Dear Mr. Dom: I Think I Lust Ya

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For those of you that remember Prince please take a moment to remember U Got The Look.  I'd link it for you but as much as I love my purple boo thing I'm not trying to meet him in court.  Unless maybe we're settling a palimony lawsuit after we've spent a decade together and I've inspired the greatest love song ever written.  But that's not likely, I'm too old and round for him lol.  Anyhoo, that tangent aside please just think about the song if you can as you read along.

Dear. Mr. Dom
I'm not sure if you've noticed I am a stubborn kind of girl
I struggle with what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling
Part of me is aching, screaming out for you
The most that may come from my lips is
"I think I, I think I lust ya"
The men that can't hurt me
Are easy to manipulate
They don't ooze through my brain and seep through my pores
Leaving me desperate and begging for more
Unlike you I can tell them what I need
But at most you'll ever hear from me is
"I think I, I think I lust ya"
There will be moments you are unsure I am even interested
I will apologize to you for that now
Just know that in the secret part of my twisted depraved little heart
I genuinely just don't know how to say more than
"I think I, I think I lust ya"
I'm looking forward to being under your thumb
To seeing just deep down the rabbit hole your
Wonderfully sadistic creative brain goes
Know that I'll be in a state of euphoria so deeply fulfilling
That words won't come nearly as easy as the tears my orgasms do
So remember again and each time we meet that
"I think I, I think I lust ya"


elust 67 super delayed

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This post came out last month but for some reason I didn't know I had made the cut till I started getting pingbacks.  Here ya go!

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I think I love Nick Jonas

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Ok not LITERALLY Nick Jonas but whomever is inspiring/helping him write some of his new stuff totally has a hotline into my brain.  I will crank up Jealous in the car as long as it not the remix.  I like when men get jealous over the girl with the big brain and used to be bigger boobs lol who is a big old flirt.  But when I heard Chains I nearly had to pull over and let my fingers go exploring.

The song starts playing and I swear my brain must quiet enough that it taps into that good girl core.  Tap tap tap and I feel fingers crawling up my spine.  They snake up until my eyes close and little puffs of smoke caress my cerebellum and I hear a smirk impressed that it can do in 15 seconds what I can't do on my own.  By the time the chorus starts my body is swaying and shivering as I imagine a long heavy silver chain against my naked back that I keep fastening around my throat when it feels like I might be set free.  I don't have to see whose holding them just need to feel that imaginary tug and hear that last refrain and I'm a happy happy girl--trying to break the chains but the chains only break me.


One of Those Girls

I think too much.  I do it often unless I make myself stop.  I do it even more when I'm not feeling well which has been my life since a week ago at this point.  I want to know the when and the why and what might be better or good enough and when will I be satisfied.  Truthfully I can never answer that question.  I am momentarily gratified more often these days.  Dinner tastes great.  That lesson went well.  My hair isn't driving me nuts.  And then there are the moments that would drive someone else crazy if they actually were able to see the wheels spinning.  My skin is uneven, I like that shade of chocolate there but not this one here, why are my eyes so dark, I will kick your ass in name that tune and Jeopardy and trivia and lots of other shit, my voice so deep, who decided it was necessary for hair to grow on my face, why the fuck is it gray like for real why is this shit gray, am I the only one not watching Scandal or Empire or How to Get Away With Murder, I think grandma was right to revoke my Black card cause soul food is going to kill me and I don't really like it, I am loud, I can be painfully shy, I leave little to no flesh on your bones if I hate your opinion or think you are stupid, then I think damn he's pretty, I wish he thought I was pretty, no I wish he would just bend me over and fuck me into a stupor, where did that confident bitch that used to live here go, have you seen her, tell me if you see her.  Ok even I can toss in a funny every now and then.

What to do when you think too much should be an ongoing theme here as it ebbs and flows and is pushed and pulled by so many little factors in my life.  What I'd like is a magic little phrase or pill or better yet cookie that turns my brain off sometimes.  Thinking about every little thing is mind numbing and can cause a kind of paralysis which makes nothing good come to pass.  Girls with big brains, I am guessing the same would happen to men in the same situation though, can be our own worst enemies.  There are days that I long to be swept off my feet and wrapped up in the wonder of a man with stronger Jedi mind tricks than my own.  The problem is eventually I start to look at the relationship like a giant chess match.  When he slows down, my hand starts hitting the timer faster and faster and before long he's been checked so we won't be mated and I'm bored again.  I know I'm too rational for most.  If I let myself love you then rationally I know you will likely hurt me so if at all possible I'll play out the mental chess match quickly and avoid the emotional baggage.  I don't have a remedy for that though.  I don't have a switch in my brain yet that says too much thinking enough already.  Then again that wouldn't be a switch it would likely be a steam whistle because my brain got overheated but yeah its not there either.

