it's all the rage

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okay coffee at darkconnections has gotten me hooked on StarDolls. i went on a spending spree last night and now i'm all tapped out. soooooo for those of you that are clicking around over this way be sure to click THIS LINK so that you can both see my doll and get one of your own. as soon as you get your sign up completed you get 50 fake bucks to go shopping with and i get ten more to feed my habit. i need to decorate the front room, please play nice with me (god that could be so misconstrued lol) and i'll love ya forever.

i'll post later. i was going to last night but exhaustion got the best of me. new smut is working its way out of my brain and into pages for Him. as soon as i'm done killing the kitties i'll be sure to post it all for you. in the mean time, let a sista go fake shopping for my virtual self so i can be all artificially sultry for my electronic fans.

love ya


the fact is....

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it's four am and i can't sleep. i haven't slept well since He's been gone more and more. part of it is worry, part of it is the hope that love gives you that He will be able to log on before i pass out, and part of it is because i need Him more than i was consciously aware of. all these dreams in my head, they aren't just my dreams---they are our dreams. if He's not there then they sorta don't matter. could i have kids with another man? i'm sure i could but they wouldn't be the babies i see in my mind right now. could i love another man? i'm sure i could, i've done it before now but none of that has compared to now in any shape or form. i am not only giving Him whatever it is i have to offer but i'm doing it without fear and for anyone that knows me they know that's a huge leap. i need Him to love me and hold me and give me my bottle. i need to serve Him and take care of His home and keep Him smiling. i need to feel His hands on my skin when He's focused and when He knows i just want to be connected to Him right then. i can function all by myself i know that, but i don't want to anymore. i want that connection we have to be strengthened over time and He be both awed and touched by the depth of it. i want to grow old and gray(er) with the man that finally made me the loving ready to pop out children smut producing kinky subbie girl you all know and love. i'm finally sleepy now. apparently i needed to get that out. enjoy the song.


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just silly

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i'll post again later maybe


i dig the boobs but.....

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okay so it's apparently the first day of my hormone fest. i mean really is it SERIOUSLY necessary to be all emotional just because your body is out of whack. i have this love hate thing with being a girl because of it. i mean really the boobs are great. they make my clothes fit correctly, they distract boys, and let's face it they are fun to play with. but what they don't tell you when you get your set of breasts is oh yeah well at least once a month you'll pay dearly for the rest of the time you get a respite. so here's the crappy time for me even though i did get to skate longer than normal. it probably wouldn't matter but all these things have been on tv today that had be sobbing damn near. i'm not depressed they were just really sweet stories and my normal aww that's nice response have been overridden by girly mode.

the first thing was a sister helping to give her sister a home on this show called hometeam. i rarely watch it. the stories are nice but i like extreme makeover home edition better. tonight the featured the ROGERS family whose home transformation just has to be SEEN. i was crying throughout the show. the family and their bond was one thing but getting folks from all over alaska to come help build on top of the community they live in nominating them for all of this was just too much for my adle brain. yeah i know i'm copping out in saying that i only let my guard down this way when i'm hormonal but it's true. if i let my brain and body experience all the crap that effects me on a daily basis i'd be a royal hot mess. since i like to be functional most of the time i try to skip that.

but i have to admit that it made me miss Him in a good way. i want to start my family now. i want to come home to a place that is filled with love and that the stress of my day can't matter because my time with my family is just beginning. living alone definitely has its perks. i desperately miss being able to come home and just get naked starting at the front door but i miss voices and action and a small bit of chaos too. my mother is here but a whirlwind of activity she is not. while i would never envy anyone the situation the rogers were living in i can most definitely say i envy the boundless love they displayed for one another and the sheer appreciation for life they had. so yes i still miss my Roaming Soldier but it's the kind that makes me smile right now.

okay enough before i get sappy again
love ya red


sleeping alone

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okay so this may be long and winding. you have been warned lol.

the last few days have once again been hectic. work is mildly overwhelming. my back was killing me. i've been inside wally world more than any human should have to be and then today when i was feeling all motivated to get to the gym, my mother drops yet another shopping list on me before i leave for work then i have to argue with the phone company for twenty minutes to figure out what the hell they have done to my phone service over two days that it's perpetually screwed up. i was headed directly to the store but decided, for my own mental well-being, to stop by the gym and go ahead and join. in my brain, once i join then i will feel obligated to go utilize what i'm paying for. the guy that handles the memberships wasn't there and i was tempted not to stay but i went and worked out anyway. nothing overly strenuous but i worked out on various machines till my legs got wobbly and then went to get the groceries. i damn near got drenched when i got home but that would have been just fine. i planned on washing my hair anyway so no biggie there.

