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Well i finally went through all of the blogroll that i had been linking to. Sadly a few of them are gone now and the vanilla ones were just not updating or where my head is at now. So here are the remaining links as well as ones i think you should peruse if you get a chance. i'll try to keep them up to date and be adding some as we go along. And please send me links to add if you want to be featured on this page. It had been a while since i updated the list and some of the links were either dormant or dead. i have added some new folks that intrigue me.

BDSM B&B Travel Sites hee hee
Cleis Press
Dominant Guide
Erotic Authors Guild
Erotic Writers Group
Erotica Readers and Writers Association
Jen but never Jenn (50s Housewife Experiment)
Kate Kinsey
Laura Antoniou
Luna's Journey
Lusty Lady
Meg Silver
Mr. Wolf
Musings from the Kinky Verse
RomanticaWorld News Online
Sex in Words
Sophie Morgan (Diary of a Submissive/No Ordinary Love Story)
Submissive Guide
The Iron Gate
Vizionz from the Bottom
Voiced Mania

Now as for books. I have two listed that I need to read, both edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and two that I just finished reading by Sophie Morgan. Can I say I heart Sophie? Even though we have totally different backgrounds and experiences a lot of the time I felt as though I was reading my own life history when reading both Diary of a Submissive and No Ordinary Love Story--even though less so with the second because I have yet to find the nice man who is but intellectually my equal, sexually compatible, available and blissfully dominant all at the same time. That is not to disparage my former Doms in any way. They are/were fantastic men who taught me a lot about myself when I was with them. It just hasn't clicked in the long-term sense yet. Ok where was I yes books. I was sent the first by Dutch Dom and have thanked him many times sense because I needed to read this book. Smart, well functioning, independent submissives feel like urban legends sometimes as I'm reading journals and blogs and boards. There's nothing wrong with being a full time submissive or slave that does not work if that's inherently who you are. Due to 10K different things (ok bit of an exaggeration there) not least of which is my own sanity, I work and I like it. I like the interaction with my coworkers and challenging how I think about the world. My work is stimulating and interesting and I could never fully appreciate it without this other side of myself. I see the juxtaposition or dichotomy as a thing of beauty and wonder. Yes I am capable and silly and hornier than you could imagine some days and I choose to be submissive to an equally healed partner. I want Him to fulfill His want/need to dominate me as much as I want to serve Him. I like to allow Him to lead us even though allow sounds like the wrong word. The best way I could put it, which shows why my journal wasn't published and Sophie's was, is while I don't need to be guided I desire His guidance. Yes I have figured out how to manage my adult life quite well but I long for the ability not to have to do so when I'm not in the confines of work me. If you are wondering why anyone would be a submissive or how any professional woman could be in the lifestyle I encourage you to read her books. The links to both are in the tab on the right hand side called Get Smutty with Me. Enjoy! and let me know what you think.


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