smut overload

Saturday, January 27, 2007 4 comments
for some reason i wasn't planning on writing three smutty posts in a row. the first took the longest to come out of me for some reason. i like it but not nearly as much as the last one. i love the christina aguilera song that set the stage in the story and for the story. i finally drug out the cd that had been riding in my backpack for god only knows how long and finally popped it in to give it a good listen. i like more songs than i don't but disc 2 is definitely a keeper and started the smutty feelings on hyperdrive. so here is my first non smutty post in a minute.

life is moving right along. we're going to be moving out of here in the next week and setting up camp in our first home (okay so i'm not buying it lol but it's the first one that i'll be responsible for). that is good and there is a bunch of stuff going on in my day to day life that is keeping me busy. i love my life right now. it's good to be where i am in this place. i could be making some more money and it would totally kick ass to have Roaming Soldier home right now but that's not as important as knowing that He is okay. i heard from Him this morning and that would be why i'm smiling as big as i am right now. He's okay and got the smutty stories and loved them. apparently christina caused a stir when He played the song during a break they had. that made pillar say i was nasty, well i am so i'll just suck it up lol.

the only other thing on my mind is RS's religion. He's Catholic, i'm not sure if i mentioned that or not, and i'm definitely not. but that's just it, i've been raised baptist but have no real link to the church right now. i do pray and believe in a higher power that helps guide us all but really being baptist versus being anything else is not holding a great deal of pull in my life. i plan on being with Him and Littlest Soldier at mass because i really believe that if religion is important to the family all the family should be involved. we talked about that today and He said what i thought He would. damn i think i skipped what it was. we talked about religion in general and about me potentially converting to Catholocism. He said it wasn't something He expected of me but if i wanted to then i was welcome to but only if i want to. isn't He wonderful and stuff lol? that actually didn't force my hand one way or the other and that will be more helpful than Him saying baby please convert. i wouldn't have gone into it in the right mindset if that had been that case. He just makes me smile.

all right well that is about it for now. oh before i go please go what the video i linked below, it's hilarious. i love ya all and hope that things are good with you wherever you are.


it's been an adventurous week

Saturday, January 20, 2007 2 comments
it's been one of those weeks where anything and everything could happen. not a lot did in the grand scheme of things. i signed the lease for my new house today and we'll be moving in at the end of the month. i had a meeting that went better than anticipated but we'll see how it all comes out in the wash. and then i had a conversation with a friend about something that had been on my mind for a while that hadn't gotten addressed due to me just being busy as hell. i think a resolution has been reached there as well. it's just a matter of time on that end as well.

i had the big sorority function i was planning for and it went off mostly without a hitch. i enjoyed the last two days of work and then came home to deal with momma and her rampant desire to spend money so we had to go out for dinner. i don't really dig olive garden but it shut her up for a while so yippee for me.

then i found out something horrible. well yeah it's horrible. Emperor's father died not too long ago and his mother has been sick most of last year. he's now having to decide what to do now that she is on life support. let me say that no child should be faced with that. it's hard enough losing your parent for whatever reason but to see them suffer and waste away is horrible truly. to have both of these situations so close together terrifies me for anyone going through that. i remember when my dad died in 2001. i don't think i talked to anyone about it but my brothers for a while. i couldn't. there weren't words that made sense to me about why it happened and what i was supposed to do without the man that watched cartoons with me and massaged my scalp and ate all the things i baked even when i wasn't sure i had made them right. i miss that man to this day and i regret that my children won't get to meet him. having said all of that. when men lose their fathers i think it's a different experience. i'm thinking about walking down the aisle alone and my kids missing the funniest man i knew. what men think about i'm not sure. i have often believed that men have to come to the same place that women do with their mothers so if they die before that happens how do we resolve that hurt, replace that absence in our lives? i'm not sure. my old brother has turned away from us entirely--his only link to us was my father--and he was still going through changes with daddy when he died unexpectedly. my younger brother thankfully wasn't in that place and he's impressed me more each year. i'm off tangent. i need you all to pray for him and everyone else in a similar position. the pain they are experiencing is never easy to understand if you aren't there yourself. okay moving on.