my mother was actually polite when i got here and there were no major issues last night with the exception of the cable going out when the storm picked up. it died out then lo and behold in the middle of my drool fest the storm picked up and sounded like it was coming in the window. that's when the title of this post came crashing back on my forehead again. i love the rain. it makes me happy, horny and sleepy. i wanted to go stand on the balcony for a minute before the storm started blowing things away. the horny wasn't going to be tended to at all. i wasn't feeling motivated to get myself off and He's gone way far away. so that just left sleepy. as soon as i got a paragraph in on this post last night i fell asleep. i woke up, turned off the computer and back to bed. it was good sleep and i needed it but it reminded me again about the title of this post. it's not that i hate sleeping alone 99 percent of the time. i move around a lot when i'm sleepy unless i'm exhausted or on ambien. lately though, especially during the rainstorms, i have come to detest not having Him home. well even more than normal. so i'm lying in bed and clutching my teddy bear and missing Him. all i want is Him to be there with me right then so we can laugh at the wind screeching, me snoring and Him not fitting on my bed the right way.

the spankings would be great but really i don't even miss those the way i was before. it's sorta like that craving has been stifled. instead i work, i shop, i workout now lol, and i come home. i bake, i watch tv, i avoid my dissertation and i sleep. i play games, i curse at bad drivers, i wish for peace so He can come home and sometimes when i have had entirely too much then i just sit still and cry. that's not fun but i usually feel better later. i write Him letters, i send Him boxes full of chocolate, i wax poetic about paddles and nipple clamps when i send Him new smut and then i kill a kitten and call it a day. my mind seems constantly jumbled and all i keep thinking is He won't be there to unjumble it or making fun of me or letting me climb in His lap and just relax with Him.

seven months ago i was ready to sleep alone indefinitely. now the thought of doing it till this time next year just sucks. no i don't know that is when He'll be home but this whole stop-gap thing or damn near immediate lengthy redeployments are not making me think He'll definitely be home to stay anytime soon. that sounds so sad i know. especially since i love Him and everything He's brought into my life. ah well, i'm just rambling now. i need to check on His paddle now.

see ya later


damn the title

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really i can't think of one at all. i damn near fell asleep thinking of one. so anyhoo here's the deal. i spent the entire day, from eight to three, being mommy's chauffer. two doctors, way too much shopping, two meals and then back home. eight to three is my normal workday on tuesdays. to put it politely i was not a happy camper. not because i was annoyed but because i was tired. for some reason an eight am doctor's visit didn't say stay out till three to me. and really we left both doctors by 10:30 so the rest of my day was wasting time and gas. now she's in the back singing loudly and off key with marvin gaye. she's singing so loudly that she missed both knocks at the front door. one was from the maintenance guy here that i swear is mildy mentally handicapped. he's seen me go in and out of this apartment no less than half a dozen times and when i opened the door he said "ohhhhhh you live here" like it had just occured to him. add that to the fact that he seems to have a gathering of sixteen year old girls falling him around (not to speak to his mental abilities moreso than his maturity level) and he's almost always wearing wifebeaters (for those unfamiliar with the term please click here) and sweats he strikes an interesting image roaming around the complex. the second knock was a knock for me so that's not so bad.

it was the outfit i ordered from hips and curves (see link under shopping) to go along with my cookie peddling outfit. now of course i tried it on to see how it fit and where it might be tight. let's just say the tie and the top fit great. the skirt is in war with my ass and the jacket hates my arms, can't blame it i hate them too. immediately after wiggling out of the skirt and folding the jacket away to go back into it's nice storage spot i was reminded that instead of giving into my head screaming BED on the way home that i should just take my ass on over to the gym and sign up. as it stands right now, if i don't do it now--like the next sixty minutes--then my first shot is friday. tomorrow night is a see ya later dinner and thursday i have to attend an outreach project. i mean i guess it doesn't matter since i'm not really able to get to the gym before friday anyway but starting this friday (yes THIS one, no more bullshitting boys and girls) i have to get back to the gym. i'm not looking to become a guest star on "how i got skinny" (and before you ask i have no idea if that show exists lol) but i don't want to have to buy a larger size because my breasts and arms are in a civil war with the jackets i try to cover them with (oh in case i didn't mention it, unless my breasts deflate a bit with the rest of me that top button is gonna be holding on for dear life. that i'm not all that unaccustomed to, my breasts are large. short of surgery there's not a lot i can do about that).

so if any of you see me online before seven pm on friday ask me why i'm home so early. it's okay i give you permission. after that i'll think about posting a schedule to make sure i am regularly harassed even though after spending money on the real gym and the real workout clothes plus wanting to be able to keep up with "Mr. Super Stamina because i went back to basic and am now stuck in the desert" (better known as Roaming Soldier) and wanting to indulge in all those tossed into the wall fantasies rushing through my brain, the gym is a MUST. okay that's enough. see ya later.



red's chewy blondie recipe

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okay so i like to be difficult sometimes. brownies are great, can make them at the drop of a hat. however i've been craving blondies since i went to Chili's about two months ago and got frustrated because it had coconut in it. so i found a really reasonable recipe at recipezaar but it came out a little dry the first time so i added an extra egg the next time, perfect except i'm difficult and like to experiment. last night's stress induced baking experiment has cemented my recipe. so if you like blondies at all try it out and let me know what you think.

