nights like this i wish....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 No comments
......that raindrops would fall. okay i have mentioned here before that i have ombrophilia which is getting turned on from rain or being rained upon. check out the dictionary of unusual sexual terms for more fetishes and interesting words. apparently i didn't scroll all the way down the page because pluviophilia means the same thing. for some reason i like ombrophiliac more than pluviophiliac. could just because i have seen the term longer. i'm sure you are wondering about all the extra disclosure lol but it's raining something awful here and will be doing a mix of rain and snow for the next 24 hours at least. i love the sound, so wet, so soothing, very gentle when there is no thunder or lightening. but it makes me so dang on horny it's bordering on unbearable. i miss Roaming Soldier enough when it's just been a few days since we spoke but on days like today i need to be with Him very badly. there will be new smut soon. i just need to eat and calm down a bit. okay darlings i'll bother you later.



give till it hurts

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 No comments
the season usually makes me want to do more volunteer work or give more money out than i normally do to charities. for the last year or so i've been sponsoring a little boy from the phillipines through Children's International. it's a good organization and lets me and him keep in as much contact as we like. i sent him a not yesterday along with some extra funds for the christmas season. in the grand scheme of things not a massive amount of money but it will help him out i hope. beyond that (if you can spare it please look into sponsoring a kid or getting involved with big brothers big sisters or something that helps you influence a child's life in a positive fashion) it's time for the angel tree and because December 1st is World AIDS Day, please consider lighting a candle at the Light to Unite website and/or give a donation to the National AIDS fund. they hoped to get 100K candles lit before Friday and were able to surpass that but let's keep the candles firing if we can.

okay i'm exhausted from taking mommy shopping. see y'all later.



cha cha channnnnnnnnges

Saturday, November 25, 2006 2 comments
okay not really massive ones. i spent about twenty minutes earlier today putting more labels on different posts. i haven't decided if i'm going to try to put a category listing up yet or not but if there's a theme you like (umm cookie peddling or life is good for example) just click on it and it will take you to a different page with all of the posts that have been similarly labeled. some have a bunch, some not so many but i'm not nearly half through with them---that will take a while there are 385 posts including this one---so bare with me and i'll get it taken care of as soon as i feel like killing some more time.

the other new thing i did today that you may or may not have noticed is the favicon next to my url in the address bar. okay so i was feeling jealous of all the nice pages that had it up there so i spent some time last night trying to figure it out. the first page i went to was absolutely the most helpful ever. one page led to a program that if i was remotely patient i could have learned how to work. ummm but we all know that not to be the case. that led me to THIS page that just did it for me. it was like a five minute procedure but then i remembered i'm on blogger and don't use a FTP client on a regular basis so i couldn't upload it until i figured that part out. did that after talking to a silly friend today and voila, i got a little red in your url windows.

beyond that nothing major is going on. i booked my flight back to school for graduation and ordered announcements to send out lol. they will likely get there around the same time i get to my hotel but it's an announcement not an invitation really so big whoop. they are red--big shock there lol--and i love em. other than that i order me a nice big collection of shiny new porn. i likea the porn from time to time. it helps take the kitties out with reckless abandon when my own imagination has been tapped out. okay back to watching silly movies now. have a good night.



brain meltdown lol

Friday, November 24, 2006 1 comment

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happy thanksgiving boys and girls

Thursday, November 23, 2006 No comments
well i couldn't rightly name this post happy thanksgiving considering there was one with the same title a year ago. things are a bit different from then though huh? the family is still good. my brother has to work tonight but his wife has fed him and doted on him already. thanks to one of my sorority sisters i was up and showered when i wanted to be and started cooking immediately. the duck is SCRUMPTIOUS. i should have taken a picture of it because it was just the right color and the skin crackled just the way i like it. my mother and i operated in the kitchen pretty well together today. i made a pecan pie while the duck was cooking. it's a little darker than i wanted but perfectly set. mom made her dressing and kept the dishes clean. add a side of corn and some lovely crossaint thingies from pillsbury and it was dinner time. i didn't eat though. had to laugh at mom overfill and then spill her food. and then i made a red velvet cake from scratch, of course lol, while we watched the proud family movie. i ate after i made the cream cheese frosting for the cake and negotiated how the nuts would be added to it lol. dinner tasted as good as it looked and now that the cakes are cooled i'm going to frost them in a bit.

