Weekly Post #18

Tuesday, August 30, 2022 No comments

My fault this is late.  I tried to do this a few days back because I knew it was going to be a hot mess of a weekend and then the system acted goofy and I gave up and yep then I forgot about it.

Prompt for today: The needs of a Dominant and submissive are not hierarchical but equal.  I agree with this.  We both have needs that need to be met in order for the dynamic to be successful and fruitful.  Without that people feel taking advantage of and disappointed.  We have to meet each other where we are and be helpful to make sure we thrive.

Prompt for tomorrow: Peaceful power can be gained through submission.  I agree with this as well. There is an amazing amount of calm and peace for me when I'm submitting to the right person and it allows me to be my best self which is stronger healthier and happier.

Prompt for Tuesday: To have a successful happy future you must let go of the past. I am learning this even though it's difficult.  I am enjoying my present as much as possible and trying not to dwell on the past or worry too much about the future.

Prompt for Wednesday: Excellence is us repeatedly doing something well. This is probably true as well.  I hadn't thought about it this way but I won't disagree.

Prompt for Thursday: We do what is required of us to the best of our abilities.  So this one I may be splitting hairs on but I think we do until we figure out what is our passion point and then we explore that as much as possible.

Prompt for Friday: We will learn about our own genius when we stop trying to conform to others. Yes we do because we are not meant to be anyone other than who we are.

Prompt for Saturday: We seek to live so boldly in our physical lives that it resonates with our spiritual planes. That would be amazing but I don't even have a clue on how to pursue that.  Maybe I can do some reading.


Weekly Post #17

Sunday, August 21, 2022 No comments

Prompt for today: Learning about other things and people teaches us about ourselves.  I believe that to be true.  I love learning new things and about new people and it enriches my life to do so.

Prompt for tomorrow: Be childlike in exploring new things but grown up when interacting with people.  Always asking questions and learning because what the hell else do we do with our lives.

Prompt for Tuesday: Intimacy is based on shared vulnerability I agree to a point.  We have to be willing to be vulnerable for genuine connection to be made but we have to stay in a place of discovery to be truly intimate.

Prompt for Wednesday: Our choices say more about us than our skills I agree with that because good Lord knows I'm not always skilled but I do give my best when I can.

Prompt for Thursday: Our greatest fear should not be failure but succeeding at things that don't matter.  I would say this one cuts but I agree again.  Fail spectacularly as long as it means you get better at the things that matter.

Prompt for Friday: We need our Dominants to replenish us because our wells can run dry. Not just our Dominants but we cannot give without being restored by someone or some thing.

Prompt for Saturday: Elements of BDSM make it more about a deeper reflection of our souls. Not sure how I want to respond to this one so I'm gonna leave it alone for now.


Weekly Post #16

Sunday, August 14, 2022 No comments

Prompt for today: How do you find gratitude changes your outlook? Does this affect your submission at all?  Depends on what I am grateful for but in general it improves my mood or makes me introspective.  As I am single it doesn't routinely have a moment to impact my submission.  When I have been coupled I don't think I spend a ton of time thinking about being grateful in general versus to my partner.

Prompt for tomorrow: Things change and you respond to quotes. This one is is about perfectionism and fear of making mistakes.  I make mistakes, I encourage others to make mistakes.  I don't have a worry about being perfect.  I am a hot mess.

Prompt for Tuesday: Be open to your dreams. My dreams are amazing and I love them.  From traveling and being overjoyed to being molested and waking up liquidy was great.

Prompt for Wednesday: How we react to challenges.  Again it depends.  I normally try to sit down and plan it out and then figure out where I am emotionally to see if the situation needs to change or I do.

Prompt for Thursday: Dominance is less about toys than it it is strength and trust.  I don't disagree.  I've had partners that were able to keep me in line with a look and nary a toy to be had.

Prompt for Friday: Putting ourselves at the mercy of a dominant. A good dominant is a blessing so I don't see it as being at their mercy moreso than finding my fit.

Prompt for Saturday: Changing myself significantly to be with you is not a good idea.  I have never tried to do this as a submissive.  Doing it in the vanilla world never worked more than a night or an experiment because I don't have the energy to not just be myself.


Weekly Post #15

Sunday, August 07, 2022 No comments

Prompt for today: What would a perfect day look like for you?  The weather is calm and no more than 82 but no cooler than 65.  Someone fixes every food item that pops into my brain and brings it to me whenever I think about it.  I can walk around the house naked or nearly naked the whole day.  I can watch a Prince concert in which he sings a bluesy version of I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man.  I get a massage so good I feel like Gumby when I get up.  And maybe get tied up, spanked and fucked into a stupor probably before the massage or get another massage after all of that.

Prompt for tomorrow: Recall an occasion when someone was kind to you when you weren't expecting it.  This happens more often than it doesn't so no one situation stands out.  I like it when people compliment my hair randomly or think about something I did for them a billion years ago and how it made their lives better or easier.

Prompt for Tuesday: Do you ever find you enjoy service just for the sake of service? No.

Prompt for Wednesday: What is one of the simple pleasures you enjoy in life?  Good food.  It's one of the best things ever.  Doesn't have to be anything fancy just tasty with a little spice kick.

Prompt for Thursday: What book, movie or website most influenced your impressions of what submission was?  How has that changed as you started living as a submissive?  When I started in kink, the media and web sites were largely white cishet offerings and I didn't connect to most of them because they were living in situations so far from my own there was no way to see myself in it.  Dark Connections was largely POC and who more closely reflected my experience so they were like finding my people.  I can't say it shifted because I understood that the presented lives were not going to reflect my own.

Prompt for Friday: What does being safe mean to you?  It means a lot but I think this means what does it require for me to feel safe.  Clear interest and consistent communication without being overbearing is step one.  Step two is clear understanding of mutual interests and the ability to share them without being judged or punished or exploited.  And the final step is frequent enough physical contact that being together is calming and centering not jarring and off putting.

Prompt for Saturday: What can't you get enough of? Nothing really.  I got through phases where I like lots of things and then don't.  I like to travel and that would probably qualify but with COVID and monkeypox that may never go back to what it used to be.


it's been awhile yep

Saturday, August 06, 2022 No comments

i haven't really posted anything that wasn't related to the weekly posts in a minute.  it's not that i haven't had thoughts but i haven't always had the energy for it.  i'm sitting in bed after three days of a conference kinda grateful that i didn't try to rush home tonight but also kinda missing my bed.  i'm watching Guy's Grocery Games right now and kinda salty no one is bringing me these tacos.  okay he lost me at the fried avocado but the rest looked tasty.  anyway, things are find.  i'm having a flare and it's painful like normal but not making me cry so there's that.  i shared the issue with my disorder with friends and colleagues and it was good.  some shared they had it or suspected they did and were going to get diagnosed.  others were able to see a different presentation on a tv show so it helped.  my mammogram also got interrupted because of a flare so i have some backup on having them removed from that doctor.  my work is gearing back up this week so gotta enjoy this little bit of downtime from the rest of the world and mom as long as i can.  hope you are all doing well.