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Spray the bottom of your baking pan with cooking spray. I use a no name butter spray that works fine in the 13 by 9 by 2 pan.


1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup packed brown sugar (i tend to use a bit more because i love brown sugar)
1 stick of butter or margerine
3 eggs
1 teaspoon of vanilla
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 1/2 cup flour
6 oz (or more) of white chocolate chips
1/3 cup (or more) Heath Milk Chocolate toffee bits
1/3 cup (or more) Chopped Pecans
1/3 cup (or more) Walnuts

Soften butter and cream with both sugars until smooth. I use a hand mixer for this on the second speed. Add in each egg one at a time until blended well. Add vanilla and mix well. Add baking powder and salt until blended well. Mix in flour 1/2 to 3/4 a cup at a time. Batter will seem a little thick at this point. Stir in remaining ingredients with spoon. When the batter is mixed to your taste, spoon into pan and smooth into the pan fully. Bake until golden brown, could take between 20 and 30 minutes depending on your visual preference for the brownies. I like them a little darker but they fabulous either way.


forgive me if this goes too fast

ok i am clearly having a prince moment. and ummm if anyone knows what's going on with that lawsuit please feel free to let me know. anyhoo. it's been a few days again. i can't say anything has caused the absence. i've been no busier than normal even though the clients have been way more intense. my mother is being my mother and there's not much more to say on that. i came home and started baking which is always clue number 1 that i am more stressed than i'm willing to let on. well not only did i come back in and start baking. i left home after being out twice (we won't speak about the second trip right now because i would just choke my mother) to run to a store to get two extra baking pans so that i could make brownies at the same time, well blondies and brownies, and not have to wait until one pan was cool and ready to be cut.

i've been falling asleep without warning lately. i remember working on the computer and then i'm out like a light. i missed Roaming Soldier last time because of that, well and because the computer is periodically overrun by gremlins that make it reboot so i was knocked off of yahoo. i have to be up early as creation on tuesday to take the old woman to the doctor but i took the rest of the day off to do whatever i like. off tangent. i would really like a blondie but i am feeling too sleepy to get up and go get it.

ok so i went to sleep and i am now resuming this post. the storm is rolling in and and making me sleepier. i really got a good amount of sleep and it was wonderful. i had no dreams, well no dreams i can remember, because they have been awfully strange lately. i'd much rather be curled up with Him right now and waiting for Littlest Soldier to come running around the corner telling us to feed her. i feel a little tickle in my throat but it's not all that unpleasant yet. i'll take some cough drops until it gets unbearable then i'll drug myself up and call it a day.

despite dealing with mother and the client weeks from hell, i am actually doing all right. would i be better if He was home and we were taking care of each other? i'm almost certain of that. however, there's a fair to even shot one of us might be all pregnant and stuff and so the posts that weren't all smutty would be about how uncomfortable it is to have too many babies in your belly. well i guess it wouldn't be too many if they were there but lord knows i'd be complaining until they all came out. but then again i think i'm gonna be a complainer no matter how many are in there period. i just feel it in me lol. i have to say though that no matter how much i complain i'l probably be happy as a lamb when it's all said and done.

here's a surprise for me and hell probably all of you. i have yet to be excessively horny lately. have i been stressed? oh for certain and i have started baking in response to that. i turn into happy homemaker when i get superstressed. it really is quite sad lol, really. i could bake folks out of the house--cookies, brownies, cakes, pies and not stop until i was feeling better which when i switch into that mode takes a while. i am hoping the rain fixes that. i miss killing the kittens and damn it if they aren't running amuck through my brain. ahhh it's starting now. now if i could just climb up in His lap and bounce around it would be great. instead i went shopping for a new outfit that i'm sure He'll love and some more For Her to rub on myself whenever i get all cute and dressed up. in case you are confused, i have the spray, i just love lotion more so i got some from a discounter. narciso makes wonderful smelling stuff but ummm 50 bucks for lotion i can't pick up in town is crazy.

okay enough of my tangental babbling. have a good morning boys and girls and all those in between.


nocturnal submission

Thursday, September 14, 2006 2 comments
He was watching her from the door. she was laying on her stomach, smothering those ample breasts He loved to play with so much, fast asleep. well at least she looked that way from where He was standing. she was drifting in and out of consciousness and she was closer to being out of it at that moment. she thought she was dreaming that she felt Him so nearby but not next to her. a smile curled on her lips and she snuggled up with her bear. He walked over to her then and debated covering her with the sheet as she lay there or ripping off the only stitch of clothing she was wearing and molest her. she stirred briefly as He pulled the sheet up to her lower back and grazed her skin. she was soft, warm, and unassuming. her hair was falling about her face haphazardly. she was His sweet little girl, His most favorite cookie peddler and she looked like she needed the rest. He almost felt bad about wanting to wake her up but she kicked the sheet back off in her sleep and her barely covered bottom flashed at Him then. He stopped feeling bad as His big and little brain connected on the same idea.