have i said i loved my Roaming Soldier, the Jonas to my Molly, the Daddy to tuck me in at night, the Man that was meant for me even before i knew He existed, The mind injector The heart protector The soul defender of anything i fear The baby conceiver The make me believer The joy bringer The love giver He is The dough increaser The pleasure releser The hard knocks knowler without the scars to show ya The night school teacher The good life preacher The caretaker The kiss craver--sorry got distracted there for a minute (see Heather Headley's He Is for the rest of the lyrics to that song). well i do love Him and us and the life that we are planning. i love that He thinks about nipping into my flesh with belts and knives and clamps. i love that He thinks about how we are going to set up life with my mother and His daughter. i love that He loves me. that had nothing to do with anything i was talking about just now. i just thought it needed to be said. now if anyone has any ideas about waht He might be sending me for valentine's day let me know. yeah it would spoil the surprise but i really wanna know what it is lol. okay i'll see ya later.


lazy afternoon

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 2 comments
the good thing about being caught up on paperwork is well that i'm caught up. the bad thing is i have absolutely NOTHING to do while i'm on call right now because i was a good girl and cleared my schedule mostly. i was productive even if i was bored out of my mind most of the day. and surprisingly those last two hours flew by and i actually called ahead to see if the thing i wanted would be at the store or not. the store is totally out of the way so there is no need to head that way if they don't. lucky for me i called because they didn't have what i wanted and the store that i actually had to go to didn't appear to have it either. well until i went to the section the nice lady told me it shouldn't be in and voila there ya go. i grabbed a few different kinds and then finished my shopping and came home to a buttload of mail. i hate when we have no mail for a while because it piles up to a ridiculous amount when it starts running again. i got something from my sorority yippee lol well actually two things so that was interesting. i got the other invitation i was waiting on that we cannot use now lol because it's purple. Roaming Soldier said clearly that He didn't care what they looked like as long as they weren't purple. it's a pretty color and all but can't be making RS mad for no apparent reason. the spankings that evening should be happy ones not damn i'm in trouble ones.

in general i'm feeling pretty good right now. i miss Him but i know as of saturday that He was okay and missing me. i found a cute present for Him for valentine's day. that means i have to mail it in the next week or so otherwise it won't get to Him before the 14th. it's nice to feel this way even as i get ready to make my life a little chaotic for the next few months. after it's done and i can finally curl up with Him in some nice cushy bed forgetting about all the crap that had to happen in order for that to be the case i'll be a really happy girl. okay i'm gonna go finish being lazy so i can go to bed.

night night


sugar is good for you

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 No comments

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howdy people

Sunday, January 14, 2007 No comments
maybe i'll come up with a title by the time i finish writing this post. i have been terribly cranky lately. it's pms of course but too much has happened in the last 48 hours for it to just be that. i hate liars and i hate being put in a bad position because of someone else's mistakes. that annoys me like nothing else. i'm going to hide out until tuesday of course because we are off tomorrow because of the holiday. i'm eating now and that is lovely but i wanna push my momma down the steps again. i'm cramping and you want to bother me about minor bullshit? that is not in the best interest of your emotional health because i tend to not apologize for shit people do when i'm feeling bad. she's crazy as a loon i know that but she is also making me irritated as shit.

moving on right now. i've been looking back over my last post to see if i would change anything about it and really i probably wouldn't. i have been around blog land and see people celebrating what w did as a good step and not bowing to democrats. what i need everyone to understand is w and the republicands and the democrats are not the ones in the desert right now. and before anyone says well they signed up for this so they should have anticipated this happening. we haven't been in any active squirmish on this scale since the last shrub left the white house. tens of thousands of men and women who were in the reserves surely weren't anticipating this. and let's not broach the subject of the flat out lying recruiters have been doing since this fiasco started, not all of them--most recruiters are good honest folks, that it's just annoying for me that while he can take responsibility for his missteps that he cannot understand that a bigger misstep is yet to come. i pray for all of us that we aren't paying for the sins of w's father for the rest of our lives.

moving on again. my smut production has ground to a halt. i'm feeling a nesting coming on. i want to curl up with Roaming Soldier and ignore the daily crap that accumulates. i want to be looking at houses with Him. i want to picking out the stupid invitations and ummm rehearsing the wedding night lol. instead i'm hoping that i don't get crappy phone calls saying something has happened. that would be sooooooooo horrible but we aren't dwelling there right now. in other good happy news, i got letters and cards from Him on thursday which make me smile something awful. and then i found out the girls have names now. all very pretty and of course i can't use any of them now lol. i had a dream i was in labor last night for a really long time. i'm not sure what i had. i just remember being in the bed, being in a lot of pain and wishing like hell they would just pull the kid out of me lol. really things are okay with me save all the crampy stuff.


