google's i feel lucky

Saturday, December 29, 2007
every now and then i love google. before when you typed in weapons of mass destruction and then hit i feel lucky instead of search a very humorous error page showed up. tonight in my insomnia fit i typed in marry me and i feel lucky. the first thing that came up was this graphic comic that is hilarious. it's not over so now i have to keep going back to check on what happens with Ana, Guy, Parker and Jany because i'm anal like that. hope you enjoy it and if you don't you only wasted 10 or so minutes of your life. you weren't doing too much with them anyway lol.



  1. kinda cute graphic novel. . . only you red, only you. smile

  2. what it was funny and you know it

  3. Why do I let you lead me astray? LOL