i sure did get sidetracked with the food huh? i sent Roaming Soldier a why i'm thankful email before i fell asleep last night. then i sent Him some pics that coffee's latest


Daddy tucked me in last night

Monday, November 20, 2006 3 comments
okay so we all know it wasn't a literal tucking in otherwise i wouldn't even be online right now. i'd be resting my head in His lap and enjoying my bottle while i laughed at people on tv---okay so i probably wouldn't be laughing right now either and i'm 99.9 percent sure my eyes wouldn't be open either. ummm bottle .....where was i? yeah Daddy tucked me in last night. Roaming Soldier is of course technology challenged at the moment since He's in the field so much and when He's back at camp He really needs to rest before the next trek back out. last night He caught me after a trek out for me lol. i had a nearly five hour meeting that bookended by an hour long drive each way. i was curled up in the bed half naked by the time He said hello and for some reason that bit of information totally changed the conversation. instead of us keeping it somewhat clean it was as dirty as the army can allow given their whole family values kick--they are doing much of nothing to actually preserve families right now but they like to pretend that they are but that's time for another rant--and it was lovely.

somewhere in the middle of there He read the last post and just said that i was making Him horny but He had no way to ummmmm release that at the moment lol. we did discuss ways that i might be of assistance to relieving that pressure as soon as He got home. we started talking about my oral fixation flaring up and then He had to go to bed. of course at this point i was just a bit aroused and a kitten had to leave the earth shortly thereafter. i slept like a baby, His baby lol, after that and was upset i had to wake up this morning. i was thinking He was laying in bed with me and moving was so not an option. instead it was just Daddy Bear who is going to be sorely disappointed in not sleeping with half naked red when Roaming Soldier gets home. hee hee, He said He was a bit jealous of the bear for a minute. that was so sweet in a "wanna crawl under the table and give you head during dinner" kinda way. the sad part is, when He reads this i'll be under the table giving Him head and it will be totally my fault lol. i write myself into trouble all of the time lol.

anyhoo since i slept so well i sent out another box of goodies to Him and His unit. they will be full of sugar and He will be getting another stack of letters and a surprise just in case He's reading this. i think they will be teasing Him for a while about it but in a good--damn your woman is the bomb kinda way. of course He thinks that already and that is all that matters. obie kaybe i am done rambling now.

see ya


back to the middle

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 No comments
yeah that's where i am right now. i'm back on an even keel all of a sudden. work is manageable, just got some paperwork to catch up on. my last requirement for my degree was finished this week so now it's just a matter of buying my ticket back for graduation and waiting on my tam to be delivered. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH fluffy hat. i've talked to Roaming Soldier a few times since i've been back and both have been very aptly timed and silly flirty conversations. yeah i love Him clearly lol. my smut juices are flowing again so i'll be getting back to work on that stuff soon. and i'm busy with my extracurricular activities again. it's good being productive in things that i wanted to be a part of in the first place. the biggest thing right now is being able to relax without feeling guilty for not doing something else. that is an absolutely wonderful feeling. so yeah i'm dr. velvet but that's secondary to being just red and enjoying life again and being sily with my friends and giggling when i want to. i guess i don't have anything to say right now really. hope everyone is doing well.



