it's vacation time

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 2 comments
just so you guys don't worry, in about 36 hours my vacation is officially starting. i haven't taken one since right before my birthday and i need this time to myself. i doubt i'll be posting or reading anything from anyone. actually i've been really bad about that lately so i can't act like that's a new thing. the ebb and flow of my life lately has just swung back to crappyville and i'd rather not dump here again. after vacation is over i'll make some decisions about this blog, my life and what i want to do with both. until then just know that i'm physically okay and i'm sure everything else will come to pass when it's supposed to.


it occurs to me...

Saturday, May 10, 2008 No comments
hey everyone,

it occurs to me that i have been some what of a whiny bitch lately. i have to recognize that i haven't packed it in because part of me still believes in the idea of what could be for me and RS. reality is a pain in the ass and interferes with daydreams and plans. part of a submissive's life is going to entail some sort of waiting, for commands or for His attention. this situation is different granted but waiting would still be involved. let me just say that i have a new perspective on things at the moment and i'm keeping myself busy with good friends who i would be lost without. this is just another period of self exploration i guess and i'm always up for becoming more of who i was meant to be. i love the man i call Daddy and nothing is gonna change that right now.