wet dream interrupted by well water

Thursday, April 25, 2013 No comments
I have been falling asleep randomly the last few days.  I think my body is trying to finally fight the insomnia fits but it hasn't been totally successful.  Tonight I fell asleep semi on schedule and was having the best dream EVER.  I was in bed with someone I had apparently already had sex with.  I was laying semi on my side naked from the waist down and was laying on the bend of their arm.  We were snuggling a bit when that familiar bulge was brushing between my thighs.  A few whispered giggles later and we were grinding into each other very very slowly.  I could almost feel my hips rolling back to meet him and getting ready to burst into yet another orgasm when I heard a loud plop.  It wasn't the kind of plop that would be embarrassing it was just distracting.  So on the verge of nocturnal orgasm I was jolted awake by the stupid toilet.  Yeah for some reason something is backed up in the line and large air bubbles were escaping my toilet.  After snaking the toilet and watching the water build up in both potties and then tubs I called the landlord to make sure she got someone out here tomorrow and then we turned off water to the potties.  Yeah turned it back on cause someone (not me) needed to pee and everything flushed and the water in the tubs drained with no hesitation.  Still want someone to check the line because if the nice grip on my neck and roll of my hips gets interrupted again I'm gonna be pissed.