so you're a long long way from home

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 1 comment
well i guess i am but not for very long. i'll be headed back to the place i lay my head normally with the old woman that drives me nuts. i finished all but one project today but i will be graduating the day after my birthday YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE. i'm getting used to people calling me Dr. Velvet cause it just sounds wrong lol but this is what i was working for all these years. and everyone is also getting used to Roaming Soldier. He's the first person i've talked about at any great length and claimed as a part of my life in the way that i am. i mentioned that W/we still had to make decisions about where the homestead will be and i nearly freaked everyone out. but they are all very excited for me so i'm going home with that smile on my face as well as the one the small people gave me.

the small people are one of my girlfriend's kids. they have entertained me greatly and gave me lots of presents i have to figure out how to pack up. nothing major but it was still all very cute. Dr. soldier is a work in progress. i miss my Daddy so much i swear but this is just part of the process apparently. maybe we'll step up the migration out of the desert now that the democrats have taken over congress. probably not but it's nice to dream about every now and then.

ok i'm gonna shuddup now


heat wave

Monday, November 06, 2006 No comments
it was slightly miserable in the house that day. the kids were sluggish because they were tired from the heat and it was making them cranky. her mother was off visiting friends so they were at least saved from her complaining. the house should have been cool considering it was the middle of winter and the heat wasn't turned on but it was a freak warm spell moving through town that night. turning on the air wasn't logical in the brains of the adults roaming around just as sluggishly but in a moment, the attitudinal behavior of their kids would force them into it. they finished big bowls of ice cream and thankfully they crashed from the sugar high immediately. small bodies were placed into their beds and she followed Him up to their room. she stripped down to her tank bra and matching boy shorts before He had locked the door behind them. He smiled when He saw her sprawled over their bed and then got a truly inspired idea. He went down to the kitchen and grabbed the ice bucket and filled it with nice cold cubes before ascending the stairs again. His son scurried out of the room and asked Him to read a story so that he could fall back asleep. He left the ice next to their door and followed His middle child into his room. another night of The Bernstein Bears and the the boy was asleep. He adjusted the covers and went back into to claim some alone time with His wife.

the ice in the bucket had melted a little when He picked it up but He figured that would be okay too. she was still laying face down as He went over to sit next to her. she began to turn over but He forced her back down. He rubbed her shoulders a bit before He went to the nightstand and took out a blindfold. He lifted her up by her hair before slipping it into place and securing it around the back of her head. she purred a little and it made Him smile. her skin glistened as the ice touched it and He watched as her body reacted to the frosty sensation. she purred again and let Him manipulate her with the ice. it roamed over her arms and dripped off of her fingertips. He traced the outline of the tattoo on her shoulder and watched as she shivered. He caught a stray cube as it slid down her hip and pulled it over the length of her legs. He massaged the melting toy into her feet and felt her tremble a bit. He repeated the procedure on her other leg and thought her skin was perfectly lovely slightly wet. He moved the bucket off the bed and walked it over to the dresser. He pulled off His sweat pants before climbing on top of her in the bed. He'd love to tie her down and strip her naked but the kids would be sure to interrupt before He had gotten her properly strapped down. instead, He ripped off her boy shorts and pulled Himself out of His boxer briefs. He wasn't rock hard yet but He knew He would be shortly after she slipped Him deep inside her throat.

she wiggled beneath Him as He told her what she was to do. as she rolled over onto her back He freed her breasts and toyed with her nipples as she swallowed Him quickly. she lapped on her bottle, coaxing blood into the growing organ with each increase of pressure she placed on it. He was coated with her saliva as He pulled out of her mouth. she whimpered a bit before He rolled her over and pulled her ass up into the air. as He moved into position behind her, He exhaled deeply before shoving inside her slowly. each inch was wonderful for both of them but it was the only gentle moment they would share right then. as soon as His dick disappeared inside of her, they began to fuck each other. it wasn't romantic, it wasn't the stuff dreams are made of but it was visceral and worked off the sheen the water had left on her skin quickly. she begged Him to fuck her harder and He eagerly complied. He was so deeply engrossed in what He was doing that He didn't hear the headboard hitting the wall. He just felt her walls contracting around Him and urging Him to come inside of her. she bucked back into Him when He wasn't expecting it which made Him growl. she giggled and it set Him off. He started pounding her pussy mercilessly and felt one orgasm after another wash over her body and through her pussy. when her legs started to feel jelly like she came again but this time He joined her. pump after pump of His seed flowed into her hurriedly. they stayed locked together, partially dressed, waiting to cool off again. their heart rates returned to normal and they were nearly asleep when a tiny knock on the door woke her up. she pulled on her shorts and grabbed their youngest daughter and walked her back to bed. a few pages of Charlotte's Web had her snoring softly. the fan was blowing when she came back to their room.