no smut for you...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 3 comments
or i could have just as easily called this post someone please help me understand. if you love george. w. bush or think we are doing the right thing in iraq then i would advise you to stop reading right now. i haven't gone full rant on this war ever but i'm feeling compelled to right now. this is your last warning. okay enjoy or fuck off really because this morning there is nothing anyone can say to justify the idiot in chief's behavior.

a little over five years ago we were attacked. it was horrible, it was seemingly unprovoked and it was a tragedy. nearly three thousand people died because terrorists, individuals intent on destroying our very way of life, seized an opportunity and did the unthinkable. we were afraid and we wanted revenge. how dare they attack us? we're the land of the free and the home of the brave. we repesent all that is good and wonderful about the world. we are the land of opportunity. how dare they? many of us are/were either unaware or so blinded by our pain and anger that we forget this country is hostile for many of its residents. we ignore them sleeping on the streets, we don't care about those working welfare mothers, we aren't doing a whole lot to make sure the elderly can afford their medication, food and housing; and we turned a blind eye to families that are abusive, living in rat holes and the like. we are the land of opportunity but we aren't always committed to making sure everyone gets a chance for a better life. we forgot that though for one brief shining moment in grief--misery loves company right?

and then we did the unthinkable. we started attacking neighbors and friends and business owners because they were from "over there" and were likely supporting all that "jihad business" and started questioning people we had known for decades in some cases because we were afraid. but someone had to pay and well we couldn't find bin laden. someone told us that would happen though and we waited and we waited and we waited and then all of a sudden we were attacking and old enemy because HE MIGHT sorta kinda have been helping the person we KNOW helped put that tragedy in motion. we invaded a country because they were SUPPOSED to have things that could kill us too--how they would deliver those things with shoddy technology and over that distance was never explained. all that matter was they HAD them and we HAD to stop them to protect OUR interests. we invaded and found nothing. we ousted a ruler and got nothing. we threw a country into chaos--but hey they are "free" now and all we have to show for it as of this morning is a 400 billion dollar bill, 132,000 troops currently deployed with 20,000* more troops the iraqi leader has said he DOES NOT WANT headed his way, 3000+ US troops dead, 10000+ (depending on your source) civilians dead in attacks gone awry, two seperate and a potential third troop incidents in which innocent civilians were murdered, a pitiful few terrorists cells decimated in comparison to what it has cost us, no strong evidence as to the whereabouts of bin laden, a region in turmoil, two splintered countries, countless widows, children without parents, parents without their children and a partridge in a pear tree. so do we have our revenge now? are things better than they were in 2001 that horrible day?

there's no easy way to answer that. we've "freed" a country but have thrust it into chaos and short of a military presence there for the next decade and a half it is unlikely that the current situation will change much if at all. whether we like to admit it or not, the number of adequately trained troops here or abroad is not sufficient to secure either country. and while we haven't had another terrorist attack on this soil since then our country is hurting more now and for a totally different reason. the families and friends of a 132,000 individuals worry each day will this be the day that i hear the unspeakable and now 20,000 more families and friends can join in that worry. compared to the size of the country it seems miniscule until it is someone you love and miss and want home with you. we were feeling better for a bit, i mean after all we won the thing that we refused to call a war intially--generally speaking though when you win you GO HOME after a reasonable time. we're going into overtime now and the opposing team can't really be beaten.

oh they can be killed. their resources can be cut off but there is an inherent difference between terrorists and us. their thought process and committment to our destruction even if it means sacrificing their own lives and welfare is a finally engrained ideal. it doesn't die out because we take out bin laden's number 2 man. that makes the ideal stronger as we are showing ourselves to be who they imagine us to be--aggressive dumb capitalists who are afraid of what might happen so we are gonna kill off the bodies. for every terrorist we kill we create another one because of their anger and desire for revenge. after all if they die in battle with the enemy they believe they get rewarded in heaven for the act. try as we might even the best of Christians isn't running headlong into a building as a human bomb because God might give us a plusher pad in heaven. nor should we be, that's some twisted mess but the fact of the matter is we can't stamp out an ideal and for every person we might accurately identify we are missing someone that doesn't fit the mold a la timothy mcveigh who SEEMED like an average american until he did the unthinkable.

