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Saturday, October 04, 2008
Don't know if y'all watched the VP debate. It was pretty good even though there were clear moments where the smack down could have been laid and was not. i was impressed that Palin kept pronouncing a few big names well and on the topics she knew she sounded solid. i was more impressed with Biden, was offering to have his little mullato baby by the time it was done lol. Okay so i'm rambling. someone sent this to me and it is freaking hilarious so here ya go.

Palin's Debate Flow Chart


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  1. I love this! A friend sent it to me the other day.

    Saw the debates -- quite scared that Palin's ability to pronounce the names of two heads of state will equate with knowledge for our pitifully uneducated populace, but we will see, I guess.....