He inched her panties down her legs, stopping whenever it seemed like she might wake up. He tossed them aside then climbed into bed with her. He straddled her legs and waited for her to shift in response to His weight above her. her legs parted slightly as she shoved herself up on the bed a little. it wasn't a lot of room but if He tried to force them apart anymore then she would surely come out of her stupor and kill His fun. His hands slid between her thighs and tiptoed to her pussy. for once she wasn't dripping for Him even though a few passes of His fingers produced some noticeable wetness. He smiled to Himself and licked His fingers clean before repeating His previous intrusion. He did it over and over again until she was nearly coming out of her haze. every time she moved more than an inch or two He'd stop and wait for her to be still again. when He began anew, each intrusion pushed into her further and threatened to make her cum in her sleep. His fingers slid inside her and pressed upward. her breath quickened, her legs squeezed tightly around His wrist and she started cumming on His hand.

He wanted to pull His hand away before she started moving again but that wasn't to be. her legs kept Him trapped as the walls of her pussy kept contracting around His fingers. the sensations were making Him rock hard and all thoughts of letting her sleep were quickly leaving His mind. but she wouldn't let go of His hand and His only other option was to yank it away and thus surely waking her up. a noise broke His concentration then.

"Daddy are You gonna fuck me now or not?"

He smiled and slapped her ass. she let go of His captive hand and rolled more completely on her stomach. He didn't bother to get undressed, choosing to free His dick instead and slid into her wetness without another thought. she raised up and met each of His strokes. their bodies moved with one another easily and tumbled toward orgasm with urgency. she bit into the pillow when He started slapping her ass harder. His hands slid over the tattoo on the small of her back and one arm ventured up to her neck. she cooed when she felt His hand pull at the tendrils of hair closest to Him. He tugged gently at her hair as He began moving inside of her more intensely. she sighed deeply as His fingers danced around her neck again before her body started the path to her orgasm. her nipples were hard as they swept back and forth over the pillow. little bolts of electricity were floating along her skin and leading directly back into her center. she felt like she was going to explode all over Him and He was wondering about that Himself. her pussy was tugging on Him harder and at that point He just let her body contort and contract around Him.

she shuddered as her first orgasm hit. she whimpered a bit when she noticed He wasn't set on tormenting her again. but it didn't take long for her to wiggle her ass into position and fuck Him from where she was pinned. her pussy was warm wet silky hand sliding around Him. she increased her pace and with each stroke she pulled Him closer to orgasm with her. His hands grabbed her hips and took over the thrusting again. before she could pant out that she loved Him she came again. she begged Him to cum with her and He couldn't help but slide over the edge. He loved it when she pleaded with Him so passionately. He focused His attention on plundering the lips that were speaking directly to His dick. she started moaning again and reached underneath both of them to grab His balls. she tugged and squeezed them both gently and heard Him moan from above her. He told her she was a bad little girl and emptied His dick inside of her as she let go of her final orgasm. she squeezed Him gently again and then released Him. her hands snaked out in front of her as she stretched under Him. He lowered Himself over her and spoke softly into her ear.

"you just refuse to let Daddy surprise you huh?"

"oh no i was very surprised until i started cumming Daddy. i was having a good dream but it wasn't THAT good," she said with a laugh.

"okay little girl. let's go back to sleep now darling."

He kissed her cheek and then snuggled with her until they both drifted off.


a little bit of sugar for you

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 2 comments

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this will be short

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say a prayer for all those that were lost five years ago on this date.

say a prayer for all of those that have died in pursuit of freedom from terrorists since then.

say a prayer for all of those still fighting for said freedom that may not ever be attained and for those that love them.

i'll post something more smutty and what not tomorrow. it just seems wrong today. i did get a chance to talk to Roaming Soldier before bed but technically today. He's doing as well as can be expected and both of us appreciate that everyone keeps sending messages and prayers up for His safe return. ok that's it. i have to hide from Twin Solider as Littlest Soldier is planting stickers all around the house. who knew she'd put them on the walls and not on her Dad's letters?



video killed the radio stars

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or happy 350th post! okay this post will be a little different. you don't have to watch the videos but it would make all of the babbling make sense as i move along. okay the last 349 posts will somewhat be encapsulated in these videos. feel free to hum along, laugh at me, or otherwise enjoy yourselves. shall we begin?

