honeymoon is in contention. please reread it and if you LOVE it, vote for me by sending a post to and tell em red's your favorite lol.



randomness i promise

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okay first i apologize to those that may have tried to access the blog through old links in sugasm. when i moved the server over--the old posts remained linked for a while so i left them alone. however, i think my old page has finally been destroyed so i have updated the links to reflect that. all the smut is now housed on the ropeburn domain name. if you got here and used to link to the blogspot page i'd love it if you would update to this address.

umm secondly i'm amazed to find my blog referenced as a spot to check out. when roaming through my sitemeter visitor list i stumbled on a blogger that had been listed on fleshbot. i went clicking aroud and was shocked to see the blog mentioned here with the Missing Him post--one of my favorites. i also found myself mentioned on bdsmweblobs here a few weeks back. so what is the point of all this? while i know i have some loyal readers, it never occurs to me that folks outside of that group really read me enough to like what's posted. yes i'm kinky, yes i'm an oddity in bdsm culture to a degree, yes i'm totally in love with my Dom but really i think i'm boring sometimes--especially when no one says anything about what they are reading lol. beyond that, i was clicking around fleshbot to see if there was anything else of interest and found this writing contest. i don't know if either of my submissions will make it in as both are probably well over the word count but they are the two that Roaming Soldier and i like the best. if i make it in i'll be sure to let you all know so that you can PLEASE vote for me lol.

other than that, nothing much is going on. life is good, i'm happy as a clam. tired as a dog but happy as a clam. oh and i have to say that ms. green hornet has made me smile so much this week. she's been cracking me up with her chastity laments (oh do i feel her pain lol but at least i can kill kittens) and made me feel ever so honored when she sent me a present, a bracelet/anklet that she had served in. of course i like the tingling noise and it made me think of that morning wake up in one of the honeymoon stories but i know what it meant to her and i respect the gift more than i could possibly say. Night Owl and i are actually getting to sleep somewhat on time for a change. we still talk much later than we probably should more often than not but it's necessary. we make fun of each other for being "mushy", for talking about our partner named stuffed animals (mwuah big kiss to Daddy Bear), and otherwise crack jokes when the mood strikes. while i would much rather have Him home, Roaming Soldier is doing well and enjoys the randomness that is my brain as well as those boxes of chocolate i ship Him and His unit. and Littlest Soldier has told RS that she likes me and i swear between that, my girls and my gift and her Dad are the best things that have happened in a while. all is good around this way.

y'all be good


The Honeymoon's Over

Thursday, August 17, 2006 No comments
The plane landed on time for a change. They'd get tonight alone before their daughter returned and life as a family officially began. He was loading their car while she talked to someone on the phone. she hung up and made another call. Once she checked on the little one, she gave Him the phone so they could chat while she slid into her seat. He got in and finished the call and then started the car. "baby why are we headed to the office? Don't we have more interesting things to do at home?"

"Of course we do but i have a surprise for You there. Come with me Daddy, i promise i won't keep You there longer than You need to be."

He cruised through the streets absentmindedly, having made the trek over to her office or more than enough to know the way. she led Him to the locked door and turned the key on the private practice she shared with a few colleagues. A sub they knew from the area was at the receptionist desk and He looked at her and then at His wife slightly confused. she smiled at Him and told Him that He should check in with the receptionist and sashayed away from Him to her office. He figured He play along and checked in. the submissive smiled at Him and then buzzed His wife. He expected her to come get Him right away and was stunned when five minutes had gone by and she hadn't walked out yet. He sat down and watched His watch and the receptionist for the next ten minutes. He was about to demand she be buzzed when her office door opened and she walked out to get Him. she had changed into a pair of lined hose, four inch stillettos He was sure she never wore to work, a black skirt slit up her thigh, a white button down shirt and a black jacket to match her skirt. she had brushed her hair back into a simple pony tail and put on a fresh coat of lipstick. she looked over at their friend and winked at her before saying she could go home early. that He would be okay with her as He was her last client of the day. the sub left her chair quickly and His wife walked over to lock the door behind her.

"sorry to keep You waiting Sir. Please follow me to my office and i'll see what i can do to be of assistance to You," she said in a well rehearsed and very professional way. she had idle chit chat with Him until they reached her office and she locked the door behind them. she let Him choose where He wanted to sit and then sat opposite of Him. "Tell me what's bringing You in today."

He wanted to see how far she would take this before she pounced on Him so He decided to play along. "Well I just married a wonderful woman but I think she might be bored with our sex life."

"Really? Why do You think that?"

"Well we just landed from a very romantic and passionate honeymoon and she wanted to go into her office instead of going home."

"What kind of work does Your wife do?"

"Actually, I feel a little silly. she's a therapist, just like you."

"What do You know about what Your wife does at the office?"

"Just what she chooses to share. Mostly she seems to help people plan for their lives and time after therapy ends. I don't think she's doing anything above and beyond that, or at least I hope not but her client must have been very important to her if she wanted to come instead of letting Me take her to bed again."

"Did she mention what type of client she had?"

"No not really, just that she had a surprise for Me," He was getting a bit annoyed now. His sexy therapist fantasy was getting crushed by the conversation. But at that moment she did what she normally did and tapped into His consciousness.

