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Friday, April 27, 2007 1 comment
my house is mostly clean tonight. i know what's the big deal about that? well for at least 3 years i've mostly lived out of boxes. i unpack the clothes and the books i need for work and keep it moving. my "for pleasure" books don't get opened because well i haven't had any free time to read them even if i wanted to. now that the bloody dissertation is done i might be able to crack one open--after i finish studying for my exam that is. well that's not true i read a book for fun a few weeks ago. umm i'm rambling now lol. i never really unpacked because homes are temporary until i find the best job ever or have kids or what not.

my mother has been beyond frustrated with that and with the fact that most of her stuff is not here. well we spent the last six days, well the we is more of the royal we cause she isn't really able to do all that much, cleaning out boxes that hadn't been touched in years and putting away boxes and stuff into the spare closet in my room. my mother is now overjoyed. everything is in it's place as far as she is concerned and it tickles her heart. and some of it was helpful, we got rid of a lot of junk which was good and i got ideas about where i would like to permanently place some things and got all the study material i needed to get together either on one shelf of the bookcase or my little gray cabinet that was never more than a holding cell for crap i didn't know what to do with. i have to clear off the bed tomorrow and decide where we are going to put my massive cabbage patch kid collection until her stuff gets here and gets situated. but she is an unpacker so lord knows i'll come home one day and all of my babies--all 31 ish of them--will be assembled and waiting for me when i get home one day next week.

i did a just for red thing this afternoon. i got my hair all nice and tended to and found out my beautician is likely going to be relocating but it's closer to my place and i might be able to get my nails done at the same time. that's always cool. all in all it was a good week just busy at work and home. i miss Him of course. i always miss Him though. don't want to get into that too much because i will start crying. okay i'm done rambling. talk to you later.



but i can make you famous

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 No comments
well i might make you famous, but only if you piss me off and even then it's sorta gonna be a cloudy infamy as i'm not going to ever reveal your name. today is a happy day. even though i apparently really didn't need to worry i of course did worry about whether or not i was going to get passed through to take the exam to get my license. i did though and it's a happy day kind of situation. except well He's not home to give me a congratulatory spanking or nothing. but then again that could be a bad spanking right now as i would likely be laughing at the miami heat for falling behind the chicago bulls by sixteen points at the moment. toronto got themselves together and won the second game of the series so it's all square there and i'm promised a few more games--yippee yippee yippee.

i am still working on the smut. but right now i'm going to focus on studying and from there i'll hopefully stumble upon the right creative team to let me get the smut packaged out to you in the right fashion. otay, i might edit later but right now i want to get back to the game and relieving a bit of stress.


i was dreaming when i wrote this

Saturday, April 21, 2007 No comments
well not exactly. i was back in bed like i was yesterday trying to shake a nagging cough and sore throat. got better drugs and the coughing is clearing out whatever it is my body seems to have contracted but really don't want to be sick again. i don't enjoy it especially since no one is home to baby and take care of me the way i would appreciate at the moment. it hasn't given me a chance to catch up on my random movie watching.

i just finished watching children of men which simultaneously had me very intrigued and scared out of my skull. i mean what really would we do if the random infertility that plagues us was more widespread and there was no cure for it? i'm not sure but if it ended up anything like this movie then i am going to opt for immediate cyanide because good lord this was a hot mess. don't watch it if you are looking for a nice happy movie by the way. it's a good movie to spark conversation but it's not a happy movie. it can provide you with a bit of hope in a twisted way though. but again maybe that's just me lol as i am strange. i'm going to rewatch another movie to figure out why i don't like it. i seem to be one of the only people that doesn't like it and i want to know if it's cause i really do hate the plot or it's because of the actor. i haven't decided yet. after that i am going to watch my new movies from the disney movie club. 5 movies for 30 bucks--can't beat that at all lol. especially since they were really like 2 bucks a pop for the first three and then discounted on the next two but still taking off one of the old pesky required movies to buy later.