so what did i spew all of this out for? well because it has been festering for a while--y'all know that Roaming Soldier is deployed and while sending 20,000 more folks MIGHT make it seem like He would get to come home what it most likely means is His tour will be much longer than either of us hoped. because i needed to say somewhere that we are losing this war, we will not win this tete a tete because we are not equipped for the battle the way we would have to be in order to HOPE to win. instead of letting fear motivate us (which i know someone will say i'm guilty of because i want Him home) or the desire to win or just the desire to not admit we might have been wrong we have to be honest with ourselves and the world. the mistake we made four or five years ago wasn't failing to send enough troops. it was failure to properly assess a country and the potential for resistance, the claims being made by our fearless idiot and a general lack of recognition that a MIGHT isn't a good reason to oust a ruler while looking for those folks that pissed in our cheerios. call me unpatriotic if you must but really i love this country and i respect the residents of it too much to say hey if we keep funneling troops in the region it will get better. it won't there will just be more targets. the region has to want a new direction and clearly it doesn't. insurgents are roaming freely and other countries are refusing to aid us one way or the other. we're about "/" this close lol to losing our standing with the UN and if w or some of his cronies makes it through the rest of their lives without being tried for war crimes i would be shocked and amazed.

i remember waking up to phone calls to turn my television on because a twin tower was falling. i remember feeling extreme sadness for the families of those 3000 individuals that lost their lives. i remember thinking someone should pay but those most responsible were already dead. we didn't deserve an attack and we won't deserve another one when and if it occurs. but i also remember thinking once this war began that the folks that did it would be back when we were at our weakest and we better be ready. do you think we are ready? are the resources we need going to be there if another more gruesome attack were to take place? or whenever the troops come home for good and walk back into the lives of the 132,000 families and friends that are waiting on them will the country be so anti military that the resources are siphoned off? i don't know but i do know that what the idiot in chief is planning to do tonight will most likely inspire a new generation of people that want to see us crumble and fall and will likely make a bad situation much much worse.

*20,000 troops on conditions allegedly makes me wonder why send in more when the iraqi leaders haven't met the current timetables we have in place for them nor do they seem to be working real hard on reaching those goals.


please alert the body snatchers

Sunday, January 07, 2007 4 comments
i want out of this pod and want to return to my pre happy as hell level of girliness. okay so the last two days of insomnia filled evenings i have been trolling wedding sites again. pretty much anything you could ask for i have discovered along the way and am now debating on whether the invitations just have to match the colors but yeah haven't exactly cleared those with Roaming Soldier yet even though they blend our organization colors quite nicely and i've found a dress and bridal party attire to coordinate with all of them. i've contemplated evening versus afternoon wedding, no kids, destination versus finding a nice church and how many layers i want on the cake. i did see two cute cakes today and may have settled on the bouquet lol. yeah i am soooooooo not understanding this. we haven't even officially gotten engaged at this point. i need help lol. i do have things to distract me but that won't start until tomorrow when i go run back to work and get back to looking for a house. ahh well hopefully the smut fairy will visit me soon and get me back to writing. okay see ya later.



oh my stars and garters....

Friday, January 05, 2007 1 comment
oh my you like me you really like me lol. thanks for voting me into the top three, i really am shocked and amazed. if you liked the first part the second (t is for ternion) should get your juices flowing as well.

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welcome to a year of 2007 wonders

Monday, January 01, 2007 No comments
well i have no way of knowing there will be 2007 wonders this year but if 2006 was any indication for me this year will so rock. i've found the most wonderful Man to spend my life with. i finished the damn degree and can now have a the ability to work any and everywhere because i am no longer ABD (all but dissertation for those that are wondering) and can move back into academia if i so desire. i'm managing to not kill my mother so that's always good and i have goten very attached to a very cute little girl that is going to make me laugh a lot probably as i'm looking up at her because she's getting her father's height apparently. i don't know what the year has in store but i'm gladly looking forward to it. it is a time for new beginnings to be sure but mainly for me it's about strengthening and continuing the things that have been placed in front of me.

last year was my year of completion for a lot of things and i'm in a good place. there are new obstacles of course but really i couldn't be happier about where i am and what i am doing right now. well personally, professionally we have a lot to get done but that is just what is is right now. but the biggest thing is i am happy and i got to talk to Roaming Solder for a little bit yesterday and if God is willing then RS will be home soon so i can quit corrupting your brains with smut on such a consistent basis.

se ya