"Well i will have to admit, Your wife asked me to talk to You. she wanted to let You see for Yourself if there was any truth to that hypersexual therapist fantasy You have been having."

"Is that right?"

"Yes it is," she said as she shook her hair out and stood up. she took off her jacket and placed it on the chair at her desk before sitting down again. she crossed her legs and He saw the skirt ease up her thighs a bit, just enough so that He could see the lacey tops of the pantyhose she was wearing. "Now what do You think a hypersexual therapist would do in this situation?"

"I think she would probably unbutton her blouse and take off her skirt," He said as she followed His tacit instructions. "Then she would probably straddle Me in this chair and unfasten My belt." she did just that and let her hand reach inside His pants and start stroking His dick. He moaned just a bit as she prepared to slide onto the floor and go after her bottle. He stopped her and started talking again. "I think she would let Me get very aroused and then she would be stunned when I ripped her clothes off and took her on the floor of her office." He almost wished she hadn't taken off the skirt as it would have been fun to rip it off of her when she was bent over in front of Him. Instead, He ripped her panties in half and tossed them aside. He kissed her roughly then licked and bit at her neck and breasts. He bit her so hard she could feel the skin break. she only begged Him for more. He fixated on her nipples like normal and felt her pussy grind against His leg. He almost tossed her on the floor He was so ready to be inside her again. she giggled and enjoyed the feel of carpet underneath her.

"And what do You think this hypersexual therapist would do next?"

"she'd moan."

"Moan? Why moan," she said, her voice trailing off as she understood why the woman in question would be moaning.

He slid inside her and rested for a bit. He let her adjust to having Him dancing at her entrance before He gave a nice long shove and was grinding against her. "That's why," He replied with a smirk. He watched as her eyes rolled back and then closed slowly. her hips rolled up off the carpet with each thrust He gave her. she was liquid and happy and He was wondering why they hadn't had sex in her office before. The floor was perfect for inflicting carpet burns. "Then she would struggle a bit as she figured out that her career might be on the line if she didn't keep me a happy customer." she got the clue and fought Him a bit. He grabbed her wrists and fucked her harder. she moaned louder and He laughed, almost maniacally so, into the air. she came around Him then and He started talking again. "I am also sure that she would know, if she had been properly informed by My wife, that coming without My permission is an explicit no no." He bit her lip and asked if she understood. she nodded and felt His hand come down to her nipples and start twisting them mercilessly. she screamed out in pain and was silenced when He looked at her and shook His finger no. He let go of her wrist entirely and grabbed her left leg. He crossed it over her right leg and made her look like a little naked pretzel. He shoved Himself all the way back inside her then and began fucking her with the type of vigor that could cause serious injury to both of them. her tits were bouncing wildly and her eyes were glazed over when they were open at all. His hand yanked her hair back and she moaned out again. He leaned down and kissed her then. The assault was easing up and she was thinking He was getting tired. He slid out of her slowly and then whispered in her ear, "then My good hypersexual therapist would climb between My thighs and suck My dick clean."

she smiled absentmindedly and did what He wanted. she savored the taste of the two of them as she gently cleaned Him up. she was overjoyed when He started stroking her face and then grabbed her hair and started fucking her face. it was the most wonderful sensation. well not as good as Him buried inside her pussy but she relished sucking His dick. He was relishing her enjoyment and didn't try to hold off when His nut was ready to burst forth. He fucked her face a bit faster and harder before getting perfectly still and letting the floodgates loose. When she was done swallowing everything that He had to offer, she rolled onto her back and let her head rest on His leg. "Is there anything else i can do to help dispel that fantasy for You sir?"

"Yep you can climb onto that sofa, toot that ass up in the air a bit and brace yourself. The honeymoon's not over till babygirl's plane lands." He fucked her on every surface in her office until they were both exhausted and likely to be limping the next day. Neither one of them had witty comments then. They dressed just enough not to be arrested on the drive home and then walked together to the door holding on for dear life. "I love you baby."

"I love You too Daddy," she said while He closed the front door and led her upstairs to sleep.


The Honeymoon Part VI

she woke up to Him putting away the toys. He'd cleaned everything and was putting them back in their various places in the toy bag. He heard her stretch and moan a bit and stopped what He was doing. He sat on the bed next to her and palmed her face. "How is my little girl doing this morning?"

"i'm fine Daddy. what are You doing?"

"Tucking away all the things we don't need today. Might as well do them now so we don't have to rush in the morning. Hop in the shower and then make us something to eat. I should be done by then," He said chuckling looking around at all the stuff they had been playing with over the last few days. she enjoyed her shower and hummed to her self as she moved around the kitchen cooking for the two of them. she was setting the table as He walked into the kitchen. she fixed His plate and then sat down to eat with Him. she was enjoying a few grapes and watching her lips curl around them suddenly made the meal less interesting for Him. "baby, let's go back to bed now."

"what? i thought we were going out to do some more sightseeing. Isn't that what You said yesterday?"

"Yep but Daddy has changed His mind. Quit asking so many questions before I tie You up again." she smirked at Him then. "What's that for?"

"You put away all the rope Daddy but i will rush on to the bedroom because i'd hate to see Your mood if You have to go get it." she slid past Him and slightly out of His reach. unfortunately for her since He was so much taller than she was He caught her quickly and spun her around in His arms before they fell on the bed laughing. "Now You know i love spending all day in bed with You but shouldn't we take at least a few pictures so everyone doesn't correctly assume we spent all day every day in bed with one another?"

