One potato, two potato

Saturday, May 22, 2010 1 comment
Not a lot going on today. Apparently, i overfertilized my callas so i have had to start over with new plants. Still haven't gotten around to the herbs so i need to do that at some point today too. Mom is flying off to see the grandbabies and my brother soon too. Oh i probably didn't share that with my intermittent updates. Cute little girl number two came earlier this year and is just as adorable as her older sister who is talking up a storm even though i have not a clue what she is saying half the time. Not sure if that means i'll get all super domestic or if it means i'll just go thank you Lord i have control over my schedule and life for a brief shining moment in time. Ahh well, off to planting. See ya later, red.


It's so Quiet over here

Saturday, May 15, 2010 No comments
i guess i should expect that. i haven't exactly been posting up a storm over the last year. nothing much is happening this weekend. at some point before it's over i'm going to plant my herb garden and hopefully get to drag my calla lilies outside to get some sun this afternoon cause they are looking a little pitiful in the garage. just got through cooking dinner and quickly assembling a clothes steamer for my mother and then had to explain how to do that to my extra silly aunt who is even less mechanically inclined than my mother. i should probably let the lasagna set and then gobble it down, maybe i'll make some cookies too. ummm cookies.

see ya

oh p.s. not that you need the welcome page but it's up and functional now as is the more important blogroll page. if you want to be added just let me know.


i swear that was the last break

Sunday, May 09, 2010 No comments
red's life has been a big old jumble of things lately, and not remotely consistent on any level. i'm playing around on different sites and that keeps me busy. i'm also pseudo blogging there too and not massively but i figured i could at least update this blog at the same time i update the other one. i've been hunting for a new template for a couple of months now. i was tired of the formatting being off and honestly i'm not feeling all the red anymore. i have entered a retro phase of my life and while i haven't adopted a new moniker i am much more identifying as a Kinky Klaire 1950ish housewife than i am just red. i may end up changing the blog title to that but for now we're still getting inside of red's brain so the title seems apropos.

the pinup-y feel i can't take credit for entirely. i found a template i liked (which is you want to see the original click on the TNB at the very bottom of the page and look for pinup) and then had to tweak it because well i'm red and i wanted to look at brown girls in pinup clothes and then found someone nice enough to let me use their images and voila i got what i wanted. some of what i talk to will start to center around the mixed life of bdsm Daddy and i have come to acquire and also about random things like normal.

everything is not back into place yet and i apologize for that but the blog roll will be updated soon and if you want to be added please let me know. i'm actually going to visit a lot of the old sites to see who's still up and running and update links for those that i know have found new homes under new monikers/addresses. if you love or hate the redesign let me know. probably won't change it anytime soon but it will still be good to hear from you. i have missed everyone.

happy mother's day to all of you that are raising the world's future (or have done so already)

see ya,