gonna wash that gray right out of my hair

Friday, July 27, 2007 No comments
i really do have a crap load of gray hair. as soon as i finish this i'm going to go mix up my blowout burgundy and make my hair all nice and shiny again. i've had gray hair since i was 12, and while it wasn't really annoying at the time as they have gotten more plentiful and longer they are very not cool. i've been terribly moody lately. i miss Him more than i can say sometimes but i don't want to blab that all out every day. plus i don't want to even acknowledge it every day. that's so damn depressing. it does get me focused on other things sometimes but the last few hormonal days have just been a bitch. so instead of forgetting i've been wallowing and listening to anita baker and making plans that i haven't quite kept lol. oh well, next wednesday is a healthy eating start day. less fried, more planned out meals and the like. and after i take my test next month i'll get back on the strip aerobics grind. it was fun but didn't have enough privacy to do it in the old place. i don't have that excuse anymore and i want to drop some weight and get back in shape soon. if i can be down ten pounds by christmas i'll be a happy kid. i'll be a happy kid needing a new box of blowout burgundy but a happy kid. see y'all later.


steal some cover share some skin

Sunday, July 22, 2007 No comments
i already have a post talking about the maroon 5 sunday morning song so i hit you with another line of it and will keep moving. sorry it took me a week to update. last week was interesting to say the least and between my broken bed, crazy schedule at work and watching my checking account get drained of testing fees there was a lot going on. i got to talk to Roaming Soldier briefly and i'm glad that He's feeling better but this separation is starting to take a toll on Him which of course i don't like and would prefer He could come home and just let me take care of Him. in the meantime since He uses phone time to talk to the Littlest Soldier we have decided that i'll be sending Him a different kind of message from time to time that He can listen to when He wants. not sure if that will be electronic or via old fashioned methods but we'll figure it out. either way i'm prepared. too bad my day to day life is so boring that most of it will seem rather dull. i'm sure a few of you are wondering how the bed broke so i'll tell ya. my bed was about 6 years old and had it stood in one location all that time i'm sure it would have been just fine. but it was set up and broken down in four different states and in five different locations. it's just a bit cranky at this point lol especially since the last three of those states happened over a three and a half year period. i got a new bed and just need to set it up. i've been busy studying and sleeping, taking a lot of naps lately--if i didn't know better i would have thought i was pregnant but that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking impossible there is nothing else to say about that. all right more mindless stuff for you to click. have a good day.

ps am i the only person that has no desire to see j ho and her hubby in a movie? yeah that's right i called her j ho.

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less tired and less frustrated

Sunday, July 15, 2007 1 comment
okay so i finished volume one of the massive study guide. after i finish waking up and eating i'm going to start on volume two and see how far i can get into it. i talked to Littlest Soldier--well exchanged messages--and heard from Roaming Soldier since last i blogged so my universe is feeling slightly more together right now. She really likes me and He loves me and right now i really can't ask for more than that. i didn't up my bad spanking count either lol so that is always good. yippee for the studying. anyway, i'm about to do mindless things and you can click on them in you are interested.

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okay everyone knows i'm weird lol

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tired and frustrated

Thursday, July 12, 2007 1 comment
nothing is terribly wrong today. my car is basically fine after i got the tire repaired. work was okay, i got a bit of studying done and i got what mommy wanted from the store on the way home. didn't get what i wanted because apparently the computer saying something is on hand has no bearing on whether it is actually in the store or not. the drive home was mostly uneventful save a stupid tailgater. nothing should be wrong whatsoever but something is.

no matter how much sleep i'm getting lately i feel tired every morning. i really just want to go back to sleep when i wake up. then i want to take a long shower and wash my hair and get back in the bed until i decide to take a hot bubble bath, get a snack and get back in bed. my body feels more tense than normal and my dreams are getting bizarre. well not totally strange but i'm just not expecting them to come when they come.

more than anything though i'm missing Him a lot more than normal. logically i know He'd talk to me as long as He could whenever He could. emotionally though i need my Daddy and i can't have Him. no correction, no hugs, no smiles when i finally groggily meet Him in the kitchen early in the morning and try to run out of it quickly because the smell of coffee is slowly giving me a pounding headache. and i have to admit having an assisted kitty killing spree as opposed to a solo mission would be just this side of heaven. hopefully i'll be over this funk soon. i don't want Him distracted by my less than stellar mood. anyhoo, i'm off to bed.


do something nice today

Saturday, July 07, 2007 No comments
okay in the rash of crazed brides--and not so crazy brides--getting married today a lot of other things are getting buried in the news. well maybe not this stuff that i'm about to talk about because i don't watch a lot of things that aren't on cartoon network, a&e and a few other select channels--espn especially now since wimbledon is on---GO VENUS IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY (can you tell i hope she wins). anyway what was i getting around to? oh yeah. i love prince as most of you know and today his fascination with the number 7 has come forth in a positive fashion. he's launching a 24 hour fundraising event to divide money among seven charities. i was happy to see that sheila e.'s elevate hope group was among the list of seven charities. anyhoo if all goes as planned then the effort will raise at least half a million dollars. even though i will probably never wear it i bought a bottle and after the reading the things mixed in for it i also won't be as traumatized as i was by his previous scented offerings. anyway if you like click on the link and check out the charities and decided if you want to join the global purple nation and help out everything from kids to jazz and education.

i was gonna tell ya about how i was listening to the first maroon 5 cd today as i was driving home and really wished Roaming Soldier was home to ummm reap the benefits of said aural experience but i will refrain for the moment.


okay i'm sightly retarded sometimes lol and don't always read things through. i submitted the rope to The Naughty Guide to see what they had to say but they had already taken a gander. Here's the review and what do you know we got 4 stars:

Starla Says - Another one of my favorites! This site has remained consistent throughout the years. Written openly and honestly. This African American woman discusses her life all the ups and downs a no holds barred site. True, open and honest, without the drama often found in other blogs. A great read!

Angel Says - Lovely design on this site. This was a new blog for me and I enjoyed the author's style very much. Seems very heartfelt.


studying is fun......

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 1 comment
yeah sure if you believe that i will happily sell you a flawless 3 carat diamond ring for 10 bucks. it's going better than it was and after talking to a friend who is also studying for the exam we both felt a bit better. nothing is going on here. i'm going to spend most of the rest of the night slacking off and then tomorrow i'll be back in study mode since i don't have to go to work. i had a good weekend though. playing with other people's children always makes me feel good. it was a good time interacting with grown ups outside of work too. i'll be back before the end of the week but while i'm gone ponder if you think the blog needs a face lift, not a complete overall cause i love been well very red lol, but does it need something new? okay see ya