He thought about that for a second and said she was right. He grabbed a few outfits for both of them from their suitcases and ran outside to the beach, the main house, and various sites around the resort. They changed and repeated the procedure a few more times. By the time they filled up the memory card on the digital camera, they were hot and sweaty. she was desperate for a shower but looking at Him nice and glistening made her forget about that entirely. she coaxed Him back into the bedroom easily. she pushed Him down on the beds and climbed on top of Him briefly. she licked His cheek and purred in His ear. His hands snaked around her bottom and started massaging it. she sucked His chin a bit and then licked straight down to His neck. His hands slipped away a bit and He exhaled loudly as she bit into His neck forcefully. Once the shock of the moment had passed, He regained His senses briefly. His arm trailed up her back until it was entangled in her hair. He snatched her head back so that she was sitting upright over His waist. He sat up with her and returned the favor. He was biting into her neck and she was turning into putty in His hands. Just when He thought He had the upper hand again, she started undressing Him while taking off her own clothes.

"Forgive me Daddy. You just look and taste a little too yummy for me to stop just yet."

He laughed at her then and just settled into the bed once His top was off. she moved quickly taking off all of their clothes and leaving it in a pile with the other outfits they had made quick changes in and out of earlier. she took her time to massage Him on her way back to her perch on top of Him. she licked wherever she felt and watched Him try to squirm away from her for a change. she loved it even though she knew He'd get control of her eventually. she slipped Him inside of her carefully, relishing the feel of Him the more she slid down until their bodies met. He sighed and shifted His weight so that at any point in time He could slam into her at will. she shuddered a bit and then leaned back over to suck and lick on His neck. her hands encircled His neck and His curled around the small of her back. They moved together slowly, her muscles contracting around Him and Him pulsating deep inside of her. He shook her mouth free of His neck and started kissing her. As the kiss intensified so did their movements. Never so forceful as to break the kiss but their movements became more urgent and needy. He felt the twitch of her pussy begin to shake her orgasm loose. she broke the kiss and sat up. He went up with her and feated on her nipples. her hands fell at her sides and she came in a rush. she started laughing a bit as her mind was again flooded in happy sensations. He seized the moment to flip her over onto the bed. He slid out of her and between her thighs while she was trying to recover from her orgasm. her eyes snapped open when she felt His fingers and tongue spread her open and dive in. His tongue was forceful and covered the length of her slit with each stroke. her toes curled and she tried to push Him away with the soles of her feet. He stopped His exploration long enough to force her legs together and then straight up in the air. He buried His face in her pussy again after daring her to move. she writhed on the bed and started begging for her bottle. He paused only long enough to crawl over her and let her suckle Him into her throat. He pushed her legs down and apart and resumed His licking. Their oral explorations were as slow and intense as their fucking had just been. she licked a nut out of Him first even though her second orgasm followed His quickly.

They lay next to one another laughing for a good long while as fingers and tongues journey to cover nearby flesh. They finally got up an took that delayed bath. she lit candles while He made sure there would be food to eat when they were done. The water was warm and smelled very sweet. He had dumped in a few rose petals when she wasn't looking and periodically they stuck to their skin. He washed her off gently shortly after she did the same thing to Him. They heard a knock but were too preoccupied to get out of the tub then. He called out to leave the food on the kitchen table and enjoyed the feeling of her licking and kissing on Him again. she was atop of Him again and was riding Him with just enough speed to cause ripples in the water. she hadn't been this amorous of her own volition in quite a while. she fucked Him at a nice even rhythm until they were starting to knock more water out of the tub than they liked. He carried her into their bedroom and sank into the bed with her. she resumed her position above Him until her thighs started quivering. He let her slide off of Him and leaned over to kiss her again. The kiss demanded their bodies comply with the urge in it. He was back inside her before long and her legs got entangled in His. her fingers trailed over His chest and felt His chest as His breathing got more intense. her hands roamed up around His neck and pulled Him down to her. she was kissing Him as her body exploded again. goosebumps were forming on her arms as she floated off on yet another wave of pleasure. He broke the kiss long enough to tell her that He loved her and then felt her lips yield to His again. His dick plowed into her again then. He was intent on setting her over the edge one more time and began to increase His speed. her hips rose off the bed to meet Him repeatedly as the thrusts started hitting the spot in her that made her clamp down on His dick.

Another five minutes passed at most before He joined her in an elongated orgasm. He fell onto the bed next to her and heard her giggling. He just gave her a kiss and pulled her close to Him. They never made it out of bed again that night. They woke up with a start and took a shower before hurriedly getting dressed. He made sure all the bags were packed while she made sure all the drawers were empty and their belongings had been collected. They made it to the airport and were shocked that they got through security so easily. When the gate attendent found out they were on their honeymoon she offered to bump them to First Class. He said no but if they wouldn't mind clearing out the rows around them that would be great. She just moved them to the very last row and bumped a few other passengers up a few rows. Once most of their companions were safely sleeping, He pulled her into the bathroom while they checked off the last must do item on the honeymoon to do list. They emerged a while later to the smile of a flight attendent who had been looking for them. They returned her smile and sat down whispering to one another. "Daddy we can send off that application as soon as we run by my office," she said as she snuggled into His shoulder and quickly fell asleep. He stroked her shoulder but had to wonder to Himself why they were going to her office.