this whole blogging experience has just been surreal. the folks i have gotten to know. the folks that i have gotten rid of. the folks that have comforted me or let me into their lives as a result of the words they see here have been a whirlwind. it's been great though which is why i chose the song above this one. a big swirl of activity but nothing i'd ever regret.

there have been moments where events, people, or the combination have damn near shut me and this blog down. while i would post in the meantime, my patience is not the greatest and i think i was talking myself into remaining in the world at large not just the blogosphere. but i have to say after all is said and done it has made me stronger and more assure of what i want and don't want and what i can reasonably take in my life. enjoy the clip above.

sometimes it's good for me to remember that while i can maintain lower stress levels by letting some crap go, i have to seize opportunities when they come. not only seize them but enjoy the process. i did that about seven months ago and look where it's taken me. enjoy the clip above.

hey let's face it i'm a goofball, a horny goofball, but still a goofball. i love this song and it's message. we need to stop animal abuse---well except the kittens---click away to see how you can help.

skipping back a bit that seven month ago thing brought me a nice sweet kinky man who made me appreciate the song above in a whole new way.

thinking about Him too much can make me sad but it's only cause He's not here to help me rip off my corset like in the video above.

but when i get too sad i just think of what He's added to my life since He's entered it. i heard and loved this song a while back BUT again having someone who makes you hear music differently is a treat. it's not that i heard the song differently more than i can see where Ms. Anita is coming from now. girl loves her man, i concur.

it will be the simple things i appreciate more when He gets home than anything else. a Sunday morning in bed snuggling would be lovely. clickey clickey.

it would be even more lovely if we spent the Saturday night before in bed like this lol which brings me to the end of my video recap. life has been a treat and i only expect it to get better. tell me what ya think if you made it all the way down here and watched a few videos.


red's rules

Tuesday, September 05, 2006 3 comments

okay so in the midst of that long rambling post, and especially in light of the fact that Charlotte asked me about it in her comments, it now comes to my attention that i never actually posted what my rules are. well i will rectify that now but i will be editing them so they make sense. by that i mean the original rules were given in the context of a long conversation and they wouldn't translate easily here as they were written there.

  • Keep Daddy happy when He is happy, sad, irritated or mad. Okay that sounds like a bit much but really i am a uber goofball so that hasn't been too hard. Between the smut, the letters, the chocolate, the im's and making myself available to Him, our friends, and Littlest Soldier that hasn't been too hard to manage.
  • Be the perfect sub to Daddy's Dom. Okay when i read that originally i damn near freaked out. He said something that did reassure me after that but "perfect sub" carries a heavy connotation in my brain. Well it did i guess. "perfect sub" for the two of us is basically just me being His compliment. taking care of those things that i do better than He does and letting Him take care of those things He's better at. share my daydreams with Him and be honest with Him. heck the smut has inspired Him to think of a number of different things He wants to try out with me. so that whole "perfect sub" thing is less scary and more of an extension of how we already interact with one another.

okay so those are the rules as they stand now. we have talked about whether they need to be expanded and He said nope those would work just fine. as it is those aren't too hard to stick to. when He's home and having to deal with my mood swings then that might not be as easy to adhere to. or i just might be adding up punishments on the tote board. right now i'm accumulating fun spankings but those will be given when we both want them and when they can make us both pass out. so that's the haps around here with me and the guidelines.



Monday, September 04, 2006 2 comments
......or why i shouldn't roam the subverse late at night. today has been rather interesting. well i should say yesterday as it is currently five am. i did the good daughter thing and put in my monthly shopping day with mommy. not too painful and actually enjoyed most of it without getting annoyed. minor miracle there i swear. came home and while i got frustrated with my laptop for doing something weird, i just popped my aspirin and relaxed. we ate leftovers for dinner with no complaints--mind you they were leftovers from the lunch out but still it was a good thing. i missed Roaming Soldier initially but got my dose of Daddy in before He had to go back into the field. as soon as that was over i SHOULD have gone to bed. instead i played around on youtube and found a bunch of clips from sister act 1 and 2. they made me cry in the way that well sung songs can and made me miss church a bit. i haven't been inside of one since my father died and no it wasn't because of that i quit going. i do believe i just don't think i have to be inside church to be heard. okay moving on from the youtube moments i played around on blogshares for a bit before roaming the subverse. now i visited a few pages i don't normally and from there visited pages i don't think i've visited AT ALL. i was taken through a variety of emotions from bewilderment to bemusement to oh hell no i don't think so (what did you think i was gonna have another b for that?).

