One step wrong

Friday, May 25, 2012 1 comment
this will be short. i'm in the middle of the season of missing my dad and it sucks. in the middle of that i was blindsided by my job. i'm actively looking for a new job, some local and some near my family, to make sure that come August 1 i'm either gainfully employed full time or able to piece together a few things part time. i'm feeling a little out of sorts of course and it's periodically exciting and terrifying. it was time to leave, that i know, but the way it happened was tacky and is just making me dislike people i used to love and trust. i may or may not be around a lot for a while. i may be around a lot in july lol as i get to work from home but who knows. keep me in your thoughts. and before anyone asks--nope He's still not back.