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Friday, December 29, 2006
well i wasn't haven't the best day on wednesday now was i? the headache got worse and lasted well into yesterday. but the idea of staying in here with a pissed off old woman wasn't appealing. i figured most of the rush of gift card shoppers would be gone so i ventured out to the mall. you heard that right ladies and gents. i shut off my normally highly adverse to shopping brain and went exploring. i stopped at two shoe stores and then went wandering off to build-a-bear. i love them, the most random toy--a child's teddy bear--becomes an otherworldly shopping experience. you have dozens of animals to choose from. you can get them stuffed to any desirable softness. you make a wish on the heart that is placed into your teddy and then you dress and name them and get them registered so that if the bear gets lost then it can be returned. here is what i started with...

and i got him nice and stuffed and then dressed him in this...

and of course he needed shoes so i put these on...

and then i had to think of a name. for a minute i was stumped, after all i have a large chocolate bear named Daddy Bear already. then it dawned on me. he was my little soldier bear so why not Roaming Soldier and voila my teddy has been created. so i leave my first just for fun store happy. i go back to payless and grab my sneaker. but in the middle of this my mother has set up camp in the car. she didn't buy anything just grabbed a catalog and sat in the freaking car lol. so i go to best buy and get my new digital camera to take pictures of my present from cyberdiva and my lovely new bear and some nice kinky things for RS but then i had to get food from PF Chang's--had a gift card and then went to wally world for the last time this year (i hope and pray dearly) and mommy got her nails done. somewhere in the middle of the last two stops she quit acting like a five year old and at least agreed to try to behave.

when i got home and looked at the net i found that best buy had a better camera than the one i bought for about 15 bucks more if i ordered online and then picked it up and one slightly better than my purchase for the same price as what i picked up. i headed back that way of course as i am lazy and have only a few stops i plan on making between now and going back to work. well i returned my 5.0 megapixel and got a 7.1 megapixel for the grand total difference of 14 bucks and because i was not shelling out 143 and then getting cash back i asked if they would honor the online price and yippee for me they did. save this asshole trying to run me off the road because they refused to get out of the lane that was being shut down until the last minute yesterday was pretty damn good. now if i can just get that build a bear wish to come true i'll be a happy girl.

if you want to go to a build a bear or just order one click to find out the best option for you.


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