Fun Updates Ha

Sunday, April 15, 2012 6 comments
as everyone knows, He's still gone. We're in a slightly better place but it's not all peaches and cream (i hate peaches too so no idea why i used that phrase). He's been really helpful when i have a question or am stressing out about things. i had to change all of the smoke alarm batteries one weekend and one i had to literally dismantle to get to the battery which He helped with after i sent a picture. He wasn't particularly happy that i turned into a contortionist and kept stacking pillows on a chair to get the ridiculously high one on the living room ceiling. i've mowed the lawn once and it's a pain. i need to get the weed whacker out and do the trim but not until the rain moves out of the area and leaves us alone. also need to get the brakes done at some point. They aren't squeaking but i'm paranoid about stuff like that. Still have no plans to whack off my hair but it's growing and i love it. There's something else i need to take care of before i share it with you and if it goes well yeah for me and you lol. If not it's at least a try. i may start a more vanilla blog at some point but not sure on that yet either. anyway in the mean time work on this. Had a long, continuing through several periods of waking up dream that i was dating Justin Timberlake and he was adorable.

k i'm out, have to hide from a storm