new sugar for you

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The Honeymoon Part V

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They stirred in the bed around the same time. The night took more out of both of them than they could have expected. It was nearly lunch time and they were both starved. she ordered room service and readied the shower. He stretched out in the bed until He heard her call to Him that the water was ready. she got the door when the food arrived then returned to the bathroom. He pulled her into the water with Him and washed her hair again. she loved the feeling of His hands in her hair. she sighed and her head sank against His chest. she felt the conditioner slink into her hair and then His fingers trail over her neck. His grip tightened a bit and she hoped He'd keep the pressure building. her head was back under the water and then she was just standing letting the steam fall off of her. He handed her a towel and then walked into the bedroom. He dried off, put on a pair of thin sweats and walked into the kitchen. she braided her hair and tied it together with a scrunchie. she slipped into a simple maroon cotton shift and joined Him in the kitchen. They ate in silence but looked over the table at one another with lust filled eyes everytime they finished savoring a bite to eat. she finished off her juice while He finished off the fruit He had been enjoying. He looked toward the bedroom and she walked there immediately. There would be no games today, just the two of them enjoying one another until the sunset and they passed out.

she was sitting on the bed when He got there. He stood her up and pulled the straps of the shift down her arms. When it fell past her breasts He leaned down and took her nipples into His mouth. her hands grabbed His elbows while she got lost in the sensation. The sucking turned painful and then into soft bites. He left the straps of the shift drop and then slid His hands between her thighs. He stroked her pussy and clit. she sighed again and then gave Him the look. He smiled at her but let her wait. He felt her thighs start to quiver and then He just stopped. she was left there standing with a throbbing center and with the warm air caressing her slick nipples. she was so close to having an orgasm that she was tempted to just finish herself off while He was away but if He caught her then she would be in a world of trouble. He grabbed the toy bag from the closet and sat it on the dresser. He said strip while busying Himself in the bag. The shift was on the floor in a few seconds. He glanced over His shoulder and smiled. Short of sucking her finger, she was being perfectly still. Normally, He'd feel an urge to just bend her over, make her grab her ankles and fuck her stupid. But He tucked that urge away and pulled out Him, a light crop and three knives. He placed them on the nightstand and then went back to the bag. He grabbed the metal cuffs and walked over to her. He kissed her sweetly, spun her around and cuffed her wrists. He kissed her shoulders and then placed her face down on the bed. He spread her legs and massaged her slit. When she was good and wet, Him slid between her folds as He watched. He always appreciated this vantage point. He like watching her body adjust to Him, watching her squirm and cum uncontrollably around His proxy. As soon as the shudder passed through her, He removed Him and shoved it between her lips. It would act as her gag for the rest of the day.

He grabbed two of the knives and started pulling them along her back. When He got to her bound arms the knives pressed in a little deeper until He heard her moan. He repeated the procedure up her back. He did it again and again until He was nearly drawing blood. When He was satisfied with that He dropped the two knives and picked up the third. He placed it flat against her pussy and let the trembling start again. she came quickly and soaked the knife. He smoothed it on her ass and rubbed in the wetness. she jumped a little until He slapped her ass and made her be still. The blows from the crop started easy enough. No more than one or two on any area of her skin that was expose to Him. They came faster and with more force before she could prepare her mind. Before long Him was out of her mouth and she was whimpering. she was ready to beg Him to fuck her and He knew it so He stopped the cane from raining down on her. He stood up and put everything on the night stand onto the dresser next to the bag. He uncuffed her wrists and rolled her over onto her pulsating back. The pressure itself was a bit more than her senses could entertain but the clover clamps being fastened to her nipples and clit snapped her back into reality very quickly. He was going to hurt her today. The clamps were digging in to her flesh while He grabbed and manipulated the skin around them. Feeling His tongue lap at her nipples made her writhe beneath Him. His fingers slowly worked their way into her pussy again. she looked at Him almost pleading for Him to be inside her now. He ignored her again and stopped. The lack of attention on her clit and tits didn't stop them from aching. He walked back over to her and slid a large vibrating metal ball inside her pussy. It was in the same vein as the nice vibrating eggs but big enough to really make her moan. Well that is if He didn't plan on fucking her mouth right then. He was careful to leave a bit of string visible so that He could go after it once her pussy was done pulling it further inside her. He rolled her over onto her stomach without taking off the clamps. The pain was immediate but it was tempered by the ball starting to shimmy inside her. her jaw dropped open and He took the opportunity to slide His dick inside her lax mouth. she immediately focused on His dick and created a near vacuum lock on it. her movements were slow and deliberate and He easily matched her pace. her lips folded around Him and caressed His rod to a near painful stiffness. her tongue slid back and forth along His shaft until He was ready to explode. He grabbed her ponytail and pumped her mouth until He unloaded down her throat. she wasn't surprised He didn't soften and she looked up pleading at Him yet again. He toyed around with the idea of fucking her with the ball inside her but He didn't want to have to explain that to the local doctor if they couldn't retrieve it or get through the metal detector on the way back home. He placed a hand on the small of her back to brace Himself once He'd moved between her legs. The string didn't seem all that sturdy so as many of His fingers as would manage slid inside her and around the ball and tugged quickly until it was out. He took off the clover clamps and stared at her for a moment.