all in all it made me start thinking about what i post here and that for the last month or so i've been wondering why there were virtually no comments here about what was being posted. that was actually starting to frustrate me but hey it is what it is as i always say. i don't tend to blog about our relationship in D/s terms unless you are reading the newest bit of smut for RS. when we were introduced it was clear that i was a sub and He was a Dom but that never seemed to dominate the focus of conversation early on. and i think i've mentioned this before but i really think i was the one that inquired about the palpable attraction being moved out of a vanilla sphere because well vanilla is good to slip into sometimes during a D/s relationship but i crave the D/s so i'm not sure a strictly vanilla situation would have worked for me. i don't have to ponder that much though because He was receptive and very quickly it became apparent that we were very in tune with each other on this plane as well. so i think i never waxed and waned about the status of the relationship or what we were or what that would look like here. and i doubt i will now that i have come to this realization. we simply are together and understand one another and are good with that.

our lives are moving forward with other people in tow so some things we might have engaged in otherwise just don't matter. He knows that whatever He asks of me i'll do and i know He'll never ask more than He thinks i can bear without breaking into a thousand tiny pieces. for instance i only have two rules really. both of which seem to have been tailored to me even though He claims that He has basically used them prior to now. do i believe Him? of course, He's Daddy after all. would i ever check it out with a former sub? nope because they aren't together because she broke the rules apparently lol. no need to seek out her advice on how to abide by either rule. i love that we feed one another, not literally but figuratively. and for those of you that have been watching the a different world marathon then yes that should seem familiar. dwayne in an effort to comfort a friend/love interest as another relationship was ending told her something to the effect that right relationship for you feeds you. we spend a lot of time putting time and energy into relationships, romantic and otherwise. we often end up exhausted if those relationships aren't fueling us in return. He fuels me. He gives me the security and affection and basic communication to know that i am loved and appreciated. that in return fuels my desire to keep Him smiling and make His life easier and depend on Him when i need to but be strong enough to handle the other crap on my own for the time being. i'm getting fed again and it's good.

hmmm maybe roaming wasn't such a bad thing after all,


playing hookie

He massaged her shoulders before moving up her arms to where her wrists were suspended above her head. the sensation felt good, His hands massaging tired flesh was very nice, but it also gave her a chill. she knew He was far from done using her. but she was so desperate to have Him inside of her that her thoughts were all jumbled. she should have objected to the room when He had it built but she knew it would make Him happy and as a result she would be too. they had had some work done on the basement after it flooded a bit and when He saw that He could get part of it portioned off from the rest of it, He jumped at the chance. it had been soundproofed and the walls padded a bit just in case they lost absolute control of themselves and felt a need to slam into it a bit. the door looked like it was part of the wall if anyone saw it but He had planned for that as well and put a rather large bookshelf in front of it. it was on small rollers so that He could shove it out of the way whenever He felt a need to drag her inside. despite all the precautions they had made, He rarely used it when the kids were home. even if they couldn't hear the two of them, He didn't want them to need their parents and not be able to locate them. but it was a school day and they were off getting their daily dose of education. He'd convince her to stay home with Him and play. it didn't take much convincing, she didn't have that much to do at her office and she didn't want to go in the first place. she just didn't know He had a desire for a particularly long scene today.

it had started off slowly enough. He kissed her until she was breathless. He was the only thing holding her up at that point, she was feeling so good that all she wanted to do was drag Him to the floor and fuck Him. He pulled her arms up by their wrists and she stirred a bit but not before she was fastened into the cuffs in the middle of the ceiling. it wasn't that bad at first. it felt like a good long stretch she would get at the gym. then she felt the crop bite into her back. it woke her out of the kiss induced haze she had been mired in for the last few minutes. and it immediately made her pull on the cuffs. He smiled as He watched her realize just how helpless she was. He kissed her again and dragged a finger over her bottom lip. He slid it side to side until she couldn't help but suck it into her mouth. His smile widened before He withdrew His finger from her mouth. He took the moistened digit and started tweaking her nipples. when they were as hard as He wanted them to be, He started pinching and twisting one while He sucked on the other. the mixture of pain and pleasure would soon have her skin on fire and her brain descending into her happy place. He knew her well enough to see when the slip was starting and He pulled away from her. the crop hit her breasts and her stomach while He watched her body react to the blows. there was no rhythm to the strikes, just whenever the mood struck Him. the blows were hard but not frequent enough to bruise her yet. she was stuck between being nervous about when the next whir of the crop would rush through the air and wanting to float on off. He shoved her over the edge then so she wouldn't have to wonder.