let's see other than that i started my clean out process of a few more things i need to address before i finish the filing away part of the move. i stumbled upon a lot of cards and letters and things related to my father that i have likely not touched since i put them in there. some made me smile, some made me cry, some made me wonder who are you and why can't i picture your face. mostly though it made me think that i have been wonderfully blessed to have the friends i have and my father touched a lot of peoples' lives. both of those things were good thoughts to have and hold onto. so i am and will play with the cards until tomorrow when i tuck them back away.

ahhh and two other things have come up as well. well potentially three or more but let's go in order of my random thoughts. i think i am ready to start writing in earnest. that means i have ot start getting ready for folks to critique the smut i've written and help guide me in the best direction for the future--well without steering me too far off of my own smutty trajectory. i'll let y'all know when and if any progress is made there. i hope to find out if i got the first hurdle of my licensure review done soon and if so then it's back to study for one last test.

off tangent---i love judi dench and thandie newton. i'm always surprised by the roles they take and the way they twist those roles. the only thing that was mildly disappointing about this film for thandie is they somewhat oversexualize her (is that a word) but they never really use that hypersexual appearance for anything. she's clearly manipulating nearly every man in this movie but there's a level missing there. okay that could just be me because i'm horny again.

brings me to my last item for the moment. i have been going back and forth between gathering information and ideas on nice Catholic weddings and my own vision of this day to why exactly am i pondering this as He hasn't even asked me to marry Him? each moment is distinct and neither is all that deep meaning i'm not bridezilla or anti-bride at either end. my brain is conflabulated every now and then. i love Him so deeply and can't imagine not spending our lives together most days but other days i just want to fuck Him silly and avoid the chapel for as long as humanly possible. i think all of this just means that i need a nice good spanking lol. and i'll leave you all with this picture below. i'm liking the suave british boys lately especially as they aren't seeming all gangly and asexual lol. no offense to british boys but the ones that come to mind beyond actors are all thin rock stars. anyhoo have a good night.


Get Under the Covers with He's On Top

Thursday, April 19, 2007 No comments
howdy ladies and gents,

the velvet rope is happy to review rachel kramer bussel's He's On Top. i love to read and finding good books that accurately talk about the lifestyle is harder than finding a valuable piece of verbiage coming from the shrub on pennsylvania avenue. i have to admit i was pleasantly surprised by the collection of stories that make up this volume. The stories are a nice balance between the mental state of both the Dom and His submissive. And for once I was glad to not know where the Dom was leading the story in question. It was also a treat to see the transformation that can take place in women, your average everyday woman, who needs more control in her life than she is even aware of and the pleasure that getting it finally brings to her life. i could have just as easily said my life there having been one of those women at some point in time but not being as lucky as the wife in Confession to have a husband that broke her down and gave her what she ultimately had been craving for. Of course there were spankings and toys and sluts and whores. But there was also an unexpected bit of remorse from a Master that might have overstepped His relationship with His slave. Not every story will resonate for you depending on what you are looking for but more of them than not will make you wish your significant other was handy if they aren't or might make your book a little sticky if you are as easily distracted as i am. And i'll have to admit the thought of being in a few of the outfits (particularly naughty schoolgirls lol) probably rushed across the ocean and invaded Roaming Soldier's brain with the strength with which it overwhelmed mine. Please pick it up and enjoy.


old lady for sale, bid quick

Friday, April 13, 2007 1 comment
i promise this post won't ramble on about my mother indefinitely but she's crazy. i spent a piece of my afternoon returning something she shouldn't have bought in the first damn place. she likes to shop for jewelry in particular using QVC and tv stations like that. about two months ago someone called from the company that she is returning crap to about an order at the time she denied making. of course i'm at work when the mail comes so i would have no idea what she ordered or when unless it came from one company that sends me email when her order is placed. ummm i am off tangent. she's mad today because i put my extensions back in and didn't curl it up like a seven year old like she likes. then she got madder because i wouldn't write something on a piece of paper that she could put on the paper herself and she's "never going to ask me for anything ever again ever" which would be fine except she's said that about 10 times since she's lived here and that obviously hasn't lasted so i'm not holding my breath. anyhoo enough about mommy.