"Are you sure this is what you want baby?"

"yes, Daddy."

He picked up a paddle from the bag and made her stand. she lay across His lap and raised her ass up a bit. He spanked her gently at first, smoothing the blows into her ass before striking again. Then without hesitation they got so intense she started crying. He spanked her silent and then waited on her breathing to return to normal. He placed her on her back then, warmed ass seeking out comfort from the soft sheets and then spread her legs. He was inside her but only enough to make her inch toward Him in desperate need for the rest of Him. He shoved no more than an inch or two of Himself inside her for nearly ten minutes. her eyes immediately glazed over when He finally gave her all of Him. The minute that occurred His hands wrapped around her throat as they had earlier. This time there was no hesitation. The grip tightened the harder He fucked her. soon she was gasping for air and beating at His arms. she would have appeared to be in distress to anyone watching but her pussy was so wet and fluid around Him that He couldn't stop yet. her wetness absorbed Him entirely and kept tugging at Him until He unleashed another torrent inside her. she came the second He released His grip.

"thank You Daddy," she murmured while He tried not to rest His full weight upon her. They rested like that for quite a while before He felt her pussy grab at Him again. He pulled her on top of Him and watched her globes bounce up and down as she rode Him. she leaned backwards and supported herself with her arms. He flicked at her clit making her buck on top of Him repeatedly. she came without Him and then found herself on her tummy with her ass up in the air. His violation was quick and forceful but the stroking seemed to go on forever. He pulled her arms back toward Him and helped her slam against Him when she got tired. she begged Him to fuck her harder, to use her as He pleased, take His pleasure from her aching flesh so He did, repeatedly, until He could no longer stand. The last nut wasn't as large as the previous ones but she felt full all the same. she whimpered again as He pulled out of her. she was in a daze but followed Him where He led. They were back in the shower when she came to her senses. He was soaping them both up and when she was nice and fresh again, He wrapped her up in a towel and took her back to bed. He ordered a light meal and a bottle of champagne. They ate in bed and watched the stars twinkle. she curled up between His thighs while He was discussing the plans for the next day so she heard only half of them but smiled at Him until He lay down with her and gave her what she wanted. Bottle securely in place, He played in her hair until they were both out for the night.


look who's a whole year old!!!

okay so really it's like a year and a week at this point as i totally spaced on what day in august the Velvet Rope was actually started. nevertheless, my one year anniversary in the blog world has come upon me. i wasn't planning anything particularly interesting to be sure. i was thinking i'd hit 30K hits around the anniversary and instead i'm hovering around 34K. i thought that maybe i'd put up a picture of my bottom but all the good ones are with someone else and i'd rather wait till Roaming Soldier got home to take anymore. it's amazing how much lovelier your body looks when someone else takes the photos lol.

a year ago i was getting my feet wet in the lifestyle. i was getting to know and enjoy someone that led me down a most interesting path. we took different journeys when we hit the fork in the road. i wish him well on his journey and i have been walking hand in hand with a new companion for the last six months or so. i can milk an analogy can't i lol. anyhoo. the scenery on this road has been a lot more stable, nurturing, enriching, funny and stimulating. it has blessed me with a whole new depth to my submission and my plans for the future. of course it has increased my smut output as you can readily see and the most important thing of all of that is it has made me quite happy. as if you all didn't know it before i am wonderfuly in love and making plans for a very pleasant welcome home. the blog of course has had a very sexy and needed facelift. thanks to mija for bearing with me through the redisign and domain transfer. it's all moving along quite nicely now.

i am totally unsure of what the next year will bring for your faithful blogging subbie girl. while nothing is promised in this life, i'm 99.9999999% sure that the current cast of characters will be around then. someone remind me next august 5th to say happy anniversary to myself lol.

love ya

ps enjoy the clip, the singing is in english, have no idea what they are speaking


i love this song

okay the movie was a little goofy and who would really believe that roger and jessica would be together in real life--if that was even possible lol--but i adore this song and how it was weaved into the movie.


The Honeymoon Part IV

Friday, August 11, 2006 2 comments
He awoke from what He thought was a very pleasant dream only to find that she had actually climbed between His legs when she woke up and started sucking her bottle. He pondered making her stop when she realized He was awake and briefly let go of Him.

"good morning Daddy. How are You doing," she asked with a smile on her face.

