i spent the day in bed

Wednesday, February 28, 2007 3 comments
see how much more fun it would have been to say that if someone was home in bed WITH me instead of just me the bears and the elephant. i called in this morning because my body is just too run down right now. i keep working and working and working so eventually that had to catch up with me. depending on how i feel tomorrow morning i may have to call in then as well--thank God i have so much vacation and sick time coming to me that i could take about a month and a half off before i started getting in any serious trouble financially. i'll probably go back, we're short staffed on thursdays or i may stay home and just be there bright and early on friday after getting some more rest.

as everyone can see the follow up for W is up beneath this post. so that means i need to work on the next smutty piece for Him now. dinner was good and i didn't fuss at my mother. i'll get her handicap sticker tomorrow if i can sneak out of my office a little early. well let me go back to bed now. hope everyone is doing okay in their parts of the globe.


anniversary redux or what a difference a year makes

Friday, February 23, 2007 2 comments
howdy folks

how is life treating ya? hope all is well across the globe in your homes and with you and yours. today is a fantabulous day. i joined my sorority three years ago today and last year i met the tall dashing gentleman Dom you all know as Roaming Solider. after wishing me a happy anniversary He was a total open goofball that made me laugh on what started off as a super crappy day. it's amazing what the course of a few hours will do. i came home from work that day really tired but not really upset about what had transpired earlier--i had resolved myself to that before it happened afte all--so i was just planning on relaxing and minding my business. i got an unexpected im that night from a friend of a friend. well i didn't know that's who He was and i was really about to close my window because there were a lot of pervy men offering to spank me since "that's what you're into" and i wasn't trying to add to my collection of the annoying. but who'd have thunk it that He was well spoken and polite and made me smile a big foolish smile. however, being my typical cautious self i figured i'd never hear from Him again or if i did something odd would be happening and then i'd have to let Him go. joke was on me though. He's been hanging in with all the silliness and stress and pouting and kink that is red velvet and has been handling it all in stride.

i get to reclaim my day today. it's a doubly special day at this point. i get to reflect on why i chose my organization and what it means to me now that i have been inside its confines for the last few years. and i get to recommit myself to moving forward with the ideals of the organization fresh on my mind. and now i also get to reflect on this wonderful addition to my life. i get to think about where i hope we are a year from now and all the years after that. He inspires my smut and makes me want to be a better person for myself, my family and for Him. don't know what i did to make sure things lined up on this date but i will continue to enjoy it. okay i'm gone now---getting sleepy



under the weather

Tuesday, February 20, 2007 2 comments
hey folks not sure how long this will be. i am feeling kind of off today. while i normally try to catch a little more sleep every morning after my first alarm, this morning after i done everything but put on my pants and shoes i climbed back in bed again and had to fight to get out of bed so i could make it to work before my first client. i have had an on again off again headache since i woke up and right now it's on and dull and achy. i feel very run down which is odd because i have been sleeping more than normal. now i've been having some strange dreams while i've been sleeping but i've been sleeping more.

speaking of which let me just say that i'm not eating before bed so that's not it but over the last week i have dreamt that a pregnant friend (one who isn't really pregnant right now by the way) went into labor in an icy parking lot and my mother rushed her to the hospital only to find out once everyone arrived that the baby was stillborn--that was last night's gift to my psyche AND i dreamt that i woke up happy as a lark one day (what i wanted to use the word lark so sue me) and was talking to someone about Roaming Soldier that just stared at me. when i finally realized that they weren't talking i asked them what the problem was and they were like baby i don't know anyone named Roaming Soldier and neither do you. so i went on and on about him and they said the same thing. i called Night Owl and said the strangest thing happened and relayed the story to her and she was like well i do know someone named Twin Soldier (RS's brother of course) but he doesn't have a twin. i woke up after that and had grab all of my teddy bears before i could go back to sleep. aren't those weird?

and following along with the weird tangent. i spoke to a friend last night that i hadn't spoken to in a while. instead of it being a productive catch up session it turned into a "why would you agree to marry someone you barely know?" conversation. as apparently i'm supposed to be the level headed one that thinks through things carefully and only acts when i'm sure i'm headed the right direction she found my behavior odd at best and most assuredly questioned my judgement in all of this. to me all of those qualities should have gotten me a little bit of slack as far as i'm concerned as i have NEVER seriously considered spending my life with anyone as long as most of my friends have known me. truth be told i used to refer to boyfriends as my future ex husbands because i couldn't fathom being married to anyone for any length of time. now the nifty thing about me is i tend to take everything in stride when i can. but this just got on my nerves. i didn't say 2 days after Roaming Soldier gets home we are going to run off to the first minister we meet and get married. for one thing He'd be in a world of shit if we didn't get married in a traditional Catholic ceremony and most importantly i think we both know that we have to spend time together before we could even imagine actually moving beyond thinking, "i want to marry this person who has changed my life in ways i never imagined." so let me ask those of you who are still polite enough to pop by--am i somehow abnormal for recognizing Roaming Soldier as someone i could happily and would love to spend the rest of my life with? is it strange to just know this person had to bump into you in order for both of you to be happy at this time and in this place? if it is i'll accept being strange but i want some feedback. i'll probably not see it till i'm back in bed but i wanted to know.