i left my office today to get my monthly dose of creamy crack. fresh perm is a beautiful thing i swear. i have a crapload of stuff to do this weekend though and i'm trying to decide if i'm up to being a good sorority girl this weekend and next weekend. my brain is saying no you aren't sit your butt home and rest but i love being with my girls so we'll see. i added the extensions again this month as well. my hair got a lot thicker and a bit longer the month i had them in before now. so my stylist and i decided to alternate a bit and see if it happened again. last month it got to rest and got thicker still so we may have hit on the thing to get my hair as long and healthy as it used to be. i went back to work and the lights went out in he middle of my session. that was hilarious lol. i'm just a bit tired now. it's been a busy week and a good emotional one as well. talking to Roaming Soldier twice in the same week is virtually unheard of for me lately so that was very very wonderful. it's not hard to remember that He loves me but it's always great to be reminded and really i get to be cake lol so that's always great too.

i got my study material ready to so now it's time for me to get cracking on the monster exam that will determine whether or not i get licensed. i am not terribly worried but i hate studying even though i love standardized exams. go figure. smut is coming i promise. i'll see ya later.



my everloving candy

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 No comments
okay it's been a great 24 hours i promise. late last night, well late for me, it was probably the middle of the day wherever my lovely Roaming Soldier is, i got a ding that makes me smile. He asked me if i knew how much He loved me. Of course i do but it's always nice to hear so i said nope tell me again. In true Roaming Soldier fashion he replied with "I love you like a fat man loves cake." It was a nice long conversation and we got flirty and sweet and discussed babies. Somehow the three we had tentatively agreed on became more fluid last night and something short of a baseball team starting line up seemed okay. i went to bed not too long after He signed off smiling more than i have recently. He promised He'd be on later (for Him, next day for me) but the military has a way of screwing up His promises so i wasn't holding my breath. imagine my surprise after i walked my last client out and i had a recent message from Him. He was able to stay on for a long while too, we talked for two hours for the first time in i don't know when. it's nice to be peaceful. that's what i am when i know He's okay. and of course when my mind is put to rest then my smutty brain can reignite. for those of you that don't know what that means just be on the lookout for O is for something or other. i haven't decided what yet but i have three ideas bouncing around in my head and one of them links back to the alphabet that has already been posted. anyway, life seems a totally different place when i'm reminded of my place with Him. It's not even that He did or said anything in particular but His presence, albeit digital, was enough to quiet the noisy parts of my brain that get fired up when i hear horrible reports on the soldier death toll in iraq over the last 10 days or when i make the mistake of watching The Unit when i really shouldn't lol.

i was gonna repost it's so amazing to be loved but thanks to my buddy who i'll refer to as GQ i was roaming around youtube and came across the video i posted below. for you Cosby Show freaks/fans you'll know the episode quickly. If for some reason you were unable to see the Cosby show in all of its glory when it originally aired please enjoy the snippet and try to grab the seasons at your local library. okay well i'm done for now. going to let me brain toss around O.


too much thinking

Saturday, April 07, 2007 1 comment
well that's not why i haven't posted since tuesday. i haven't posted because it's the end of the semester and my job is kicking my ass. trying to get things together and it's not always working out smoothly. plus i got a surprise (only because i like to forget she's coming) visit from the evil bitch woman that invades my body once a month and makes it so unpleasant to be me. but at least she comes with heavy duty pain killers so i guess i'll suck that up.

i have, maybe to my detriment, finally gone back to my local library. it's a great place to get movies for free that you get to keep for a week at least. new movies, old movies, kiddie movies and tv shows. pretty much everything but porn and let's face it i have my own porn connection. i did finish the e lynn harris book i picked up. it's interesting enough to read in one sitting but not one that if you had to put down that you would like pick back up and keep reading if you didn't have to. it wasn't a bad three hour read but it wasn't one of his best to me. but then again i haven't particularly liked the last book before then even though it wrapped up nicely. i didn't read the toni morrison book but she has a tendency to make my head hurt so i'll try it again later.