So it keeps coming to the fore that I am one of those girls that is enamored of so much that is girly and feminine but who yet to nail just being in the moment and experiencing life and love and adventure without overthinking it.  I am a master thinking too much.  This year would be my year of changes for some of that, it hasn't totally worked but I have bitten the proverbial bullet in a few regards.  I am planning to attend Shibaricon in May.  BlackBeat is out for 2015 so poo but come July I am taking my first international trip as an adult with no familial ties.  I booked my ticket yesterday as my coughing fits started to ease up.  I will book the hotel in the next week or so.  Passport waved at me after the ticket was confirmed so yeah.  I double checked that I needed no shots to make the trip and today as a bit of kismet I found out that my intended destination is one #5 of the 10 safest cities in the world to live in.  I can't stay there but it eases a little of the think too much mantra from overrunning my brain.

You know I think part of me writing is because I can live out whole lives for other people in the space between my ears.  Random bit of think too much there for you.  It came out of no where as I was getting ready to wrap this up.  So it appears that without a lobotomy or heavy drug usage or getting cum drunk (other random insight I think that's why I like that so much) my brain doesn't shut down enough to always let me enjoy and embrace life.  What tips do you have for one of those girls who wants to let go but is cursed to think too much?


TTF Part 6: a red velvet primer

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This may not turn into a full on primer post but I have been thinking about things a lot lately, as I am often prone to do when my life is going well.  I nitpick at things and wonder what I could be better or what is keeping me semi stuck.  Really nothing is except my own brain.  I can become quite fixated on how I think something should be or how I feel something should be and ignore all data to the contrary.  This is why my exes and men in general can easily say that I'm not super emotional until I suddenly am upset.  I keep emotion at bay because it tends to steer me in the wrong direction a lot.  I lust for the rush but in the end that rush cannot be sustained and I get anxious then annoyed then weepy then doubtful until I'm finally just indifferent.  Truth be told I hate indifferent.  I know why it comes because it's a self protective mode but seriously hate that mood state because it just brings down everything for a while.  On the upside when it passes I am usually happier and able to focus again on the rest of the world instead of what I'm longing for and what I know won't come in the way I've been holding on to.  Today could have been all kinds of bad but as I have felt myself moving through indifference the last few days I took the time I had on hand to read, make some plans, plot my vacation this summer and then get annoyed because a major event has been scheduled at the same time as a work conference that I now have to plan around.  But even that hasn't made me delve back into funky.  I have good friends, good options and will be enjoying my first major vacation to a foreign land this summer.  Plus I'm still losing weight and have ridiculous orgasms lol.  I'm a happy girl even if things are quite lined up as my wistful heart may have wanted.


I want that red velvet, I want that sugar sweet

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Forgive me.  I've been singing that song for the last two weeks solid.  Adam Levine chose to reveal his love for me in song and that's a beautiful thing I swear it is.  Okay all jokes aside I do have some stuff to talk about.  So you like may have only noticed a few changes around these parts.  After Blogger announced that it was going to start in on some content monitoring but left it somewhat deliberately vague I decided that it was time to relocate from it's hallowed walls again.  I had done so once before and moved everything over to independent hosting but that host stopped working with Blogger's FTP service and that meant a move back to Blogger even though I've had my own domain name for years now.

Now the initial threat was about any visual content that was deemed pornographic with no educational value the way it was worded implied that eventually ANY content that was sexually explicit could be subject to the new content rules.  I decided to move back to self hosting and hired Pauline via Etsy (JaneSkipDesigns) to help me with the move over to a new platform.  Mainly because I wanted to maintain my previous design and my old designer didn't work with my new host.  I was able to move most of the content myself but the amount of effort it took to make the site look the same and function as it had on Blogger would have been totally off the radar for me.  I appreciate her work greatly and if you need help please look her up.