see ya


the right Man

Friday, February 16, 2007 2 comments
i've been pondering song titles for the last 90 minutes or so to get to one that captured what was going on in my brain. truthfully i wasn't trying to revisit an old post to get my point across so bear with me please. i told y'all before that i pretty much have a soundtrack playing in my head constantly and this is no different. THIS song has been running through my head for a number of reasons. first i've been blasting the cd it's on daily as i commute to work. second, the whole cd is making me think of the transition that i've made in my life to this point. love is a wonderful redefining experience when it's real and good. finally, it reminds me how wonderful Roaming Soldier is even while it makes me conscious that i much like the singer won't have my father walking me down the aisle to the Man that has changed my life. while i'm sad daddy won't be there, knowing i found Roaming Soldier means my dad is trying to make sure i'm taking care of by someone he trusts and i'm okay with that.

we got to talk yesterday and that was great. another long chat before He had to go do those things He doesn't like to tell me about. that was fine though, i got to laugh and giggle and flirt and incite a fair amount of lust in the 6'8'' wonder before He had to go. and tonight i went looking for the youtube clip He sent in July that made me go completely girly. it's when i really first considered that He might really care about the short person penning you your smut. simple things that show you were listening are the best EVER. He's great that's all i really wanted to say lol.



It's so amazing to be loved

Sunday, February 11, 2007 5 comments
you know it's been a long few weeks. i have been heavily committed to things and instead of waffling when i could have weasled out i have stepped up as much as i could and handled things accordingly. this of course has meant i haven't been home even when i wanted to be. i have had to rush and do things for myself because other things were requiring much more of my time than i wanted. a lot of things have made me question what i'm doing and why. but today, well yesterday at this point, two different things made go well damn that's why i do it.

to my utter amazement and gratitude to all the forces in the universe that made it possible but our sorority event went off with a few minor glitches but otherwise very smoothly. it was good, i liked my outfit and hair, folks thought i was cute which is always a plus and everyone there seemed to be having fun. we all pulled together as we should have and made it a good event. praise the Lord above for that one.

the second thing that happened was simple and precious and made me think of the title of this post. i got a mostly uninterrupted few hours to talk to Roaming Solider. after a long gap in between our last real conversation it was good to just be His little girl for a while. did we talk about anything earth shattering? nope not at all but i can't say that we ever really do. it's just us being mushy as my girls call it. but it's the most amazing thing to know that someone somewhere loves you and wants to spend the rest of their time on this earth with you. i mean i know staying in love is hard and requires a lot of work and effort that a lot of folks aren't always willing to put in. but at the same time the work doesn't really seem like work if you feel perpetually in sync with the other person. He can't necessarily read my mind but 90 percent of the time what is going on in His mind is going on in mind as well. that other 10 percent is just one of our brains catching up lol. i am a little under two weeks away from the anniversary of the day that changed my life in multiple ways. it could have been a day that was ruined for me lol as it started off with a "formal release" from a commitment that was only really keeping me in check and not us together. but by the time it was over i had the silliest goofiest grin on my face all because someone sent me a sweet and unexpected instant message. it was the most maginificent twelve hour emotional shift my brain has ever experienced lol.

i've been amply blessed this last year. i haven't had Him home which would have been icing on the cake and really He might not be around. i'm difficult as hell to deal with and i think this time apart has kept me from bolting just because i haven't been overwhelmed and frightened by the very real emotions that are being shared between us now. He is so wonderful, so amazing that i can't ever imagine not being here or experiencing this love right now. i'll see y'all later and for those that chat on yahoo with me please send me a message so you can see my new avatar ROFLMAO. ok y'all know i like to have music in the posts sometimes. the following link/window is a playlist i made for Him. tell me what y'all think.


updates and the poor poor kitties

Friday, February 09, 2007 No comments
okay so i'm still okay. my week off from sorority stuff got hijacked so i've been mia again. i've also been worried about Roaming Soldier and was trying to keep some of that to myself for a change. things are mostly fine and after this weekend i really SHOULD get a break for a while and that would be good. i can wash and put up my clothes and sort through some boxes.

work is fine. i'm collecting more wedding invitations and if i can get the font right on one then i MIGHT have found the one that i would like and if He likes it too we are in business. the house is nice and short of the temperature regulation in each room it's cool. i love having a garage to park in each night and not worry about hoodlums running into my car in the middle of the night. and it's worth the little extra each month just to have the extra space.

i won't go into great detail about the kitties because it will make someone's head hurt. but really feel bad for them lol. okay i am going to go relax and hopefully go to sleep soon.



long time no type

Sunday, February 04, 2007 2 comments
well i thought i had written something down before now and i guess i must have did that in one of my retarded very realistic dreams again. so this week has been hectic lol. had major commitments on monday and friday night that kept me out so damn late it was out of control. might not have been a major issue but we moved this week. i hate moving, i hate arranging movers, i hate packing and unpacking. the only good thing about moving is when i get tired of packing crap i throw it away. i have no qualms about it, stuff just gets tossed and that's always good. so now we are in unpack mode and getting used to a new place and the issues the new place has as it's idiosyncrasies. getting the temperature adjusted in a way that feels good for both of us. and of course because i was tired and out late last night, the all day meeting i had today just made both of us cranky. everyone is better now but now i'm just in bed, tired and sore, missing Roaming Soldier. He left me a troubling albeit sweet message. i know what He's doing is dangerous. i grasp that entirely but it's still not something i let my conscious mind hold on to very long. wednesday i couldn't escape it for a little while. it made me not so happy but i feel better now. it could be due to the exhaustion and all that but i'm feeling better.

i'm really feeling better now as i went to sleep lol. i'm feeling rested at least. i still have some errands to run and some stuff to do in my room and around the house but when it's done we should be all settled in then. okay well i think that's enough babbling for me. if i hear anything new or get inspired for smut i'll let you know.