now i'm watching romancing the bride which seems very cute. i hope it wouldn't take an affair the night before your wedding for you to decide that you want to be with your husband or not but hey do whatever you need to do in order to make everything okay for yourself. life is what happens when you start making plans i guess. have to stop planning out the life and live it to its fullest. so i have to let my mind wander back to smut central and see if Roaming Soldier joins me there. i've been missing Him a lot lately. as Night Owl keeps saying, He's my weed in my garden of life loosely translated to i'll never be able to get rid of Him. not that i didn't know that before now lol. He's abostively wonderful after all.

i got my camera back yesterday. it took the full 10 days to get returned but it works again and i don't have to spend 200 bucks on a new one because of course i'd have to upgrade at this point. i am hungry damn it, train of thought is all over the place. i've been looking at stuff about being Catholic and talking to more people about converting. my brother laughed at me and said "yeah you are going to have to do that if you want the type of wedding you are talking about." he had to debate that when he and my sister in law got married because she's Catholic. now they have to discuss all of that with baby velvet that's on the way. they both attend a non denominational church right now but they are probably going to baptize the baby Catholic and then let them decide what they want to do at some later point. ummm be right back, gotta put on a movie.

okay i tried to put on a movie but i had to put some stuff in the mail and now i need to finish watching this "wrong man" show on courtTV and then "till death" comes on about couples who snap and one kills the other one. it's twisted but in case you guys hadn't figured out i have a massively twisted sense of humor and find that part of life intriguing. what makes people lose their mind and hurt one another? well in that non consensual fashion lol. i know why people CAN hurt each other when given permission. hell i'm counting down the days until i can be one of those people lol. ahhh well i'm starting to ramble i believe. green lantern i'm sending you a surprise so be on the look out for it. Night Owl i'll be harassing you later. everyone else soon as bitchy mcbitch leaves i'll get back to my smut output.

see ya


do you love me lol

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 No comments
if you don't it's okay but you know i wuv you. okay so that's not true. i like most of you. i love a few of you and some of you i am happy to call friend. one of you i'm happy to call Daddy (oh yeah baby). i'm in the middle of making myself a big pan of lasagna. it's going to be nummy and i'm going to make some garlic bread-y things to go with it. they are really croissants but they are garlic and buttery so it will work out just fine. i'm sure my mother will make a salad to go with it but i'm having a carnivore moment. must eat meat however it is packaged. i found two adorable books for my new niece and/or nephew. one is called please baby please and the other is called please puppy please both are by spike lee and his wife tonya. they are cute if you are looking for something multicultural to give to kids. my mother giggled mightily as she read them and said oh my god you did that so much when you were little. they aren't long books to be sure but i have had a copy for my kids that have yet to arrive on this earth for a while now. i love em lol.

hmmm stay tuned on the 19th for my review of Rachel Kramer Bussel's He's On Top. i'm part of book tour to promote her two books (He's On Top and She's On Top) which discuss bdsm and the lifestyle from male dominant and female dominant perspectives. of course as a happy subbie type girl i opted for He's On Top and will be reading it and a few other books i picked up from the library yesterday. gotta love the public library. let's see other than that nothing much is going on. i was able to talk to Him a few days ago which always makes me feel better and then of course there is a bit of a crash because i want Him home right now. i'm better now and have been looking more into the conversion process and what we would have to plan on during a traditional Catholic wedding. this basically means the things i was planning to honor my dad, littlest soldier's mom and our union might not be able to be done because they aren't part of a traditional Catholic ceremony. it's up to the priest to make an exception to that if they choose. and i can pretty much cancel walking down the aisle to the song that has been playing in my head forever. i guess we could make that the first dance song instead. it's still going to make me cry lol. anyhoo enjoy the new quiz.

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