another day another dollar

Saturday, September 29, 2012 No comments
well sort of.  went on the job interview, it was anti-climatic, will hop back on local work on monday cause i'm wiped after four flights since thusday at 1 to last night when i landed at 11 or so.  came back home, checked email and passed out which is why I didn't post about getting another rejection for the book.  short stories are a hard market i'm guessing because the feedback has looked the same, positive but not sure what to do with them.  so what do you think i should do ladies and gents that are still reading this.  continue to wait for the queries to come back or plan on self-publishing the book and hoping for the best?

see ya


And now we're at 2

Friday, September 07, 2012 No comments
So I got my second official rejection today.  Again it was very polite but I don't think anyone is going to bite on smutty short stories as a novel.  I'm at the right length for a full novel of short stories but it does need some editing.  And the characters have no names, which none of you seemed to mind but print readers may want a little bit more.  Not sure on that.  I'll see what happens between now and November.  If everyone is a no, and that would be kind of expected, I guess if I want anyone to see them ever it will be self-publish.  I'm sure there's a market but it would probably help if there was new smut to add to the literary ranks.  I haven't had any story ideas in my head for a while.  Last night was the first time even the inklings of a new poem came into my brain and it was angry and spiteful so not sure if it will ever see the light of day.  Sorry, just saw the pulled pork cheeseburger thing from Hardee's and my stomach just turned a bit.  I know I don't like when my food mixes depending on what it is but that just looks unnecessary and nasty.  Oh well, for some reason I'm feeling pretty good tonight.  Feeling kind of single which was so not my plan but it is what it is I guess.  Have a good weekend everyone.