"Not as good as I was a minute ago. Don't let Me interrupt you. I'll just lay here and let you take advantage of Me," He said as He stretched out and inched His dick closer to her mouth. she giggled and resumed her sucking. her tongue, as usual, was hyperactive. it covered as much of Him as it could on each stroke. He felt her head get very still and was about to look down at her when He felt her tongue lapping at the base of His dick. He shuddered a bit and closed His eyes. He felt her lips form into a tight smile and she let her tongue loose on Him again. she was gentle and licked Him softly and then she was intense and focused and creating a lovely suction around His dick. her lips were so smooth and soft and she was taking the length of Him easily. He was beginning to get close to the point of no return and they both knew it. He knew what she wanted but He wanted something Himself so He stopped her. He pulled her up to Him and kissed her, "thanks honey, can't think of a better way to wake up, well than this way." He told her to lay face down and climbed on top of her. He slipped inside of her after a little squirming on her behalf. He liked it when she wiggled her ass that way but for a moment they just lay there and sighed before He began a long slow stroke into her wetness. He pumped her as slowly as either could bear for a little while. By then her clenching got more insistent and His urge to cum inside her was central on His mind. The strokes got shorter and more demanding, her ass shoved back at Him coaxing Him deeper inside of her. low grunts were escaping from her mouth and He just kept telling her that she was by far His favorite place to wake up. she moaned out that she wanted Him to hurt her and He obliged. He slammed into her with such force the headboard was banging into the wall. she wailed out a bit and her whimpering sent Him over the edge. He unleashed His nut and mixed her wetness with His own. He stayed buried inside her until He felt the need to bite into her neck. He lowered Himself gently on top of her and started sucking softly before He bit into her flesh. she sighed, shuddered a bit herself and came hard around Him. "That's a good girl. you knew that's what Daddy wanted." He held her close to Him and they drifted off a bit before the warmth of the room became a bit oppressive. They got up and got in the shower. it was fun and soapy but they skipped fooling around then. They got out of the water, toweled off and sat in the kitchen snacking on a light breakfast.

"now what," she asked as she pulled a leg into her chair making her look all of seven years old.

"How about we go play in the ocean," He replied.

"Daddy, You know i don't swim," she said looking at Him with her eyebrow raised.

"I know that honey that's why we are going to play. I won't let you get too far out or drown," He stated as He pulled her out of the chair and into His lap before kissing her. she nodded okay at Him and then went back to put on a swim suit and some shorts. He pulled on a long pair of trunks then grabbed two towels for her to put in a bag. They slipped on some sandals and headed out. They joined the rest of the beachgoers and splashed around in the water. The hours ticked by quickly and her mind started racing toward what the game for the night would be. In all honesty, He had nothing planned but when she ran into His arms and asked He decided to make this one quick even if it wouldn't be easy. "you have two options. you can run back to the house and strip, get into position on the bed and take fifteen good lashes from the whip or you can sink into the water now and suck until you make Daddy cum." either way it wasn't going to be an easy task. she hated the whip almost as much as she hated the thought of being submerged under water. He could see her brain turning it over. Fifteen directed shots or perform oral sex somewhat publicly?

"what happens if i come up for air before You cum?"

"Nothing will happen unless you give up entirely."

"ok what happens if i can't take the fifteen?"

"Then we come back out here and Daddy gets head on the beach."

she grabbed His dick through His shorts in an attempt to get a better gauge on what she was looking at. she pulled Him a bit further out in the water so no one would immediately notice her head bobbing under the water. she yanked His shorts down and disappeared under the nice warm water. His face briefly contorted because of the mix of sensations. His dick was floating in the water a bit and she was sinking further down on it with a powerful lock on Him. she pumped for all she was worth and suddenly felt her breasts being freed and the top of her suit being removed. that made her bob to the surface for a moment. she looked up at Him who gave her a very innocent look. she shook a bit of water off of her, took a deep breath and disappeared again. His fingers toyed with her nipples and she engulfed more of Him. He was enjoying it but figured there was another way for them to both to win and her not drown. He pulled her up, told her to move her suit to the side and give Him a hug. she did as she was told and then He grabbed her thighs. she took the signal and wrapped her legs around His waist. He kissed her and then let her sink down onto His dick. They developed an interesting rhythm against the tide and in an effort to remain undetected. her pussy was gripping Him as tightly as her arms were around His neck. she was panting and moaning in His ear, periodically becoming just a bit incoherent and then telling Him how much she loved Him. A powerful orgasm overtook her and she let go of Him. He tried to catch her but she fell back into the water creating another lovely angle for Him to delve into her pussy. When He was sure she was floating He grabbed her hips and pumped into her. It didn't take long before He began pumping double time inside her and came inside her for the second time that day. she pushed away from Him a bit to adjust her suit and then noticed the small crowd that had been watching them. she blushed a bit and then asked if she had won. He looked back at the crowd, at the men who were giving Him the "lucky bastard" look and said yes. He collected her and they went back to the bungalow. They ate lavishly. The resort had wonderful room service. After they finished dessert, she wanted to take a shower but He suggested something else instead. He helped her wash her hair before they settled into a nice hot bubble bath.

"Daddy, i have a confession to make."

"What's that baby?"

"i was hoping for something harder today. Don't get me wrong i'm glad i won, that means no spanking, but it didn't seem that hard to fuck You in the ocean."

He thought about it for a moment. "Okay baby, it's time to get out of the tub." He let her dry off and lotion up her skin. she was sitting in her towel on the edge of the bed and singing to herself softly. He picked up her hands and kissed them softly before He slid them into a pair of leather cuffs and made them very tight on each wrist. He unhooked the metal clip that kept them together and had her lay face down on the bed. He knelt over her and slid a spreader bar behind the slats of the headboard. Each wrist was fastened to an end of the bar and then He stood up again. He grabbed the whip and a paddle full of holes and put them just inside her line of vision. He picked up one of the candles from the display the resort set up and lit it and then He walked out of the room. He went into the kitchen and made Himself a drink. He sat and played with the satellite tv and listened for her whimpers to start. When they finally did He only replied, "But you told Daddy you wanted something harder. Be quiet or I'm going to hurt you. Hell I'm going to hurt you anyway but be quiet now." she was silent then and He relaxed a bit more. He'd been gone nearly an hour before He went back into the room. The candle had accumulated a fair amount of wax by then. He picked it up, walked over to the bed an without saying a word poured it all over her back. she cried out from the unexpected stinging. "Daddy had just planned on fucking you again this evening but you wanted things hard."