"I couldn't take it baby. I wanted to snuggle with you but your skin was too hot after that. Come get in bed with Daddy sugar and let's go to bed." always a good girl she did what she was told but was happy the heatwave had inspired Him again to make her toes curl.


woo i'm all tuckered out

Saturday, November 04, 2006 5 comments
why might you ask? well i'm sure most of you don't care lol but i'm going to share anyway. i came to do the last phase of my graduate work so that i could not look at my dissertation again or anything else lol. after going back and forth about the date and getting stuff ready for the presentation and just generally trying to get adjusted to this time zone i had my defense meeting last night. well it started yesterday afternoon and i left it about three hours later. the meeting went for the appropriate length of time. the rest of the time was spent just joking around as folks are apt to do after my meetings for some reason.

and the result? i am now doctor red velvet and my life is mine again. i need to do some very minor rewrites then after that it's copy time and binding time and then go look for my fluffy hat at the bookstore time. yeah fluffy hat, red wants a fluffy hat. in case you don't know what the fluffy hat looks like. here it is.

i don't have time to order the full velvet robe set special fitted for me but i can also get that done whenever i feel like it. i'm done and now i can play doctor with Roaming Soldier on a whole new level lol. i am really sleepy for some reason. i think i was on edge even though my mind was saying stay calm. oh well. let me snack some more and then get back to the editing process. i'm almost at the point that i can refocus on my smut production lol.

see ya


red's grand adventure

Thursday, November 02, 2006 No comments
i flew out this morning and it started off oddly. i almost never catch a skycap to check my bag so i don't have to drag it from the parking lot but managed to do so today. that elation was short lived. as soon as i got through the unnecessarily long x ray line i was told that i had too much lotion in my carry on bag. it's lotion--clearly labeled as lotion, feel free to use some on those icky gloved hands of yours--so i had to put it into my other piece of carry on luggage and then have it checked which i wasn't sure was going to make the flight at that point. it did but i wouldn't know that till i landed. the flights were uneventful and as i passed through O'hare i was a mix of emotions. the city is really pretty when it's not covered in snow and was almost where i was calling home. thankfully i wasn't there long enough to wax nostalgic too long and as soon as i got settled onto my teeny tiny plane i quickly dosed off and started dreaming about Roaming Soldier. we got to speak briefly last night which was so wonderful i can't explain. calling Him Daddy for five minutes almost makes up for the week plus stretches when i just get to think about Him. if i wasn't so tired at that point then several kittens would have had to die. i've been swinging back and forth between ms. molly domestic and molest Him immediately and often.

i wanna touch Him now really. it would be very nice to crawl into bed with Him and lather up my bottle. i'm not sure how long He would let me stay there before He pushed me into the bed face down and plundered the kitten population. of course there would be a knife or seven involved and a lot of rope and slightly painful contortions but it would be so worth the multiple levels of pain and soreness to have Him with me right now. maybe i'll get a massage after all this is over but i think that might make it worse lol. i want to be with my Daddy dang it. i'll bother y'all later.


ps i forgot to say something lol go figure. when i picked up my rental they upgraded me to a cute little suv WITH a cd player. i so hate renting cars when there is no damn cd player in it as i rarely listen to the radio. i'll take a picture of it and post it eventually lol.