He pulled off her panties and starting fingering her pussy. she was wet instantly and this made Him very happy. He picked up the clamps from the drawer He kept them in and attached them to her nipples. He slid the remote into her hands and then started talking. "As long as the clamps are going I won't spank you but I also won't fuck you. Whenever you can't take anymore turn them off and I'll fuck you till I get bored and then I'll spank you for at least ten minutes. Do you understand baby?" she nodded yes and then it began. He put the crop down and found the Daddy paddle she had given Him long ago. it smacked her bottom before she could fumble with the remote. the ten minutes seemed to fly by and then He was inside her. it was gentle at first, a polite thrust almost. but He reached around to her clit and started massaging it. she bucked back into Him and He responded by trying to split her in half. the walls were genuinely tested as He enjoyed her screaming and then her begging. she'd do anything to make Him stay where He was. He laughed and pulled out of her then. the paddle resumed it's spanking countdown. at the pace He set, He managed to get twenty nice hard well placed swats in during the ten minutes.

the clamps didn't come back on so He started fucking he again. it wasn't as brutal but it was still making her moan like His personal little whore. He pushed her back down a bit making her tug on the cuffs and her wrists paid the price. it didn't bring her out of the space she had finally embraced. her pussy started contracting and He pulled out once again. it wasn't the paddle this time but the crop again. He avoided her tender ass and focused on her back and legs. when He was done, He quickly buried Himself to the hilt in her wetness again. she never knew how long He fucked her, the ten minutes just seemed to be something to endure to get back to the two of them being connected, but He always stopped before she could cum with Him. well that wasn't entirely true. she was dripping but her body hadn't had the big orgasm she was craving. she had turned on the clamps by accident before He stopped so He just stood there watching her nipples tremble while He stroked Himself. He knew what she wanted but He refused to give it to her. He didn't try to contain His orgasm and came all over her belly. He rubbed it into her stomach and inside of her pussy. she arched her body towards Him and turned off the clamps.

"please Daddy. please fuck me." He laughed at her again.

"Will you really do anything to get Daddy back inside of you?"

"yes Daddy please." had she not been horny as hell then she would have thought better of that. she knew He'd been stockpiling toys down here that He was waiting to use on her. then she saw the horse. it was thankfully padded but she was going to be chained to it by the wrists and ankles. He unfastened her wrists and led her over to the horse. there was no point in her trying to object because she had begged for this. her arms extended along the front and He cuffed her to it. He had a special set of cuffs attached to the legs and fastened those around her ankles. soon she was secured and was staring at Him while He busied Himself.

"I must say you look perfectly luscious that way darling. This will probably hurt quite a bit but I promise to have you upstairs and bathed before the kids come home in," He paused to look at His watch, "the next two hours," The smile on His face was unmistakable. she hadn't thought they had been down there very long but a few hours had passed. the spankings hadn't been that long on purpose. He wanted to drag this out over as much as the day He wanted. He saw the remote laying on His desk but didn't see the clamps. He had forgotten to take them off and the way she was laying now she'd just start cumming from the sensation. He flipped them on and off as He drug the knife over her skin. one knife replaced the next until He was tired of raising small lines on her back. He fished out two single tail whips and then moved around her prone body. periodically she jerked against her restraints but mostly she just lay there writhing and creating a puddle underneath her. He dropped one of the whips and then yanked her head up by her hair. before she could object His dick was pushing past her lips. He stood perfectly still for a few moments then started fucking her mouth the same way He planned on fucking her pussy shortly. she shuddered when He accidentally brushed her pussy with the handle of the whip which unfortunately for her gave Him an idea. He pulled out of her mouth creating a void for that confused her. He returned quickly after fishing around on the shelf. He had slipped a condom on the handle and after He resituated Himself in her mouth the whip invaded her ass. He forced her head up a bit to get the stroke He wanted with the whip and then He smiled as she worked to control herself. when she started gagging, He slid out of her mouth and increased the speed of the whip until she whimpered that she needed Him inside of her. He shook His head then and shoved the whip in far enough to keep it in place but then stopped moving it.

He grabbed a flogger then and targeted her back for a while. His dick was still glistening with her saliva and it got harder everytime He saw the whip dildo shake as her ass pulled on it. He turned off the clamps and she moaned. she was beyond ready for Him now but He didn't drop the flogger. He did yank the whip out of her ass but it was mostly so He could pull her back on the horse. her pussy was wet and dripping for Him. He leaned forward and licked her folds until He heard her panting. He slid His tongue deep inside her then. He lapped around her wetness and pressed His fingers onto her clit until she gushed for Him. He stood up, face slick with her juices and let His dick find its way inside her pussy. the blows from the flogger were fast and painful. she screamed out and He chuckled again. when she started begging for another orgasm He dropped the flogger. His hands slid onto her hips and He fucked her. hard and fast, slow and luscious. the strokes were whatever He desired until she started tugging on His dick. He was lost in His own haze then. the pumping of His dick almost seemed maniacal and disjointed but the sounds of pleasure creeping from both of their lips were clear indications that it was what both of them wanted. His fist snaked into her hair and He growled. the friction of His thrusting and the horse made her cum. she contracted around His dick and wet His thighs in the process of releasing her orgasm. He growled again, leaned over and kissed her back as He unloaded inside of her.