"Daddy i didn't mean that...."

He cut her off then. "It doesn't matter what you meant, only what I heard. So now we are going to have it hard." she didn't say another word until she was asked a question. Five lashes from the whip were intermixed with ten very forceful swats from the holed paddle until her fifteen was reached. Each contact with her skin was spaced out to give her enough time to anticipate the next blow. Each strike was harder than the last, cutting into the wax whenever her back was the focus of attention. The pain was starting to cause her to float off and the wetness dripping from her belied her momentary hatred of Him. He was hard enough to bore into her thigh and come out the other side at that point. He couldn't have asked for someone to relish pain more than she did but she had also pissed Him off and that had stiffened Him a bit as well. The smattering of wax on her flesh and the tears streaming down her face made it necessary that she be fucked until He knew she was sorry, soft and pliable to Him again and until she knew she was loved and cherished. He moved the toys to the bag and and climbed onto the bed. He pulled her hips up so that her ass was in the air and sank inside of her in one fell stroke. her hair was curly and wild since she hadn't been able to dry it before this started. her wimpering was seductive and her pussy was sopping. "Do you want Daddy hard now?"

"yes Daddy, please," was all she could get out but it didn't matter if she had said anything else. He lost Himself inside her walls. He pounded into her repeatedly and only laughed a bit when He heard the bar cracking into the head board. she moaned and grunted and cried out that she loved Him. He told her that she was going to stop being a bad little girl and be His good little slut from now on. she quickly agreed and came shortly after slut parted His lips. she'd be forced to cum four more times before He even entertained cumming. she had collapsed under Him twice and was crying again. He heard everything she said but was too focused on making her understand what she had done. when her voice meekly said, "Daddy i'm sorry," He finally felt the compulsion to cum. He grabbed her hair in one fist, pushed into her lower back with the other and stroked into her until she was screaming like a banshee. He came so hard and so much that He was dripping out of her and He was growling. when her hips fell, He let her rest on the bed. He didn't pull outo of her at all. He reached above her and unhooked her cuffs. when she was able to do so she took them off and let them hit the floor. she felt His body lower onto hers and His arms pulling her to Him.

"Don't make Daddy do that again."

"i won't i promise Daddy, i love You."

"I love you too baby. Go to sleep now. We'll clean up the mess in the morning."


the marrying kind

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okay so things occur to me randomly of course. i was driving home tonight and flipping through my copy of musicology before settling on one song and then right as i was pulling up to the apartment, i put on the song following this post (it's called the marrying kind just like this post is titled). i haven't listened to this song in a small eon. i love the song, i love the vibe of it, i love prince. anyhoo, it got me to thinking. mostly about my past relationships but the most immediate one as well. along with telling me i'm dangerous (see the post below this one if you are confused), men have often told me that the reason we are splitting up or the reason things didn't work out was because i have always been the type of girl you marry and not the kind you just sort of screw around with. i always found that to be amazing as in my mind i was spending a fair amount of time JUST screwing around. would i have given more to any one of them? yeah probably but they didn't ask and i wasn't going to volunteer that information. i think i actively rebelled against the whole "type of girl you marry" thing for a while. i mean i heard that and 1) heard an excuse but 2) heard damn i must be boring because men don't get excited about being with me.

however, i knew the last part was untrue. for the men i dated any length of time, they most assuredly got excited by me. now excited about staying with me is another question. i can be a bit much from time to time--typically when i'm feeling insecure, but even when i'm not i tend to be one of those give too soon type of girls. well i was, things with Roaming Soldier are entirely different but i'll get to that in a minute. i think i wanted the rush they got when they met me to stay perpetual, at least until i was sure that liked me a LOT or i was sure i didn't like them at all. i can admit i was just as weird as the men i was dating in my relationship issues. i can blame them for not being what i wanted or needed but truth be told it was just as much my fault for not walking away when i had a chance or for tolerating crap when i didn't have to. that sorta brings me to Emperor but not really. i knew when i met him i was looking for something permanent. we agreed to "play" together and see how it went. it went well and we moved on, so i thought, to something more solid. even when it was clear that wasn't on his mind, i stuck around. why you might ask? that's a good question. part of it i will always say is that lure of the first Dom. you don't really consider that a second one will ever be necessary until the first one is gone lol. the other thing is truthfully i thought he'd see that i was the kind of girl you marry. maybe he did and put me out of my misery in hoping that something more would happen or maybe it was just me being silly again. either way the rebellion in me stopped. i quit pretending to be anything other than who i was. yes i can get jealous but only when provoked. yes i can be the perfect little slut but only for the person that wants to claim me as His own and let my fantasies run rampant in His brain.

i am the marrying kind. i want to be the marrying kind. i enjoy being with one person. i enjoy planning a future with Roaming Soldier. i take pleasure in my daydreams about our family and children. and i enjoy thinking about all of the different kinky things the two of us can do to one another. so i've finally stopped running from one crappy relationship to the next. i stopped and gave a situation a chance. turns out that was the best decision i've made in the thirty years i've been alive. He's great and i couldn't be happier. i'll be the marrying kind of girl as long as He can keep me supplied with pillow cases--not to cry on thank God unless of course i'm in tears for another more pleasant reason but i'm getting off tangent there. okay enjoy the lyrics, i'm gone.


