Gamer Girl Gone Moderate

Sunday, January 13, 2019 No comments
I'm not sure what I'm going to call this post yet but I wanted to start writing before I forgot again.  This is about relationships and gaming but it won't make much sense at the beginning.  I've spoken before about wanting a strong mental connection with the person I submit to as it helps me slip into that role more.  I'll take an emotional one but that can be less stable for the long-term because that rush at the beginning of a relationship is never perpetual whereas that mental thing might make me slip into a smile randomly well after the relationship has run it's course and I'm just glad the person in question has no idea they could have had me for a new Build a Bear.  I really like teddy bears.

Anyway, when I have needed intellectual challenges or stimulation I have periodically delved more into gaming as a distraction.  I've been involved in gaming since I was a kid and we had to play on a Commodore 64 and had a blast playing BeatSaber this Christmas with the family but usually I get involved in games that involve some long-term strategy or those that need quick skill as both make me go yep got it or hmm that worked out differently than I planned but still good shit.