they lay there panting for a bit before He kissed her back again. He raised up and looked at His watch. they had an hour to spare and He quickly unchained her. He didn't bother to clean up then, they could do it after the kids were asleep. He picked her up off the horse and flipped the switch that opened the door for them. He watched to make sure it closed behind them and then kicked the bookshelf back into place. He carried her up the flight of stairs from the basement and by then she was aware enough to ask to get down. He led her up to their bedroom and let her rest on the bed while He started the shower. she joined Him soon and they spent most of the time in the water kissing with just enough soap covering them to get them clean. the toweling off was done leisurely and they dressed just as slowly. they were laying together on the bed kissing when the front door opened and closed. little feet ran to their room, the owner's eyes saw them kissing and a great big eww was emitted before they broke the kiss. they laughed at their youngest child and then got up to do their nightly family routine.


feeling silly and petty lol

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okay so i don't really have a lot on my mind today. i wrote Him some brand new shiny smut that i may or may not share after He reads it. i actually wrote two pieces. the second is a maybe share, the first is just for Him. not sure how many ones you all have missed that way. i know my first letters to Him were full of the smut to keep Him entertained during basic. and i know at least one other cookie peddling moment is on ice as a for His eyes only thing. it did inspire that girl scout shopping spree and the sash is too cute i swear. but i digress. every now and then things have to shelved so He knows that no matter how much of our lives i share here that when head hits pillow i belong to Him. okay moving on.

blondies with nuts, heath toffee bits and white chocolate chips+ caramel crunchy ice cream = damn good eating.

i got to talk to the Littlest Soldier today. she's so freaking cute it's out of control. the Miss Red isn't bothering me nearly as much now and i know it's just cause she's being respectful. and she gave me a hug before she logged off it was perfectly adorable.

green lantern has kept me laughing at her as has Night Owl. both of you better take care of yourselves or imma have to keep myself entertained and that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much work.

no kittens have died today BUT that's just because i've been acting like i have ADD and keep getting distracted when i want to take them out. just wait my little pretties it will be all done soon.

now that i have run through all of the silly stuff, it's time for the petty. i have been thoroughly enjoying the video i'm about to post in a second. not just because it reminded me of a few ex's but because it's sarcastic and the person singing has made more than a few folks cranky. maybe i feel a certain kinship to being able to engendering such emotion in others ROFLMAO. anyway, enjoy and as always be good or be good at it.

love ya


my computer ate it?

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is that an acceptable reason why my last, sorta silly, blog post never got finished? i was typing it and felt a little dizzy so i lay down to rest a bit, woke up lol maybe an hour later and the computer had gone into full hibernation mode and was refusing to come back on. i had to do all my best mcgyvery type moves only to take out the battery slap it back in and voila i have computer. at that point i was in no mood to type it and truth be told i almost immediately fell back asleep for another hour, woke up hoping that im ding was from Roaming Soldier and when it wasn't i fell back asleep again. i did that until about two am when i finally said uhhh i might drool on the computer and shut it down for the night to prevent saliva shortout--wouldn't that be cute to explain to the folks at best buy or circuit city.

okay so i had started doing a meme that i got from d'anerah's page so let me go find the instructions again and then i can fix it up all nice and stuff. okay the meme is below. follow the instructions and tell me what you think the songs are AND do your own list of 20 please so i can go figure some out. d'anerah's have me totally stumped. okay the dizzy is back again as i'm fussing at other folks to eat more maybe i should follow my own advice and really will have to track down my PCP today cause this is getting ridiculous. okay my client is here. i'm gonna run now and maybe i'll be back later.

1. Put your mp3 player on random.
2. Post a line from the first 20 songs that play.
3. Ask everyone to guess what song and artist the lines come from.
4. Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
5. No cheating.

  1. What you about to hear gone FUCK you up because this the first time you ever heard some shit like this nigga
  2. Just let it die With no goodbyes
  3. This time, This place Misused, Mistakes
  4. I have to block out thoughts of you so I don’t lose my head
  5. Oh bitch I'm country as cowboy boots
  6. You keep bumping me against the wall
  7. He said I was in my early forties with a lot of life before me
  8. First off, fuck your bitch And the click you claim
  9. As long as when tha check came they got first dibs
  10. One life to live but I got nuttin to lose, just me and you
  11. There's another world inside of me that you may never see
  12. I never knew such a day could come
  13. There will never come a day you'll ever hear me say
  14. A hundred days have made me older
  15. Hello baby how ya been, nice to see your face again
  16. (Baby knows) - She got the butt that go round
  17. 'Cuz I felt a little ill When I saw all the pictures
  18. Way 2 fine he was 4 her A dirty dog in expensive fur
  19. Eye didn't have the heart 2 say eye'm sorry
  20. And dressed like U want everybody 2 just say, "Wow! Didn't her mama teach her better?"