If U leave her now
U ain't never gonna see her again
She's gonna need a shoulder 2 cry on
She's gonna need a friend
She's gonna need a pillow case
Something 2 put those tears on
And Eye've got some purple satin laces
One second later than the second U're gone

She's gonna miss U at first
But then she's gonna buy me things
That's when Eye'm gonna lay her
Across my piano stool and sing 2 her...

"Honey, Eye tried 2 tell him
That U were the marrying kind
A faithful one-man woman
Best he would ever find
Eye guess he wasn't trying 2 hear that
So there ain't nothing left 2 say
Eye tried 2 tell him that if U run 2 me
Eye won't run away."

If U leave her now
U'll never get another glimpse
Eye'm gonna lace her
With enough ice 2 recap the pole
There might be another solar eclipse
She's gonna find out
What Eye like in my eggs,
My bathwater
And how a brutha likes 2 b touched
Eye am gonna put her on
The same diet Missy went on
U know she eats 2 much tonight

She's gonna miss U at first
Then she'll get used 2 me
All of the tricks Eye would try
2 make her take this ring
And make love 2 me



distracted and ditzy and dangerous?

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i haven't been at the top of my game lately. well the smut is still flowing nicely but that's about it. i'm tired at work, i'm tired at home. i'm horny as hell and then i feel like a nun. i enjoy sleeping but i'm not seeming to do very much of it lately and if i had my druthers (yes i used it again) i'd just be curled up with Him every night getting to work on the brothers and sisters Littlest Soldier would like to have. i'm not sure if that's the problem either. as of late when i'm asleep i can feel Him holding me. don't ask me how because He's never done it at this point but i feel a sense of security and hell snugness that my very empty bed cannot provide me on its own. it's a strange feeling but a welcome one all the same. but part of my brain is trying to shoo it away because i want to know what His arms actually feel like not my imagining of them. they may be exactly the same. it could just be that the very intense and lovely connection we have had almost all along has gotten a little stronger and i'm feeling what He's feeling across all these miles. i like that thought, it makes me sigh a bit. last night He told me that He was suiting up to go off on a mission, not anything resembling my favorite words. my brain screamed for a minute---why tell me this? what am i supposed to do now but worry? and of course i did worry but He tells me because He loves me. He tells me because as much as that screaming went on the rest of my brain said but i'd rather know to be worried than not. it's a tricky balancing act for sure. i love Him and support Him unconditionally. that doesn't stop me from cursing at W everytime i hear his name or voice or basically i'm awake. i hate the little bastard, i wish people hadn't let fear get the best of them two years ago and maybe we wouldn't be sitting in this mess now. maybe i'd be writing about my girl's wedding or planning my own or telling you all how much i hate morning sic kness but instead i'm apparently not noticeably shaken and missing Him more than i've missed another human save my father. my head is in a weird space. but i'll be looking forward to my snuggle tonight.

speaking of smut, i'll post part iv of the honeymoon after i finish part v and send it to Him. for those of you that like the idea of "little girl" being bad and "Daddy" having to punish her you will most definitely enjoy it. i did lol and He most assuredly did. hopefully i can keep my smart mouth in check when He gets home otherwise i'll be laying on my stomach trying to post on here lol. and i started making a list of songs i'm going to track on my cd player to see if i want to add them to a cd. if so then i'll burn as many as will fit and call it a day. He deserves a good soundtrack upon His return. if i don't like them i'll toss some out and throw some others in. thanks to my evil twin for the slowly hook up.

now you can see that i'm clearly distracted and a bit on the ditzy side so i'm sure you are now wondering about the dangerous. well see yesterday two men i find hilarious called me dangerous as we matter of factly discussed some bdsm related things and i had to stop and ponder for a minute. (this is me stopping to ponder, what i do it from time to time) anyhoo, so i stopped to ponder about all the different times men had told me that and some truly meant it in jest---you're dangerous--definition:
  • you could hurt a man (dying from an orgasm seems fair to me)
  • you could kill someone and no one would find out (they are probably right so don't push me)
  • you make a man think things he shouldn't (how i do this one is beyond me)
  • you are the type of woman some men dream about but all are afraid of (da fuck if i know on this one)
  • you are often underestimated until you're gone and that's fucked up for whomever you left (i'll agree)

counting yesterday, i've heard that phrase from almost every man i know over the last 10 or so years. the ones that haven't said it know me well enough to know that i really am harmless because 90 percent of the time i'm not interested enough in most folks to feel a need to influence their lives one way or the other. the other 10 percent that i am, well for the most part no one has anything bad to say about me. i've never been dishonest about my needs or wants. i try to tell folks what i think is going wrong before i bounce and unless i catch you cheating on me i'm almost always willing to give you ONE more shot. after that, pack your ish and bounce. i'm by no means an angel but really do i seem like a dangerous girl to you guys? (ok really can you see me as a dangerous little girl?)