feeling silly and petty lol

Saturday, September 02, 2006
okay so i don't really have a lot on my mind today. i wrote Him some brand new shiny smut that i may or may not share after He reads it. i actually wrote two pieces. the second is a maybe share, the first is just for Him. not sure how many ones you all have missed that way. i know my first letters to Him were full of the smut to keep Him entertained during basic. and i know at least one other cookie peddling moment is on ice as a for His eyes only thing. it did inspire that girl scout shopping spree and the sash is too cute i swear. but i digress. every now and then things have to shelved so He knows that no matter how much of our lives i share here that when head hits pillow i belong to Him. okay moving on.

blondies with nuts, heath toffee bits and white chocolate chips+ caramel crunchy ice cream = damn good eating.

i got to talk to the Littlest Soldier today. she's so freaking cute it's out of control. the Miss Red isn't bothering me nearly as much now and i know it's just cause she's being respectful. and she gave me a hug before she logged off it was perfectly adorable.

green lantern has kept me laughing at her as has Night Owl. both of you better take care of yourselves or imma have to keep myself entertained and that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much work.

no kittens have died today BUT that's just because i've been acting like i have ADD and keep getting distracted when i want to take them out. just wait my little pretties it will be all done soon.

now that i have run through all of the silly stuff, it's time for the petty. i have been thoroughly enjoying the video i'm about to post in a second. not just because it reminded me of a few ex's but because it's sarcastic and the person singing has made more than a few folks cranky. maybe i feel a certain kinship to being able to engendering such emotion in others ROFLMAO. anyway, enjoy and as always be good or be good at it.

love ya


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